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12 Hacks to Ensure an Easy Move

Stressing about your move only makes it tougher, so why not make it easier? Get your move done right by incorporating our tips to make moving day simple.
12 Hacks to Ensure an Easy Move

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The thought of how you intend to get things going and working as your move date draws near can be overwhelming as you will always feel there are still a lot more to get done.

But this can be handled with lots of preparations and having a moving checklist with tasks and things to be done clearly stated and also having the time frame when these tasks need to be done.

When you have a checklist or a to-do list everything becomes more organized and you can gradually lay off that overwhelming thoughts of how things are likely to go as your move day approaches because you have a feeling that you are working right on schedule due to strict adherence to your to-do list.

A whole lot of tasks go into preparing and relocating from one part of the country to another or even across the country. You need to pack your belongings ahead of time, arrange them properly with proper labeling on the boxes so that you don’t have a problem sorting them and putting them in the right rooms when you arrive at your new home.

One major reason you have to plan and start your preparations as early as possible is because of the enormous work to be done and you wouldn’t want to take chances to leave the things to be done till the eleventh hour when the rush is massive.

Try as much as possible to avoid the rush so that you do not misplace your belongings in the process of rushing things or hurrying to put things in place.

Another thing that needs to be carefully done is to ensure you choose the right national moving companies around you to help you get the job done.

The success of your move to your new home is largely dependent on making the right choice of movers who will help you get the job done the best way possible so that you can have a hassle-free relocation to your new home.

There are quite a few hacks that can really help get ahead of time as you await your move date; these packing and moving hacks will go a long way in helping have a seamless relocation.

Below are some of the important moving tips that will enable you to manage the stress and tasks involved in preparing for your move easier than you can ever imagine.

12 Hacks to have a seamless relocation

1. Put all hanging clothes in garbage bags

One major challenge when you start packing is how to deal with your hanging clothes with pants slipping and falling off the hangers. Clothes get tangled and bunched up and constituting all kind of mess in and around the room.

Hence, putting all these clothes into garbage bags and tying them off the string at the top can save you a whole lot of stress and trouble. By containing these clothes in a garbage bag, you have done a major task all at once and your clothes can stay altogether looking tidy and nice.

2. Cut handles on boxes to make them easy to lift

Lifting boxes and loading them into the truck is a huge task and in order to make it easier to load them into the truck, it will be a good idea to cut handles on them. When your boxes have handles they are easier to lift from your home and load into the truck.

However, you have to be skilled to know how to cut these handles or get someone who can help you get it done so that you do not get yourself injured in the process of cutting out the handles.

3. Use plastic wraps to cover lotion and shampoo bottles

Transporting your shampoo and lotion bottles need to be done with care so that the content doesn’t spill over and stain other contents in the box. Hence, to avoid this, use a plastic wrap to cover the opening of the bottles so that it doesn’t spill over and making your boxy messy.

Better still you can dedicate an entire box for just your shampoo and lotion bottles so that they are in a single box, this will help you avoid the content in the bottles spilling over other things you might have in the same box.

4. Search for boxes

You will need boxes to package your belongings and the interesting thing about this is that you can get these boxes for free by visiting supermarket stores, craigslist, bookstores, and also asking for unused boxes from friends and families.

Get these boxes ahead of time so that you can get as many as possible that can be used for packaging your items and belongings.

5. Label all boxes

One way you can make life easier for you both on your packing day and when you get to your new home and want to start sorting is to label all your boxes on multiple sides using markers and also indicate the rooms the contents in these boxes will be placed if possible.

Label both the top and the bottom and the sides of the boxes for easy identification so that whichever side is facing you can easily identify what’s in there without turning the boxes upside down.

6. Call the utility companies

As soon as you are moving call the utility companies in the home you are vacating to cancel all utilities and at the same time make a call to utility companies in your new home so that you can get all things running from your water to gas, internet, and electricity among others.

It only takes a phone call to get these things done so that you are not stranded in your new home. If you decide to leave till the day you are moving, you might be entangled with other things and it escapes your mind to call the utility companies so it’s better you do it a day to your move.

You don’t want to get to your new home and there is no water to have your shower or do other minor home chores.

7. Hire and book a date ahead with your mover

Do not wait until few days to the day you want to move before calling or making an arrangement with your moving company especially if you are planning to move during the summer when the demand and bookings movers get from customers is at its peak.

Request quotes from at least three national moving companies so that you can compare quotes and choose the one that you think will best serve you.

When you finally choose a moving company from your list, contact them as soon as possible to book a date and make sure you keep communicating with them till the day you will move, also make sure you make it a matter of importance for them to arrive as early as possible on the day you are moving.

It is good to always avoid last-minute arrangements, this will help to keep costs low and you will also be able to avoid rushing things over.

8. Have a budget

Define what your budget is; how much you are willing to spend on your proposed move. This will help you to know where and how to cut cost and by this, you can streamline your search for a mover that offers you a moving quote in the region of what is within your budget. Try as much as possible to look at avenues where you can cut moving costs if you are working on a lean budget.

9. Take a picture of How electronics are connected

You don’t want to get to your home and you are finding it difficult to identify which chord or wire goes into which port. Hence, to avoid this scenario, you can take a picture of how these wires are connected before you take them apart so that the picture can serve as a guide for you to put them in the right ports when you get to your new home.

10. Ask for help

If the work is enormous for you, you can call on friends and families who might be less busy to come around and help you with packing, sorting, loading and unpacking among other tasks.

If possible, you can engage or hire more hands to help you out where necessary. The more hands you have the easier the job becomes and the less time you will get the job done. Do not be too shy to ask for help where needed, it is part of the moving process.

11. Skip bubble wraps

In place of spending money on buying bubble wrap, you can wrap breakables in towels, clothes, and sheets instead. You can use socks to stuff glassware as a way of providing extra padding.

This will help to save you both space and money compared to when you go for bubble wraps and boxes that will occupy more space.

12. Start on time

Just like we have with other endeavors of life, starting on time and planning ahead is key, this is not different from when you are planning to relocate.

Make sure you start ahead of time, do what you can do now and not leave it till later when you can even forget or when it will be getting out of hand already.

One keyword that you should have in mind is planning. Plan and plan again, you cannot get it wrong with planning, it will set you out on the right part.

Plan things out with your moving company, let them know what you want and what you don’t want, and make sure you inform them to arrive on the move day as early as possible to avoid the later day rush.


Moving or relocating to a new home can be tasking but at the same time, it can be an interesting experience if everything is in place starting from hiring the best moving company to get the job done or having a proper plan on the ground if you intend to do it yourself.

If you wish to hire a mover, then make sure you hire the best national moving company around by going online to check for a list of possible national moving companies you can hire.

To get the best offer, invite more than one moving company to your home to carry out an in-house inspection, this will enable them to give you a reasonable quote based on the task at hand, compare and contrast the moving quotes to make your final decision on which of the companies you will hire.

Ask your mover all possible questions do not consider any question as unnecessary as this may not work in your favor. Read through the contract and make sure you understand every part of the contract before signing.

Keep open communication with them on how early you want them to arrive so that you can arrive at your destination in good time.

Set out early

The weather in the morning is usually still cool and favorable to get things going before it gets sunny and before the roads get busy as well. You can get more done when you start early.

Arriving at your new home early will also give you the opportunity to put a few things in place and also have enough time to prepare for the next day if you will be going to work. Although it is advisable that you should take at least two to three days off work when you are moving.


With the tips presented here, you are guaranteed a seamless relocation if you take to them. It will go a long way in making you have a wonderful moving experience.

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