A Guide To International Car Shipping

A Guide To International Car Shipping

If you are planning an overseas move and you plan to move your vehicle along, you will want to discover in advance how to move your vehicle to another country in the most sensible and budget-friendly way.

There are several reasons why you may be embarking on an international move – love, work, education, retirement, and so on.

No matter the duration you plan to spend in the new country, you may want your car to make the move with you to your destination country.

This post will focus on shipping a car to another country by boat since the cost of shipping cars by air is on the high side and not the best option for standard moves unless you plan to ship a very expensive and highly valuable car.

Steps to International Car Shipping

Research Car Shipping Companies

Various companies offer overseas car shipping, so you certainly will need to conduct much research when choosing the perfect one for your shipping needs. Similar to most things lately, begin with the search engines.

A simple keyword search “ship a car overseas” or “international shipping of car” will bring various companies for you to start researching. The following requirements must be met by any company to consider:

  • Offers shipping service from your origin location to your new destination.
  • Is licensed, insured, and bonded properly.
  • Only work with licensed, bonded, and insured third parties like freight carriers.

If a company fails to satisfy these three requirements, strike them out of your list.

Make sure you ask directions from a company if you are not certain about their license and insurance, especially about the third-party companies they deal with. Don’t just go with a company that answered yes. Request their licensing numbers to verify them yourself.

Obtain Quotes and Compare them

You can screen your choice down by requesting shipping quotes and proceeding with the most reasonable quote. When making quote comparisons, the first obvious thing we do is check the price. We normally don’t check all the things included in it. So you must ensure you properly read the quote you receive thoroughly.

What is the cost to ship a car abroad?

The cost of shipping a car abroad depends on a number of factors. These include:

  • The type of service: Do you desire a door to door, port door, or port to port service?
  • The method used: Are you shipping through roll on roll off or ocean container? Is it to be moved in a shared container or single 20ft?
  • Inland transportation: This works well with the first one. Some companies add domestic transport in their quote, while others only add ocean transport.
  • Destination fee: Destination fees will always be charged at each port, regardless of the destination. This also works with the first one. If you are going from port to port or door to port, this takes care of everything on the exporting location, which includes the United States custom clearance. The destination will determine customs clearance, unloading, and hauling from the arrival port. Be sure to ask questions about this.

Ask for Insurance

In most cases, this will be offered to you by international car transporters through their program or the insurance provider they work with. Remember that these figures vary by carriers and providers.

The difference between the rates can be between 1.5% and 2.5%. Ensure you know exactly the things covered by the insurance and talk to your company.

Are you buying an insurance policy for all risk or total loss? When does coverage begin? Be sure also to know the deductible associated with your rate.

Select your Shipper and collect all the Paperwork

The number one part is a product of the previous three steps above, and we hope at this stage you’ve chosen your shipper. The next step now is to compile all the paperwork that the company needs and send it to them as early as possible to increase the shipping process.

The documentation, in most cases, is straightforward. Here are the documents needed to ship:

  • Clear original title
  • Bill of sale (copy)
  • Copy of your United States Passport

Transporting your vehicles using RORO means that the company will only need copies, and you can keep the original.

There are extra forms or documentation needed by certain ports or final destinations. We won’t list each example as the list is much, but we will mention a few to give you an insight.

A special notarized power of Attorney is required for international car shipping from Miami, although it is not required in Los Angeles.

Proof of payment on vehicles newer than 2010 in some cases is required by New York.

Prepare your Car to travel

This might be tempting, but you will not be able to transport any boxes or goods in the interior of your car. In general, the only belongings you may leave in the vehicle are those that are perfectly related to it, such as your spare tire as well as your jumper cables.

Make sure to get rid of any vital documents like your insurance information and registration. The vehicle shipper you hire will be able to inform you of the essential items you can leave in your vehicle while exporting.

They possibly will have requirements as regards the amount of gas that can be in the vehicle.

Most shipping companies require that the fuel tank cannot exceed one-quarter full.

Your car will be checked by custom agents at the boundary for pests and debris that are not permitted to import into the country.

For prevention’s sake, make sure your vehicle is washed while on the way to the export port of Entry.

Car Inspection and Condition

During international shipping of any type of car, always conduct your car inspection report and remember to take pictures. We suggest you first service the car before you hand it over and make sure it is washed.

Ensure your brakes are functional for increased safety while loading and unloading your vehicle. This will enable you to be sure of the car’s running condition, and you can easily figure out any external dings or damage that is already on your exterior to add to your report.

A lot of international auto shippers will also get this done immediately after the car gets to their warehouse or office, but it is better to have two car inspections than one.

Move your car to the Port of Export

You can drop your car at the port or get a car shipping company to schedule the transportation of your car to the port. This will be discussed in the first call and will be indicated in your quote.

Final Payment

The final invoice will be provided immediately after the shipper picked up your car, or it gets to the port of origin (if you plan a drop off). You must pay this final invoice before your vehicle reaches the destination port to avoid incurring storage fees.

Dock Receipt

This will be required before arrival if your car will be dropped off at the port. This will be provided via your shipping agent immediately after your booking is completed. They will handle this if they are shipping your car to the port.

Receive your Car at the Destination

Information for the vessel shipping your vehicle will be sent to you, and you will also be notified before your cars get to the port. That is when you will contact a destination agent who will work with your consignee to receive your car.

The identification of your consignee must match the information of the consignee you provided. Our Bill of Lading (BOL) will also be needed by your consignee to pick up the car.

What is the Cost to Ship a Car Abroad?

The actual amount you will spend to move a vehicle abroad depends on the shipping distance and the auto transport company you hire for the shipping.

Generally, you will spend around $1,000 – $2,000 to transport a car abroad. This will not be the only cost as regards your international car shipping but shows the base rate that you will spend and covers the accommodation of your car during shipping.

How long does shipping a car abroad take?

This is determined by its destination. There are some international destinations where you will receive your car about a week after shipping it out.

Further destinations may mean that you will wait for about a month or two. You will be able to get an accurate estimation of when your vehicle will get to you, which should cover any issues at customs.

Another factor that may determine how soon you receive your vehicle is the shipping method you opt for.

The fastest international car shipping method is to book a sole transport container. Suppose you don’t want to spend much.

In that case, you could choose consolidated car shipping (in which your car is loaded with cars being shipped to the same destination in a shared container), but this could largely increase your timing since the shipper will be required to wait till the container is filled up before shipping begin.

Final Words

Select the method that is perfect for you based on budget and timing. If you can still spend a bit higher, sole container shipping is your best bet at making sure your vehicle gets its final destination in the safest way possible.

Hiring the right car shipping company to ship your abroad is the key to successful international car shipping. Choose from our reputable car shipping companies to be on the safer side.

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