Average Cost of Moving Car From One Place To Another

Worried that moving your car is going to break the bank? Here’s how you can figure out the cost of shipping your car during your move.
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Average Cost Of Moving Car From One Place To Another
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Most people searching for the cheapest option for car shipping usually ask for the cost of the service, then get three to four different auto shipping quotes from different car transport companies. It is normal to see quotes closer in price, while others may vary by many hundreds of dollars.

Even though car transport costs are determined by numerous factors, you can prepare about $500 for a few distance car shipping and up to $1,500 for long-distance or cross-country car shipping. The average cost of international shipping of a car will be higher. 

Your vehicle’s size will also play a major role in your car shipping costs. For example, the average will be around $650 to $850 to move sedans from Florida to New York.

The same shipping company will charge from $800 to $1,100 to move SUVs, pick-up trucks, and Vans on the same distance. Let’s take a look at the average cost of moving a car from one place to another.

Factors that determine the Cost of Shipping a Car

You will be able to avoid any deal that might want to trap you or any possible scam when you understand how shipping costs are calculated and the average cost.

So, we will discuss what factors affect car transports and how to pick the best shopping option. Normally, you will want to go with the cheapest option; this may sometimes mean terminal transport. Is this ideal for your move?

Let us dive into the determinant factor of car shipping cost:

1. Distance:

Miles is where you definitely have to start from, although they are not really in line with long distances as you might think. A similar effort is required in pick-up and drop-off for shorter distances by the carrier driver, despite the short time sent by the carrier on the road.

Thus, the average per-mile cost of long-distance shipping can be less expensive, although airline tickets may be expensive per mile when traveling halfway to another part of the country against a coastal move. 

2. Open trailer or enclosed carrier?

Your choice of transport is a huge cost determinant. The open trailer is the most popular means of shipping. It is similar to the double-decker option commonly seen on American Highways and is loaded with seven to ten vehicles on long-distance journeys.

About 3 to 4 car trailers can also get the job done on shorter routes. The majority of shipping customers prefer to ship with three to ten vehicles as it is the cheapest method and a popular way to transport their cars. Just see it as flying in a coach class against a first-class.

Enclosed shipping trailers are small in size and can hold just two to six cars. Enclosed shipping generally costs about 40 to 60 percent more than shipping a similar car on an open trailer even though it takes the same days and miles to get the carrier from one point to another and getting paid for hauling fewer cars. 

3. The type, size & modifications of your Vehicle

These factors are so important when transporting a car because there are maximum loads for the trailers for safety purposes. Before you get a quote, the shipper will ask you for the type of car you are transporting, whether a sedan or a big SUV, as well as the model of the vehicle so you can receive an accurate shipping quote for your shipping need.

If you are shipping heavy vehicles like trucks or small and large SUVs, they take up much space and permit weight, which implies that the carrier trailer may not be able to haul other vehicles to the destination. 

4. Vehicles’ condition: working, or not?

A faulty car is also referred to as inoperable, and it will demand more time, effort, and equipment from the shipper. The driver of the truck must put in extra incentive to take an inoperable vehicle that may require pushing, pulling, jump-starting, winching, or strategically loading and offloading.

This may be required more than once during shipping based on where other vehicles loaded on the trailer are positioned, which may involve offloading in the reverse method.  

5. Route’s Popularity

Picking up and dropping-off in remote areas is more expensive than it is with major cities and metro areas. More carriers in the largest cities usually service the place. The multiple highways allow for easy accessibility by drivers, urban areas are more available than remote areas, just like it is in flights from New York to Los Angeles than flights from Kansas City to Reno. That is why getting the best rate and quick delivery for door-to-door transport is possible on popularly traveled routes.  

6. Season of the year

An increase in demand during certain seasons can lead to an increase in price on similar routes since even carriers also go on holidays. For instance, booking for car shipping before Thanksgiving or Christmas can pose a lot of challenges, and expensive to schedule.

Normally, this happens during major holidays such as Memorial Day, New Year’s, July 4th, Valentine’s Days, and Labor Day. Availability in certain parts of the country like Texas, California, and Florida can be affected by hurricane season or seasonal floods.

7. Dates/speed of delivery

The cost of express auto transport is 30% higher than normal car delivery using door-to-door service. Your preference will be ascertained by a shipping company that offers express or expedited shipping such as: 

  • An exact Pick-up Date,
  • An exact Drop-off Date,
  • A sure number of days from pick-up to drop-off

The Average Car Shipping Cost

Your shipping rates can vary from $500 for short interstate shipping to $1,500 for long cross-country shipping, even though several factors determine costs. Shipping a car to another country will attract a higher average cost. The size of your car will also contribute to the average shipping cost calculation.

For example, shipping sedans to Florida from New York will average between $650 and $850. Shipping SUVs, vans, and Pickup trucks by the same company will cost between $800 and $1,100 at the same distance.  

Average car shipping cost: General

Average car shipping cost General



East Coast to West Coast


Midwest to West Coast


South to North


Midwest to East Coast


Average car shipping cost: SUV or truck

Average car shipping cost SUV or truck



East Coast to West Coast


Midwest to West Coast


South to North


Midwest to East Coast



How much does it cost to ship a car?

You will need about $710 as an average cost to ship a car on an open trailer while an enclosed trailer will cost about $400 more. Shipping type, vehicle size, and distance also affect the shipping cost. Shipping a car is more affordable on the open trailer. 

What method is the cheapest to ship a car?

The cheapest car shipping method is through the open-air trailer. Carriers of open car shipping will pick up the car and haul it safely to its destination. You can get this option with most uShip carriers. 

What is the average price per mile cost to ship a car?

The price per mile for car shipping is about $1.30 or $138 for every 100 miles traveled. Check our best car shipping companies to know more about shippers with the cheapest car shipping rates. 

How much is the cost of car shipping per 100 miles?

The cost per mile for car shipping is $1 for 1 to 500 miles. This means that 450-mile shipping would cost $450. Longer distance attracts lower prices. Which implies that 1000 miles of car shipping cost to $0.75 per mile or $750

Is the shipping company the determinant of car transport costs?

Yes. Car shipping costs are determined by the company. The companies consider factors like distance, shipping type, condition of the vehicle, and season of shipping before they determine costs.

How much will I spend to ship a car from Los Angeles to Miami?

Shipping a car from Los Angeles to Miami costs approximately $1,270 on average. The shipping cost is affected by distance, so it cost more to move cross country than a 150 miles journey. 

How much is the cost to ship a car from Memphis to Chicago?

Shipping a car to Chicago Memphis is around an average of $740. Carriers will spend an average of 3 days on the trip, but most vehicle transport companies express shipping for an extra fee. 

What does it cost as an average to ship a car on an open-air carrier?

Shipping a car using an open-air carrier on average will cost around $710. Cross country transport costs more than $1,000, while shipping on 150 miles costs an average of $360

Is car shipping so expensive?

Each company will determine your overall car shipping cost but the most affordable car shipper will charge you an average of $790, while over $1,050 will be charged by a more expensive shipper. 


Shipping cars domestically costs between $500 and $1,500. The cheapest option, however, will be to ship from terminal to terminal on an open-air carrier. It is normal to be afraid of the lowest car shipping offer you received as it may be a trap. Most companies that offer too low rates usually have hidden fees or partners with the cheapest truck rental providers who don’t possess much or any qualities. Be sure to ask each shipper about any available discount so you can benefit from it to reduce the hefty cost. You surely can get affordable vehicle transport when you have the right mindset. 

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