What Are The Best Ways To Pack Clothes For A Move

When it comes to moving day, we all have too many clothes! Here are some tips to help you reduce the amount of space your clothes use during packing.
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Best Ways To Pack Clothes For A Move
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With so many plans to make before making a move, packing your clothes properly might be one of the last things you would think about doing in all of your brain-racking thoughts.

You would probably just want to get your clothes into a bag, box or any material you have and just move out but you need to take a pause and think.

You shouldn’t have any trouble if your clothes are not so much, but if you have so many clothes, congratulations! You have just created more work for yourself, but we are here to help you with some of the best and smartest ways to pack all your clothes for a move.

In this piece, you will find carefully gathered tips and tricks that can help you from experts on how to pack your clothes. What you will see featured on this website are procedures explaining the process from start to finish. Some of what to expect are things to do even before packing and the best ways.

The solution to your disturbing ‘how-to-pack-clothes’ questions

Things to note before packing

Before we dive right into packing your clothes, we need to understand some prerequisites, so we do not get frustrated trying to work out a way to pack. Here goes.

Know everything you have

This is one thing a lot really don’t pay attention to. You would probably just walk up to your closet and see a lot of clothes and end up saying, ‘oh I have a lot of clothes’ without actually knowing the number. For a start, it is best you try to know how many clothes you have.

Remember, your closet is your go-to place for things like this, and you have to make sure you take a closer long look at every other accessory in your closet like the bags, shoes, hats and so much more.

From the assessment done and the stock was taken, you should be able to come up with useful information on some of the things you will need and some of the things you will not be needing.

You can sell off what you need to sell off, and keep what needs to remain. If you have folded aby clothes, you can simply place it on a table or bed where you can see them and take stock.

Take the bold step to categorize your stuff

This is something you really need to do after you have taken an inventory of all you possess. You would be shocked at the number of things you might have to dispose of.

As humans, we oftentimes feel a certain sense of connection with some of our items that even though we do not use them, we still will not want to throw them away. That is why you need to take that big, bold step to decide to categorize your items according to their places.

The first category you should consider splitting your belongings into should be the ‘retaining category.’ These are items you would love to keep and are still very much useful.

These cloth items are excellent to follow you into your new home; they can be packed and will be relevant when you need them. The second category should be those you put up for ‘yard sale.’

These clothes are also still good, but you might have outgrown some, gotten tired of others, or just want to do away with them. These are the types you need to get.

The final category should be ‘disposable clothes.’ Obviously, they are the cloth items you want to throw away. These are clothes that are not so good for wearing anymore, they cannot be given to anyone, and they can also not be sold.

You might be so shocked at how much of disposable clothes you would have. Following this process with your heart helps to ensure that you have a better view of your closet.

You can also use the purging process to see what new items you need to shop for when you get to your new home.

Let us not forget that we might still have those clothes that we are a bit sentimentally attached to, not to worry there is something you can do.

Once you have gotten all those clothes together, you can store them in a way that you can always see them. Some of those sentimental dresses might be your wedding dress, some classic and vintage clothes. All those cloth items spark up certain memories, and you sure don’t want to lose them.

Wash and keep the clothes dry

This is the final thing you need to do. Make sure you wash and dry clean your clothes, so you don’t have to take dirty clothes in your new house. Make sure you wash and thoroughly clean everything you don’t mix them up and have them all smelling funny.

If you are also one of those that hate to see mildew on clothes, then you are advised to do the needful. Don’t try to take in damp clothes to your batch of clothes.

It would make more sense to go ahead with dry them first. This is where proper planning and early arrangements take place.

The Best Way to Pack Your Clothes

Section your clothes

After the aforementioned things must have been put in place, it is now time for you to start packing your clothes in preparation for the move.

Just as early preparation is required in the entire process of the packing, it is also important that you plan early the packing by sectioning the clothes into seasonal clothes too.

Even before the slightest sign of winter, you should already have gotten the clothes you would wear at that time ready.

