Tips For Moving Abroad Cheaply

Moving overseas is exciting – and expensive! Here are some of the ways that we’ve helped people save money on moving abroad.
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9 Top Tips For Moving Abroad Cheaply
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Those who say the best things in life come freely may have never moved overseas. Moving to a new country is a very exciting adventure, but also expensive.

Just when you think you are done with one thing, another thing comes up. If care is not taken, you can spend a fortune on things like flights, shipping, and visas, and that will even be before you reach your destination.

However, it would help if you didn’t allow financial concerns to restrict your big plans.

Fortunately, our experts at Moving APT understand how to reduce moving costs, and we are happy to share our tips with you.

Best tips you can find online to help you move abroad cheaply

Give Yourself Time

According to Benjamin franklin, you may delay, but time will not delay. Wasting time during an international move is not a wise thing to do.

Time is one of the greatest commodities for human, so make good use of it and avoid last-minute issues.

Almost every part of your move will enjoy the benefit of an early approach rather than later. Immediately you know the destination and the time of your move, you can set a date for transporting your household goods.

Leaving it till it’s Late can leave you with Two Crazy Alternatives

Flying your belongings for a costly price or getting to your destination many weeks ahead of all your belongings is not what you want. Work on time, and you will meet the boat.

Begin to contact international moving companies at least 3 or 4 months in advance of your decided moving date.

Select Sea Freight over Air Freight

Being a website that only offers sea freight, you might discover this option a bit suspicious, but let us explain.

When you are seeking the most affordable way to haul your items overseas, your first contact should be to container ships.

The World Bank states that ocean freights are often about 12 to 15 times cheaper than air freight. This is because there is a huge overcapacity currently in the international sea freight.

Although it might take about twenty to thirty days to ship a container from China to the United States, it can take just three days for a freight plane to get it done.

Airfreight might be your best and only option when you are moving hurriedly, but sea freight is the best for any reasonable overseas move.

Compare Shipping Quotes

Every reasonable person contacts many companies before purchasing one. This behavior might be seen as excessive, but in reality, it is necessary when moving abroad.

Moving APT is very helpful in this situation.

You only need to fill out a form with a few details, and about six suppliers will contact you. However, be sure to request an all breakdown of each moving quote so you understand the exact offer given to you.

Shipping companies can give different types of services such as insurance cover, professional packing/unpacking, as well as full doorstep delivery.

Sell the Goods you don’t need

This is very obvious, but moving lesser items make your move end up costing you less. If you can reduce the multitude before you load and ship out, you will be spending a more reduced amount of money.

Only move out with half your belongings (and double the cash) that you may need when moving overseas. This is time to be strict with your possessions. Choose an item you own currently and imagine how you will live without it.

If it feels right, you don’t need such an item. If life without it is unimaginable, then try harder.

Sell that big television in your living room.

You won’t need your big winter coat if you are relocating to a warm country.

You need your dog to make the international move with you. However, you may spend a fortune getting vaccinations and passports for your pet, so this may be the time to determine your pet’s true value.

If you are moving your cat and dog with you, kindly check out the detailed page on pet moving for advance and post-move preparation.

Immediately you’ve decided the things to leave behind, you can organize a garage or an online sale.

You will be reducing your loads and make some additional cash from it. If the item won’t sell, donate it to charity, or gift it out to a friend. If nobody wants the item, don’t hesitate to throw it in the bin.

Buy Flights at the Exact Perfect Time

Even though we strongly recommend that you ship your cargo on the sea to your new home, we widely assume that you will take a flight there. However, not all advance planners can get cheaper flights to their destinations.

You have to choose your moment. The experts at Skyscanner gives this advice, and these people sure know much about flying.

  • Buy tickets for 7 weeks for short-haul flights
  • Buy tickets 18 weeks before your move date for long-haul flights

If you have the control, we suggest you hold on a bit instead of just purchasing the tickets immediately they are released.

If you can’t picture yourself with this advice, lots of airlines also suggest getting your plane tickets on Sundays. Wednesday is by far the worst day to book a flight. Low-demand seasons naturally offer the best chances of locating cheap flights, so you should always endeavor to fly when tourists heading to your destination are reduced, especially if you have flexibility on when you travel.


If the shipment you are shipping is small, the most cost-effective option for you is the LCL.

However, the case is different when you reach about 15 cubic meters of shipment. After this, you should consider hiring an entire container, even if you will fill just half of the space. That is because LCL is around two to three times costly than FCL when it comes to charging by cubic meter.

Even though an FCL container can be delivered without hurdles from one door to another, there is a need to put an LCL cargo together in a warehouse in a careful manner before being transported (as each customer’s shipment arrives). Then unloaded at the destination country’s port.

All this additional time and labor will amount to higher costs.

Avoid Non-Essential Customs Duty

The process of getting your items through customs is never easy, but you can take some steps to make sure that things go as smoothly as it can be. Cut corners.

However, extra costs can be added on your international move, additional paperwork, as well as misplaced goods.

Every country in the world will expect you to fill a detailed, comprehensive inventory list of each item you are moving in. This may sound intruding, but it enables customs officials to determine custom duty and keep a tab on anything entering the country.

Also, avoid doing it accidentally, ensure you understand the exact items that are and are not allowed into the destination country.

Some countries place restrictions on certain things, which may include ballpoint pens (Nigeria), Kinder Eggs (the US), and chewing gum (Singapore).

The right packing is also compulsory. If your belongings are an eyesore to behold during the physical inspection, the process will take much longer, and you will have to pay extra fees.


You have a lot of things to complete immediately you know the time and location of your overseas move. You first need to create a list and place a priority on important tasks.

Some things are relatively faster (such as buying tickets), while other things can consume much of your time, like saying farewell to your dog as you cannot move together to the new country.

Once you are prepared, you can make sure each part of your overseas move is as cheap as it can be without you being under any pressure.

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