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Average Cost of a Moving Company

Moving companies can get pricey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable movers. Find the best movers for the job with our helpful recommendations.
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You’re getting prepared to move. What an exciting day! Because of that, you’re likely exploring a lot of information and trying to determine what makes the most sense in regards to how you are going to get your move taken care of. If you’re leaning toward hiring a moving company, then you want to be sure that you do things right.

But, how much is a moving company going to cost? Can you find a moving calculator that is going to assist you in this process? How do you know that you’ve got everything in order properly? And how are you going to make sure that you have enough money squirreled away so that you don’t have to worry about those costs? Let’s dig deeper and explore the average cost of moving companies and how those sorts of things are calculated.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Moving Company?

Movers’ costs are going to vary based on a number of factors, but there are a few things that you can consider when you’re looking at the different things that you want and need to know about the process.

Movers are really good at giving estimates, however, so you can typically get an idea of what you’ll need to spend before you sign anything. Here’s a quick look at some of the things that play a role in helping moving companies determine the cost.

  • Distance: How far are you going? If you’re staying relatively close, then you aren’t going to have to spend as much money as you would if you were going further away. In many instances, your cross country movers will charge you by the mile if it’s more than a day trip.
  • Time: How long is it going to take for your move to be completed? It’s a lot faster to complete a move across the street or across town. Moves that are long-distance, however, are going to take a lot more time, and tie your movers up for more hours.
  • A number of bedrooms: A 1 bedroom condo or studio apartment is going to be much less expensive to move than a 5 bedroom home, so keep that in mind when you’re budgeting for your move, as well.
  • Size of moving truck or van: The amount of stuff you have will let your movers know just how big of a vehicle that they may need in order to get it to your new place.
  • Additional services you request: Other services may include packing/unpacking; storage unit rentals or other storage options, white-glove services, and a variety of other services that you may require in order to complete your move successfully.

For local moves, you’re looking at about $25-$50 per hour, per mover. For long-distance moves, you’re looking at $1000 (for in-state moves) to $7000 (for cross-country moves), depending on a number of the factors that we’ve listed here.

The more rooms you have, the higher those averages will be and the more that you’re going to have to save and expect when it comes time to go ahead and schedule the moving company that you want to work with.

What is the Average Cost to Move a 3 Bedroom House?

Most homes have 2 or 3 bedrooms and, because of that, you may be trying to figure out what other people are paying in order to get their 3 bedroom home moved properly. If you’re moving locally, a 3 bedroom home is, on average, between $500 and $1000, depending on how much stuff you have and if there are any special services or items that you’re going to need when situating your move.

If you are moving long-distance (which is typically assumed to be 100 miles or further, but it may vary based on the company you choose), then you are looking at around $1000 per bedroom, for a total of $3000. That may or may not include tolls and additional services.

Many professionals recommend that you save at least $5000 in order to successfully complete a 3 bedroom, long-distance move. And, in any instance, the more you save, the less you need to stress out about everything.

How Much Do Movers Cost for a 2 Bedroom Apartment?

A 2 bedroom apartment is likely to have much, much less in it than even 2 or 3 bedrooms home. There’s less space to work with and you often don’t have appliances like refrigerators and ovens to take with you. So, your costs for a 2 bedroom apartment are going to, often, be much less expensive than what you’d pay for 2 or 3 bedrooms home.

Many people who are moving out of apartments actually explore their options for moving their own stuff because of much simpler the move is than when you’re moving out of a home.

On average, people who are moving to a 2 bedroom apartment are only going to need a couple of hours of labor in order to get everything accomplished.

The average 2 bedroom apartment will likely be less than $500 to move unless you have a variety of large items that you’re going to be talking about with you.

Also, if you make the decision to go ahead and get other services, like those we’ve mentioned in this article, you may also find yourself paying closer to $600 or $700.

As we’ve mentioned in other parts of this article, long-distance moves are calculated differently, so you may be looking at something closer to $1000, depending on distance and various other things that you may need to look at in relation to the bigger picture.

What is the Average Cost of Moving to Another State?

Moving to another state is another thing entirely. There are a lot of logistics that need to be taken care of, and you need to work with long distance movers in order to be able to work everything out.

Thankfully, many movers are very transparent about what it is that they include in their moving fees and costs. Here is a quick look at some of the things that are likely going to be included when you get an estimate from a long-distance moving company.

The distance of the move:

Many companies are going to give you their initial estimate based on just how far you plan ongoing. These are preliminary totals, obviously, but they can give you a pretty good idea of what it is that you may be paying.

Weight of your items:

Many moving companies will also weigh your items if they’re going a long distance. Not only are they required to do so (in case they go by weigh stations and such), but your trip may accrue additional costs based on how much you have.

Length of time it’s expected to take:

While moves of 100 to 200 miles can hypothetically be done within a day’s time; you go any further and the costs will start to go up because you’ll be staying overnight somewhere.

Any tolls and other affiliated transportation fees:

Tolls, gas, and other affiliated fees are also going to be included as you start to look at everything that you want to get done.

Storage costs:

If there’s a delay of any type, you may need to store the items that you’re moving with you and, because of that, you want to be sure that you consider it as a part of what you’ll need to spend.

Family considerations:

We’ve gone over what the moving company calculates, but then you need to think about the costs of moving your family to a new place as well.

Security deposits, down payments, hotel rooms, and a variety of other things may also be part of the calculations once you start sorting things out and determining what it is that you will do in order to complete your move properly.

You also want to be sure that you have money for appropriate licenses, registrations, and other things that you need to be able to work and/or go to school in the state that you’re moving to.

Interstate moves are not always simple to work out, but if you plan everything out accordingly and you are meticulous about what it is that you need to be able to take care of, you will find that you have a much more concise budget for everything and that you’re actually going to be ready to make some decisions about the bigger picture.

As you may know, Moving APT is here to give you a hand in finding the best movers for your purposes. As a moving broker, we connect you with moving companies and take care of the hard part of finding the right company for your purposes.

If you’re thinking about hiring a moving company, let us give you a hand. We’ll give you the advice that you need and we can help you determine what is best for your entire moving experience.

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