In the same way, you can gather clothes you know you will not be using within two to four months of your moving separately. This way, you will have more time and headroom to think and do another thing.

Remember, moisture is bound to set in, so as a smart option, you should prevent your things from moisture and ultimately mildew.

More importantly, it is for you to label all of the items properly so that you do not start scattering the boxes you have carefully arranged for long hours. Once you move to your new home, you can simply just take the items to a place meant for long term items.

Create a box to hold the things you need in the first week

This is an excellent hack that can save you a great amount of stress, and it is oftentimes underrated by a lot of people. To do your job easily, you should get a box to arrange your property neatly for the first weeks, or the first few weeks you will be staying in the camp.

If you have more than one family member, you all should have a moving box you will need that will not only be used for the clothes you need to wear but also some of the other essentials like soap, toothpaste among others.

Use any hack suitable for your type of clothes

Here, you are going to be learning how to pack your clothes with some simple hacks. There are different types of moving boxes made, especially for clothes. We would be listing a few, and you should kindly select the one that settles with you the most.

Heavy clothes in small boxes

If you have very heavy clothes, it would not be wise for you to stack them all together with a large box, you will only give yourself two times the stress. What you should do instead is to try to get small boxes. When you can place your clothes in little rations, it makes it easy to carry.

Leave clothes in their drawers

Now, this is an excellent hack you might also not readily think about. Instead of moving your things up and about and scattering the entire house.

After taking an inventory of all the items you have, then you can nicely fold back all the items into the drawer, and when it is time to move your wardrobe, they are taken along to save you more space.

Although, one thing you should know is that it is usually better for moving professionals to help you with this task as the wardrobe will be heavier.it is best to leave it for them to do since everything would have been factored into your moving quotes.

Use the vacuum seal method

The vacuum seal method is the most ideal for cloth items you know you will no longer wear for a respectable number of months or weeks. Anywhere you want to keep your clothes must be properly aerated, so you can save space and speed.

Get wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes

You also need to ask them if they have special boxes to help you back your hanging clothes. In the same way, there are garment racks you can use to arrange your clothes properly and to move them neatly.

Use the luggage method

With the luggage method, you can pack your clothes in a way that seems like you are leaving for a vacation. You will have to fold your clothes into very small pieces such that they can fit into the suitcase.

Use your clothing to wrap breakables

To save space and also protect your most delicate and fragile items, you can use your clothes to act as a cushion or shock absorber. This can also be used to help you save the money intended to be used for bubble wrap.

Here’s a simple hack, if you have knee-high socks, you can pack stemware and glasses tightly. Remember we asked you to categorize some of your belongings? Now you can use some of the clothes you intend to throw away to wrap your glasses and stemware.

A quick run-through of some of the types of clothes you can use for different wrapping needs. You can use your pant legs for long items, use your shirt for wide plates.

You can also blanket in place of bubble wrap. You can get creative according to how the situation demands. It is all up to you to determine what is best but make sure they protect your items well.

Use other regular boxes

If you are hiring a full service cross country moving company, then you are at the luxury of having regular boxes, a lot of them, at your disposal. They will be used to pack your clothes, and apart from the regular boxes, you will also get some special boxes to be used for special items.

If you are moving on your own, you can also get boxes from anywhere. You can check the grocery store, wine shops and a whole lot of other people.

Only make sure that you also label each of the boxes you use. And this time it is advisable you use clear tape to cover the label so that moisture doesn’t destroy it on the day of moving if rain falls.

Do not fall for the temptation of wanting to stack a lot of things inside a big box. When the box gets too full, it becomes harder to carry, and the items in it can fall off from the bottom.


These are some of the tips and tricks you can use in packing your clothes for a successful move. It would be very good for you to this list and see how well you are able to save time and money trying to pack for your move. This list is not exhaustive but we make sure we try to provide on the best tips for you to try. All the tips provided are tested and guaranteed.

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