Closet Organization Ideas and Storage Tips

Professional interstate moving companies are organization experts. Here our pros share their space saving tips & tricks for the most organized closet space ever.
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Closet Organization Ideas and Storage Tips
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Nothing is more satisfying than a clean, organized, and new closet.

If you’re like most new homeowners, one of the deciding factors for purchasing your new home was, most likely, the closet. The size, the shape, the location- your new home includes your new, dream closet, and the last thing you want it to be is messy.

The best interstate moving companies will help you get all of your closet items to your new home in your new state, but once everything is unpacked, the organization part is up to you.

Let your new closet be like a fresh, clean, slate. Leave no shirt unhung, no pants unfolded, and no shelf unorganized, with these useful tips and tricks.

How do you organize clothes on shelves?

Shelves might be one of the most poorly used and aggravating parts of your closet. Is there even a way to keep everything stacked without falling?

You chose this incredible closet because of its endless storage capabilities, but all those shelves seem hopeless. The good news is that your closet is already cleaned and empty, so that’s one less thing for you to do.

After that, there are several ways to organize your shelves, so you can store your clothes with ease.

1. Decide what clothes you want on the shelves.

Some things belong on shelves, others don’t. Denim, bulky items such as sweaters, purses, shoes, and old t-shirts are reasonable items to be stored on shelves 

2. Stack denim and oversized sweaters.

Stacking these large items instead of hanging them is a huge space saver for your closet. In addition, they stack nicely because they are bulky and heavier, which means they won’t fall over or wrinkle too easily.

3. Roll away. 

If you’ve never tried rolling a T-shirt, you don’t know what you’re missing. It is significantly easier than folding one, and truthfully it looks better too. Roll oddly shaped items such as undergarments, workout clothes, and pajamas. Then place storage bins on shelves to store. 

4. Shoes, meet shelves.

Keep the clutter off the floor and store shoes on shelves instead. This keeps your pairs of shoes together and is much easier to grab them than hiding under t=your clothes, behind everything else, on the floor. 

5. Use them as a display.

You can also think of the shelves in your closet as your very own display case. Place only your favorite items, and the ones you want to display on shelves, for a de-cluttered and truly aesthetically pleasing closet.

How do you organize clothes on hangers?

The closet – where clothes are meant to be hung. The problem is, all those clothes, even on hangers, still, make your closet seem messy and unorganized.

Believe it or not, there is a method of hanging clothes in the closet in order to maximize storage and organization.

1.Sort your clothes by category.

No matter how they get hung in the end, to make your closet the most efficient, store dress shirts with dress shirts dresses in dresses, and so on. This not only makes your closet look more put together but also helps you pick out your clothes with ease. 

2. Know what to hang. 

As a rule of thumb, in addition to the things you already know to hang; shirts, dress blouses. You should also hang anything delicate or fancy. It only makes sense, you wouldn’t want that silk gown to wrinkle when folded. 

3. Coordinate by a hanger. 

Unless you’re a super-organizer already, chances are you have a wide variety of hanger styles/ colors in your closet. One of the easiest ways to make your closet look more organized is by putting like hangers together. 

4. Coordinate by color.

Once you’ve got your hangers sorted, give your clothes a try as well. Hanging your clothes by color is one of the easiest ways to create a beautiful closet space. Your clothes in a rainbow pattern will make your closet seem designer status. Not to mention, it is significantly easier to find certain pieces when they’re sorted by color. 

5. Hang scarves, belts, and jewelry

Any loose and instructed items such as scarves and belts should always be hung. This keeps them from getting wrinkled, lost, or tangled. Hanging scarves can also double as a visual aesthetic for your closet.

Extra hangers? No problem. Another factor that can make your closet look extremely unorganized is spare hangers. Although you might feel like you’re always searching for an extra hanger, leaving them lying around just looks lazy.

