8 Best Family-Friendly Los Angeles Neighborhoods

There are tens of neighborhoods in Los Angeles and you may get confused choosing one. Get information about top family-friendly neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Plus, cost of renting homes for a family of four.
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8 Best Family-Friendly Los Angeles Neighborhoods
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Considering moving to Los Angeles, there things to know before moving to the city, and researching neighborhoods is part of them.

Whether you’ve got a new job in Los Angeles or you’re just prepared for a more laid-back lifestyle, you will find a Los Angeles neighborhood perfectly suited to your taste. Being one of the largest and highly diverse metropolitan areas in the country, Los Angeles is by far more than the usual Hollywood and Beverly Hills you see on TV. It is packed with great dining, culture, outdoor recreation, unique neighborhoods, and hidden treasures anywhere you look.

 If you are relocating to Los Angeles with your family, you are probably about to explode with different kinds of questions. Which neighborhoods in Los Angeles are the safest? What are the school districts in Los Angeles like? Should I start checking outside the city to find the best suburbs of LA?

In a city that has more than 400 district neighborhoods, knowing your starting point can be confusing. We’ll guide you all through the process of choosing the ideal neighborhood for your family.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Neighborhood

Similar to any search for a new home, your needs and that of your family will determine how you find the best neighborhood for your family. Each family has its unique idea of what constitutes a great family neighborhood.

That might include affordability (and where there is enough space for your tribe), access to family-friendly events, walkability, closeness to great public schools, or low crime rates.

If you don’t know where to begin, first ask yourself some important questions to be sure of your priorities. Your answers will help guide your neighborhood search:

  • Will my child be in school while we reside in Los Angeles? If you have kids that are of school age, it is important to find a neighborhood that is close to schools.
  • Do I plan to send my kids to public or private school? Those who would consider public schools will possibly be looking into neighborhoods that have great public schools. Choosing private schools? The exact neighborhood may not be so important, as location doesn’t determine enrollment.
  • Do I need fast and easy access to outdoor recreation? Whether you are an outdoor lover or not, you probably would like to allow your children to run out of their energy outside your house or apartment. If you’ll be commuting on public transit or you have a single car, look into whether you will want proximity to a park.
  • Do I find it important to live close to other families? Do you plan to meet other moms and children while hanging out in the neighborhood park or your front yard, or do you only plan to make friends at school or hand out with your household members? Some neighborhoods have larger percentages of families, which makes it so much easier for your children and you to make new friends with neighbors.
  • What recreation activity does my family like to do? Do you like to be in a theater with popcorn in hand or playing a soccer game at the park on your typical Saturday? Find neighborhoods where there are activities that you all enjoy.

Now that you have some clarification on what you considered important, you may want to look into what some of the best LA neighborhoods represent.

1. Burbank

The average rent for a family of 4: About $2,300 a month.

Located a few miles northeast of Hollywood, Burbank is a neighborhood where dreams are actualized and huge money is gotten from the local moving industry. This neighborhood is perfect for families because it is a safe community with well-structured municipal services.

The Burbank Unified School District offers a lot of special instructional programs as well as extra services, so students can have more alternatives based on their needs and talents.

There is also a list of private schools for students, who would choose a specialized and religion-based curriculum. Burbank is often hosting some type of event or festival.

From Farmer’s Market every Saturday at Downtown Burbank to the Downtown Burbank Car Classic in July, and also the International Film Festival in September, locals love to come together for shopping and recreation. 

2. Pasadena

The average rent for a size four family is $3,000 per month based on the location.

Located east of Glendale and Eagle Rock, this neighborhood has since been a famous destination for families in search of a slower pace of life than the city center. Pasadena also has some of the best schools in LA inside its Pasadena Unified School District.

Not far from wilderness and city activities, there is a balance for families in Pasadena. This neighborhood is filled with diverse ethnicities (55.8% of its residents are white, 30.0% are Latino, 13.4% are African-American, and 12.7% are Asian).

3. Eagle Rock

The average rent for a size four family is $2,000 per month for a 3-bedroom.

Locals don’t just enjoy the pleasure of living in Eagle Rock; they work and attend school with an enthusiasm that makes the community bustling and positive.

