Best Way to Move Across Country in 2021’s

Sorting out the best way to move across the country isn’t easy. Follow our guide and you’ll be ready to plan your cross-country move in no time.
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Best Way to Move Across Country in 2021's?
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No matter where you’re relocating to, it can be a whole lot of work. But, if you’re moving cross-country, then you will find that there are a lot of different ways in which you can do things. It can be really overwhelming, so planning is absolutely necessary. So, what is the best way to move across the country in the first place? What sorts of things do you need to do in order to sort it all out? And how can you make the process less stressful?

Our guide is here to provide you with the tips you need so that your cross-country move is a little less overwhelming.

What Steps Should You Take When Getting Ready to Move Across Country?

Before you actually settle in and move, you want to be sure that you prepare yourself as much as possible. Here are some of the things that you want to do before you move.

Learn as much as you can about your new location

Where are you headed? You don’t just want to pack up and move to a random city that you don’t know anything about. Dive into what you need to know and be sure that you’re moving somewhere that is right for you.

Be sure that your job can cover the new cost of living for the area you’re moving to

If you have a job opportunity (or you have a location-independent job that is going with you), then you want to be sure that you compare your salary with the cost of living in that area. Will you be able to afford the change, or is it going to cause financial stress on you and your family?

Put together a reasonable budget for the best way to move across country

We’ll talk more in detail about this in the next section, but you want to be certain that you have a reasonable budget for your move. Put money aside and overestimate to ensure that you will be able to pay for everything.

Explore schools and other family things in the area

If you have kids, you want to look into the local school districts and family activities in the area. Are there regular events for families? What are the parks like? And are the school districts going to prepare them for life after school?  

Hire movers as soon as you have dates

As soon as you know where you’re headed and about when you want to complete your move by, you want to start searching for a moving company that can assist you.

Change of address concerns

As soon as you have a new home address or PO Box set up in your new city, you want to start putting in for a change of address information. Put one in with the USPS, and then.

How Do I Put Together My Moving Budget?

Cost is a big part of the cross-country moving process, and you want to be ready for pretty much anything that may come along with it. Putting together a moving budget that is flexible will make it less of a burden in the long run. Here are some of the things you need to consider.

1. Distance of the move

The distance is one of the biggest things that your moving company is going to use when it comes to sorting out how much you’ll pay, and you want to use that information to your advantage as well. The further it is, the more it’s going to cost.

2. Approximate size of the truck you’ll need

How much stuff are you going to be bringing with you? Do you have a lot of large items, like furniture? Or are you mostly dealing with boxes? If you need more than a 28-foot truck, you’ll have to find a company that has CDL licensed drivers, which is going to cost more per mile than it would otherwise.

3. Moving company rates

Moving company rates for long-distance are typically an equation that involves both distance and the weight of the truck you’re taking with you. Get several quotes from different companies and feel free to ask them how they came to those numbers – they’ll be open with you and you’ll be ready to put together a reasonable budget with them.

4. Any storage costs

Are you going to need to store items for any amount of time? Storage units are typically a bit of cash, and you want to include them in your budget. If you think you’ll need to store stuff, talk to your moving company – they may have a reduced rate associated with hiring them for your move and storage. Or, you may want to consider a moving pod, which you can keep on your property for storage.

5. Packing supplies

Packing supplies are another must. This isn’t just about boxes, either. You’re going to need items like tape, scissors, permanent markers, and labels. If you have fragile items, you may need to buy filler for the boxes, or you may be renting things like moving blankets to protect your furniture. Include all of your packing supplies when you put a budget together.

6. Transportation costs

How are you getting there? Are you going to have to buy plane tickets and meet the movers at your new place? Are you going to be driving with the movers in your own vehicle? What about a potential hotel, gas, and food costs? These all need to be added to your budget before you make a decision so that you don’t end up spending more than you can afford.

Choosing Your Cross-Country Moving Company

Choosing a great cross-country moving company is the best way to move across the country without a lot of hassle. Here are a few of the things that you want to keep your eyes peeled for during your search.

Look for Experience

Experience is everything. Has the company in question ever done a long-distance move before, or is this going to be the first time they do it? How do they train their team and, if you have special requirements, can they fulfill them properly? Obviously, the whole team may have different levels of experience, but you want to look for some level of experience.

Good Online Ratings

Look for a company that is known for its quality and service. Look around at websites and check out reviews so that you can see what other people think of the company and what they offer. 

Know What You Need

Different moving companies are going to have different sorts of services that they offer. If you are clear with what you need in regards to packing and moving services, then you can look for those services and make sure you only get quotes from companies that offer them.

Compare Costs

Comparing costs is an essential part of shopping for cross-country movers. You want to be sure that they fit in your budget, but you don’t want to go too cheap or you could end up with a lower-quality option than you deserve to have.


How quickly do they answer your questions or tell you about changes? Are they good at explaining things to you and your family, or do they just get frustrated? You want to work with a company that is good at communicating with its customers because the moving experience will be simpler and more enjoyable as a result.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a cross-country move?

It depends on the company that you’re working with. In most instances, a cross-country move is a long-distance move (100 miles or more from the starting point) that is at least 2 states away. Some companies will charge you differently for them, others won’t. Talk with the long-distance moving company you’re considering and see what they have to say about cross-country moves.

Could I do everything for my move on my own?

You could, but unless you’re getting rid of a lot of stuff, hiring a moving company is the best way to move across the country. They can figure out logistics and they have the tools and training to take care of everything easily and with as little stress for you as possible. Plus, it will give you more time and energy to deal with the other logistics related to your move, like getting ready for your new job or finding a home.

How should I schedule my move effectively?

As soon as you know when you’re going, you want to be sure that you get things in order, including your moving company schedule. The sooner that you schedule your cross-country move, the easier it will be and the fewer stressors you’ll be dealing with as a result.

Get Ready for a Moving Adventure

Moving cross-country is a huge adventure, and if you take the time to really find the best way to move across the country, then you’re going to have a lot less stress related to it. Do some research and get yourself prepared. If you start now, you will be more than ready when moving day comes along.

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