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14 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Long Distance Movers

Who doesn't have questions when looking to hire a long distance moving company? Read our FAQs and you'll be all set to hire the best movers.
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14 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Long Distance Movers
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Yes, people do ask questions about long-distance movers when they are looking for one to hire.

Are you performing a long-distance move for the first time or this is your first move in many years? A lot of stress is experienced when planning an out-of-state move, especially if this is your first move.

Even though there are advantages to your average interstate moving guide (toppled with ultimate out-of-state moving checklists), all you sometimes need is a few simple answers.

You first need to determine if you would like to perform the move yourself or hire a moving company to do it.

Whether you are certain or not if you want to opt for a professional moving service, there are other popular questions asked when moving.

We have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions from long-distance movers. Let’s get it started!

1. When is Long-Distance Moving Best Performed?

The summer months, often between May 15 and September 15 are the busiest times for movers. Towards these months, the amount of moves is always much and this seems to be the case for all professional moving companies.

You need to importantly consider all factors when choosing the best moving time for your need. If you allow for some flexibility in your moving schedule, giving the moving company a 5-day window for loading your belongings can have so much advantage.

This will enable the person who arranges your drivers and moving crew enough flexibility when arranging your move. If possible, allow flexibility in your arrival time, too.

Remember that not only your belongings may be loaded in the moving truck. Allowing flexibility in your moving timeline can make a significant difference, and simplify your entire moving process.

2. What is the Difference between the In-Home Moving Estimate and an Online Moving Quote?

Accuracy is usually the difference. An online moving quote is reliant on you, the customer, to enter all your belongings into an inventory form and your moving quote is determined by that.

It is the easiest way to get an idea of your moving quote and if you can provide all need info correctly online, you will get your accurate moving cost from the comfort of your home.

An in-home moving estimate is done by a professional moving agent who is highly trained and has many years of moving experience, understanding the amount of space your belongings will consume on a moving truck, the number of movers needed to get the job done.

Not only on your belongings and home layout but also on the time of year you are making your move as well as the distance from your destination location that the moving truck will need to park.

3. Can I Move by Myself?

Yes, you can. You also can move your car, disassemble your furniture, and do a whole lot by yourself. You technically should be able to do it, but should you do it? Moving is a major thing in life, especially when moving to a long-distance home, you should leave it to the professionals.

If you have moved from one home to another before, you will discover moving is stressful, time-consuming, and demanding.

4. How Do I Pack My Things for an Interstate Move?

Normally, you will hire professional long distance movers to pack your things. This will assure that your belongings are well protected throughout the move. However, if you love to DIY, then you need to learn some pro packing tips. Start with the basic list of packing supplies you will need to pack your home for your long-distance move, as well as a few tips on this note.

  • Sturdy moving boxes in different sizes: Don’t over-pack boxes and always block spaces with packing paper.
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap: As you pack glassware, use paper to fill openings before you wrap.
  • Packaging tape and labels: Do not load untapped moving boxes, and label your items to make it easier to find your items.
  • Moving dolly: Do not move those heavy appliances and furniture pieces without a moving dolly.

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5. How Do I Choose the Moving Companies that will Issue a Free Moving Estimate for Me?

Finding out if you need a full-service moving company is your first step. You need to research your local, state, and national moving companies by asking your friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues if they have any recommendations.

Research each of the moving companies you choose with the Better Business Bureau. Good service is what determines a good moving company.

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6. When should I Start Contacting Movers to Obtain Free Quotes?

Endeavor to give the moving companies the necessary and sufficient notice they need, especially if your move is to be performed during a busy summer season, as mentioned above. Six weeks from the exact moving date is a nice time frame for moving estimators to enter your home and perform a visual inspection of your belongings.

It is also nice to give more time to decide, in case your employer mandates you to submit relocation estimates for a corporate move. Endeavor to decide which moving company you will use at least weeks from your exact moving day.

Also, call the moving company to verify your booking and arrange your packing, loading as well as delivery dates. This time frame can be reduced if your move falls outside high-demand moving seasons which see much moving traffic.

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7. How Much Will It Cost Me To Move?

The answer to this question is based on the size of your move and the additional moving services you need. Obtaining a free moving estimate is the best way to determine the cost of the move. All moving companies offer free phone or online moving estimates. You can even get a free in-house moving estimate for local moves, which will provide you an accurate estimation.

Thus, start to contact moving companies and make sure you inform them of each piece involved in your moving. Obtain an accurate moving quote quickly and easily on Moving APT. Make use of our moving cost calculator to obtain accurate estimates from expert movers personalized to your moving specifics. 

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8. What Happens If Anything Gets Broken Or Damaged?

Inform the moving team right away. They will record it on the paperwork. Then you will be required to fill out for indicating the inventory number (on your bill of lading) and we will send an external team to inspect and see how to go ahead with the repair or replacement of the broken or damaged item.

The level of valuation protection you choose will be much handy at this stage and each claim is handled based on the individual case. It is often our position to ensure things are rightly done, as best as we can, in case of damage occurs or there are other reasonable claims and the level of our liability.

9. How Do I Get My Home Appliances Ready For The Move?

Appliances like dryers, washers, and fridges must be disconnected, and make sure your washer has a stabilizer installed. Again, your moving estimator can assist you to understand how to better service these items.

All local moving companies are in business relationships with local service providers that take care of this service type, however, full-service movers and national movers will provide you the entire moving services you need, too.

Make sure you know the provider to be used by your moving company because you will need to open your doors to the people so that they can provide the service.

10. What is a Binding Estimate for Moving?

A binding estimate is a moving contract that shows, in advance, the actual cost of moving based on the services needed or requested during the estimate. If extra moving services are required, or asked for, at any or both of the locations (origin and destination), then the overall cost will increase.

11. What is a Non-Binding Estimate for Moving?

A non-binding estimate charges you based on the exact weight of your belongings, together with the cost of any relocation services that are performed (you will still perform the estimation to figure out the cost of your shipment).

To know the weight of your items, the truck driver will weigh his moving truck before loading your goods. Immediately your goods are loaded, the moving truck will then be weighed by the driver again.

The rest charges will be calculated at your current address. If there are any extra charges incurred during the delivery of your items, the driver will give you the extra cost (even though it is uncommon, it can happen).

12. Will Long-Distance Moving Companies Move my Plants and Pets?

Many moving companies cannot guarantee the safe moving of pets or plants, so we recommend that you move them with you or try other arrangements. If you are relocating with pets, create a moving checklist of all the belongings you will need to ensure your pets are safe, such as medications, food, treats, leashes/collars, and a comfy carrier.

13. Is a Moving Deposit Required to Book the Time Slot?

You need to ask your mover if they require a moving deposit, a lot of moving companies nowadays ask that you make a down-payment to book your move. A deposit is not a typical policy for most movers.

When the deposit amount is reasonable (from $20 to $500, but based on the moving size), you can have the assurance that the movers are no scammers.

14. When Should I Begin Planning My Move?

The short and easy answer is now. If you are on this page reading this write-up, then you probably are planning a move or looking to perform one. Even if you decide to hire a moving company, there are certain things you can start to do now like purging and sorting your belongings, filling your change of address form, scheduling transfer of your utilities, and learning much about your destination community.


If there are other frequently asked questions from moving companies that are not mentioned here, do well to let us know of it all by leaving comments in the section below.

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