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All You Need To Know About Finding State To State Movers

Effortlessly plan your relocation from one state to another by reading through our guide on the best way to find affordable state to state movers.
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All You Need To Know About Finding State To State Movers
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Finding a state-to-state mover, you are at the right place. You’ve secured a new job in another state and you are relocating or want to move near your family, you will surely need a mover. This is not just a mover, but a reputable state-to-state moving company that can deliver.

Now, the first step when moving is to choose the right moving company. Be sure the movers you hire are reliable and professionals that will carefully handle your belongings.

Want to know what to start looking for, below is a checklist to help you filter your search:

Fully Licensed and Insured

If you are in search of a mover to relocate you from one state to another, your relocation company should possess a USDOT number, which is a unique license number provided by the United States Department of Transportation. Be sure the DOT number of your moving company is valid by looking it up in USDOT database.

Each moving company does not need to possess this number, but having it means they are a well-established company and have been in business as far back as 1995. Your local moving company should be licensed and possess state license numbers.

Also, check on the website if a company is insured using its license number. Do not for any reason, use a moving company that doesn’t have a license number or insurance.

Types of Moving Services you may go for, at Extra Fees

As you start your journey to find a moving company to hire, you must think of the involvements of your move. Whether there is a moving company that provides the services that satisfy your specific moving needs. 

  • If you need assistance packing your stuff, does the moving company add packing services in then moving costs or as an additional cost?
  • Are they experienced in moving specialties such as antiques or pianos?
  • Does the moving company provide storage services for your belongings you plan to set aside during your move?

Free In-Home Estimates

When looking for a good moving company, one of the essential things to note is whether the company provides a free moving estimate. An instant online moving quote or an over the phone estimate is the right place to start, but moving companies with a good reputation will offer an in-home or video estimate in addition.

These alternatives will enable the best cross country moving companies to think they are working with the right info, and also be able to provide you with an accurate moving quote. 

You also get to discuss things like a flight of stairs, large furniture, and items that may attract extra charges when you are obtaining a video or in-home estimate. You will be provided with an honest moving quote in advance as well as save yourself a surprise from the additional costly moving bill.

Movers with Good Reviews

You may find testimonials on a moving company’s website, and that may be a good starting point for your research. However, you will want to conduct your research.

You will get more insight into how the moving company operates and the quality of its services through the reading of customer reviews on the company of interest.

Visit the Better Business Bureau and other review websites to find out the prices and services of the moving company you are considering. You can also search for reviews especially centered on moving company reviews such as

Does the Moving Company take Inventory?

The best state to state moving companies takes a detailed inventory of all that you own in your current home. This involves taking a walk around the house to know the belongings stored in the garage, drawers, and cabinets. However, we suggest you request for a team of two movers in the minimum to do the walkthrough inventory to ascertain accuracy.

One mover handles the counting, while the other one performs a confirmatory count. The quoted price for a state to state move is dependent on the overall weight of your household belongings. Be sure to give an explanation of the inventory you are selling or donating to the team.

Affordable Cost

Your moving budget will always be a reason for concern when you are changing home. If you are really worried about money in your move, then you may need to find a company that offers a low estimate. Just note, a too good to be true deal should be avoided.

It is sometimes better to hire a popular moving company that charges a bit extra, so you know you have an experienced and reputed company working on your move.

Stay away from Movers that charge Large Deposits

Professional moving companies do not request cash, neither do moving companies with huge reputations demand huge deposits. Focus only on those moving companies that you pay only at the delivery of your household items.

Advance payments put the company in much control over your household items. When it is about paying after the successful completion of a move, pay with a credit card for proper documentation of the transaction.

Do not agree with a Binding Estimate

Also known as a guaranteed contract, a binding estimate fixed a moving cost and other expenses even before the move commences. If you opt for extra service after agreeing to the contract, you will be required to pay a fee for additional services.

This must be paid within 30 days of the delivery of your household items. Try and move with a non-binding to exceed the moving estimate instead.

This type of estimate prevents interstate moving companies, from charging you beyond 10% more than the originally quoted price. The estimate you receive is mostly what you will pay for when you go with a non-binding to exceed the estimate.

Do the Movers Listen? Do the Movers ask Questions?

There is no deal for one-size-fits-all when moving. Researching the right moving company is not just about looking for an hourly rate of a certain number of movers and a moving truck.

It is about working with a company that listens and understands your specific move. A good moving company positioned itself in a position to listen to customers about their moving details. They will come up with an effective plan for your moving day. 

You and the company’s rep will decide the actual number of expert movers and the right equipment they need to safeguard your antique furniture while moving it down the stair.

The company must ask for special items as well as stairs during estimation even if you forget to mention it. They also must ask if you require storage for some or all of your belongings before, during, and after the move.

Look for a moving company that will customize the process of your move in a personalized way. You will save a lot of time and money from a customized move.


It is possible to share the views of how your family, friends, and neighbors view a certain moving company. This will give you great of what your expectation should be when working with them. We will help you choose the best state to state moving company easily. We can give you many moving quotes from reliable movers. Check our list of the best state to state movers, and we assure you that they will check all the boxes on your screening list.

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