This neighborhood is located in a nice place, west of Pasadena, and although you are in proximity to Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles, it provides a small-town vibe and is an ideal location for a commuter.

Eagle Rock ranks top for its schools across the nation; there are 9 public and 6 private schools, including a branch public library.

It also has a Recreation Center and a great certified farmer’s Market on Fridays to complement Eagle Rock’s positive atmosphere. This Los Angeles neighborhood is highly seen drivers in ethnic and in socio-economics, and also provides a bit of bohemian feel. Eagle Rock has developed a lot and famous for its unending offers.

4. Santa Monica

The average rent for a size four family is $4,000 per month and closeness to the beach is more costly. 

This neighborhood is an idyllic beach town found on the western boundary of Los Angeles and it offers a lot for families to be happy about. Home to some of the best schools in the city and few private schools, The Santa Monica-Malibu school district is one of Los Angeles’ best school districts, ranking well in the state of California.

With great shopping, excellent museums, and the beach, you will always have somewhere and activities to experience with your household members.

There are award-winning schools that belong to the Santa Monica-Malibu School District in Santa Monica. If your budget can accommodate private schools, there are unlimited choices here.

5. Culver City

The average rent for a size four family is $3,500 per month for a 3-bedroom apartment.

This neighborhood is an entertainment business hub and a city inside the city of Los Angeles. Some of the popular films of all time were shot in Culver City, which includes Citizen Kane, Gone with the Wind, and Wizard of Oz.

Its downtown provides a combination of theatres, historic buildings, unique restaurants, galleries, and tree-lined streets. With its unique school system and public services, there are some of the best LA schools here, which makes it popular among families with beautiful residential communities and parks.

The diverse population implies that you have many religious institutions to select from, whether churches, synagogues, or mosques.

The addition of the Expo Line makes getting around Culver City indirect train possible from Downtown LA and linking to Santa Monica providing Culver City the deserved relief from the popular traffic jam of Los Angeles.

This turns it into a perfect spot for couples who work in different companies and want a location that is kind of in-between.

6. San Marino

The average rent for a size four family is $4,000 per month for a 3-bedroom apartment.

This is a small community located east of Pasadena and its major attraction to families is a great collection of schools. Santa Marino is named as the best school district in LA, but in California in general for many years running, you will find great public school options here.

There are also beautiful botanical gardens and great parks in this neighborhood, providing you lot of options to explore.in San Marino, you will find much Asian population, since over 50% of its residents are from one or more Asian backgrounds. Being a calm and safe city that is mostly filled with houses, finding an apartment is kind of hard.

7. Los Feliz

The average rent for a size four family is $2,400 per month

This hamlet is located in a place just south of the popular Griffith Park and is entirely considered a safe area. The residents in Los Feliz enjoy its village-like feel, as well as a lifestyle that provides for each need in just a few walks.

Take a subway stop at Vermont/Sunset and you will head straight to Hollywood or Downtown. Los Feliz also has its personal Farmer’s Market on Sunday Mornings.

There are also many schools, the private schools are moderately good, and with moderate diversity; there are many people from different cultures and creative professions living here.

8. Glendale

The average rent for a size four-family outside the city center is $2,000 per month; $2,500 monthly in the heart of Glendale. 

This neighborhood is located between Burbank and Pasadena, north of Los Angeles. With many great family activities, such as the Los Angeles Zoo, hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains, and museums, you can easily find something you all like in your family on the weekend.

While there are public and private schools in Glendale, rankings differ, so conducting some research into the schools before enrolling would be wise.

One other important perks of Glendale: it is one of the safest LA neighborhoods and also among the safest cities in the United States.   


The second-largest city in the country may be popular for the movie industry and the beach, but there is a lot for families to appreciate here, too. With excellent schools across Los Angeles, numerous indoor and outdoor activities, and family-friendly neighborhoods, you will surely find something you and your family enjoy a lot.

Just as there is a difference between the two neighborhoods, each family is also different. With a little research, patience, and exploration, you will surely find the perfect LA neighborhood for your family.

Once you find your best neighborhood, it is time to hire the Los Angeles mover to help you with the move. Choose from our top-notch moving companies from Los Angeles.

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