7 Important Tasks To Do Before Moving Out of State

Out-of-state moves require a bit of finesse to pull off, and are made much easier by doing a few things beforehand. We’ve outlined the steps to make things simple.
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7 Important TasksTo Do Before Moving Out Of State
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When talking about the interstate move, there are generally two types of people. Those who hire someone to do it, choose to get ready, and prevent unwanted problems and stress. Another set of people leave the work for professional out of state movers to handle it and have their peace.

To be realistic, no one enjoys all the stress involved in moving. But if you are ready to perform research and work through the details, you stand a great chance of having a smooth move and start your new life on a good note.

To make this possible for you, we’ve compiled a list of tasks and guideline tips with all you need to know about interstate moves. Now, continue reading.

Research your New City

Before you move to another state, there is a need to know more about your destination. Normally, you will travel to your destination city and spend a few days exploring the area.

You can check out the places such as eatery, bars, neighborhoods, and so on, engage in long walks or bike rides.

The neighborhood you decide to live in will contribute immensely to your experience in a new state.

Below are a few tips to assist you with your research:   

  • If you have kids, visit local schools on greatSchools.org or other relevant sites.
  • Use Google Maps to check into commute times during rush hours to find out the busiest routes, and obtain estimated travel times for vehicle and transit. 
  • If an in-person visit is not possible, explore the neighborhoods with Google Street View.
  • Research crime rates using NeighborhoodScout.

Immediately you’ve researched your city and discovered your perfect neighborhood, you can begin to search for where to buy or rent.

Another option is to get temporary housing or stay with a relative or friend.

You can store your belongings in portable storage at a temporary facility or in a storage facility until you locate the ideal place to live. 

Set aside Additional Money for Moving

Regarding budgets, moving to another state can be so expensive, so you need to be sure you have enough savings to cover unplanned relocation expenses. Below are a few relocation expenses you may have forgotten about:

  • Gas/diesel expenses, which cost about $8.00 for each gallon could be charged by your truck rental provider if you failed to return the moving truck with a full tank.
  • Surcharges on mileage overage.
  • Packing supplies like bubble wrap, packing tape, moving boxes, and so on can quickly increase the cost, especially if you couldn’t get used or free boxes.
  • You may need to transport your vehicle across the country.
  • Hotel fees and meals should be budgeted for as you move out of state.
  • Utility deposits as well as reconnection fees.
  • Upfront, and first and last month’s rent on a new home.
  • Bath mats, groceries, hand towels, shower curtains, cleaning supplies, rods, and other products to get your new home ready.

Work on Moving and Storage Options

There is a possibility that moving all your belongings may be the highest expense and hardest part of an interstate move. Planning will simplify this moving aspect very well.

Below are a few options to consider for interstate moving and storage

  • Hire professional interstate movers to handle your loading and driving of a moving truck, the most costly and strong option when it comes to scheduling.
  • Get your moving truck rental and enlist friends or family members to assist you in loading up, or hire labor-only movers to load and unload for you.
  • Pack, move and store with a portable container as it is an affordable option, unlike hiring movers or renting a moving truck. It is also the most flexible option, especially if you are using short-term housing and are moving in phases. You also can consider hiring local movers to take charge of the packing or loading aspect.

You will need to consider your budget and personal moving needs and choices when choosing moving and storage options.

Moving costs can easily go out of control, especially when you are moving with professional movers.

Below are a few questions to ask yourself when you have plans to move to another state:   

  • What’s my available budget?
  • How many items am I moving to? 
  • Am I comfortable driving a large moving truck long-distance?
  • Won’t I need to store belongings in my old or new city?
  • Am I ready to load and unload at my own pace and have the moving truck driven by someone else? 
  • What amount of time do I have to relocate from one point to another?

Before you move, don’t forget to dispose of as many piles as possible. The fewer items you have to relocate, the more money you will save on your move. 

Connect Your Utilities

You don’t want to get to your new home and have no electricity, water, or internet running. Make sure you set up your utilities such as sewer, water, trash removal, internet access, power, and so on before you move.

After spending much time unpacking, you will need all the comforts you can get in the new home. You should try and pack a box of necessary items you will need to use for the first few days, such as paper towels, towels, toilet paper, toothbrushes, and other non-perishable snacks.

Update Your Address

Don’t forget to update your information when moving to another state. You can fill and submit a permanent Change of Address Form with the United States Postal Service that will forward your mail from the old address to your new address.

While the process goes on, make sure you change your mailing address online for all your accounts, especially your retirement accounts, financial institutions, cell phone, Netflix, and so on.

You must make sure your billing address matches your credit card payments on your entire accounts and subscriptions. And if you still use paper checks, you will also want to have your new address on those.

You need to also share your new address with friends and family members so they can always locate you. Read our post on “How to forward mail when moving

Make Changes to your Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration

One of the major things you need to first do when moving to another state is to obtain a new driver’s license as well as vehicle registration.

Each state gives different rules for how fast you will need to update this information; it can be between ten to thirty days.

We strongly recommend you schedule an appointment in advance if possible, as this will speed up the process and save you from a long, boring queue at the DMV.

Make sure you check the required documents, and whether a vision or driving test will be required.

Some states need United States citizens to give proof of citizenship, similar to an original birth certificate or United States passport, including proof of residence, and Social Security, like social security care, or W-2 form. Other types of documentation will be required for non-citizens.

You don’t want to end up waiting at the DMV later to find out that you don’t have the appropriate documents.

Remember to change the address you have on your auto insurance policy. Your moving destination will determine whether you will pay more or less for insurance.  

Go Round Your New Neighborhood

Once the move is completed and you are relaxed in your new home, you can now meet people and familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood.

Below are a few tips to make new friends:

  • Look for your local neighborhood association and attend a meeting or event.
  • Join hiking, meetup, or walking groups in your neighborhood.
  • Visit your neighbor and introduce yourself.
  • Go to a Local Park with your kids and/or your pet to meet people.
  • Visit the coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants in your area.
  • Enter public transit and go round your new town.
  • Take long walks or bike rides across your neighborhood; you may discover some hidden hotspots.


Although interstate move can be stressful, don’t forget to enjoy the entire process. You will soon be in your new home, make new friends in the neighborhood, and explore an entirely new world. 

We hope this post help!

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