Instead, keep all extra hangers together, in one spot. You can also try organizing hangers in a storage box, adding more curtain rods, and/or using a PVC pipe hanger caddy.

What is the best way to organize shoes?

Shoe love is true love, and if you love your shoes, organize them. Your shoes are bulky enough as it is, plus there are plenty of them.

If not arranged properly, shoes can quickly make your close look like an unorganized disaster. Fortunately, there are more ways than one to organize them.

1. Never leave them on the floor. 

No matter how many times you might try to organize your shoes on the floor, they will eventually turn into a massive shoe-pile. This is a big closet no-no. Whoever thought it as a good idea to leave them on the floor anyway? 

2. Never use wire racks.

If you’ve ever tried using those wire or metal floor organizers, then you know they just don’t work. They don’t stay in place, and your shoes seem to fall off constantly. The ideal way to store shoes is in individual compartments/ shelves, with one pair to a shelf. 

3. Sort by type, category, or color.

It’s your closet, so organize it the way that suits you best. One way is to organize by type. That is, put heels with heels, boots with boots, and so on.

Another option (and perhaps the most recommended) is to organize by category. Sort your shoes into two categories: those you wear often, and those you don’t. The shoes you wear most often should always be stored in the front and center.

Make sure they are the most accessible. For shoes, you wear less often, and especially seasonal shoes, such as boots, think of storing them up and away. Summer shoes can go towards the top shelves and fall and winter shoes can go towards the bottom.

Or perhaps you like things colorful. Organizing your shoes by color is always a good option. It makes your closet look as organized as it does look like an artistic arrangement. 

4. Boxes, bins, and baskets.

There is nothing more organized than a simple box. If you like things ultra-organized, using clear boxes with lids is a great way to store your shoes. This way, every pair has a home, and you can still easily see which pair is in the box for easy access. Otherwise, any type of box or basket looks better than the alternative- a shoe heap.

Lastly, it is important to know a few other tricks of the trade. When it comes to boots, store them upright to prevent them from sinking and sagging, and causing crease marks. For flats, use a hanging closet organizer, and for flip flops, definitely use the old wire hanger trick. There’s no doubt, your shoes have never looked better.

What is the best way to organize your closet?

The best way to organize your closet is your way of course. These days, a closet is less just storage space and more so another ‘room’ to organize and decorate. All the decoration you need, however, is your clothes.

Let your closet space be as creative and original as your wardrobe with these unique organization hacks.

1. Style it

Again, your closet should be an expression of you. If you want your clothes to feel fresh and new, your closet should be exciting.

Try adding wallpaper, art, and other wall hangings for a bit of pizzazz. This will make your closet feel more like a fashion show, and make you excited to get dressed each morning.

2. Invest in a full-length mirror 

The only way to really get dressed in the morning is from head to toe. A full-length mirror ensures that you’re styled from head to toe and simply makes your closet look bigger.

3. Add a chair

A chair is yet another simple piece that adds style to your closet, while also being functional. No more having to balance on one leg while strapping those heels on. A chair in the closet means you always have a place to sit down and strap on those shoes.

4. Get creative

Sometimes the best way to organize your closet is by doing things you would never think of. Purses are great to display. Add a pop of color by placing them on a shelf.

If your closet is big enough, you can also try adding a vanity. This helps keep your jewelry in one place so that you can truly put together a complete look, jewelry and all.

It is also helpful to use office organizers in the closet, because why not? Things like dividers, magazine holders, tacks and push pins, give you endless organization and storage possibilities.

5. Organize efficiently

Your closet should be an expression of you. It should also make your life easier for all those days you hit the snooze button too many times.

When it comes to organizing your closet, be thoughtful. Many people prefer to organize their closet in the order that they get ready, which helps them get dressed in a flash.

If you’re a planner and you like to choose your outfit the night before, use a sewing mannequin to display your outfit the night before. This is a unique, yet stylish touch.

How do you organize a small closet?

Don’t let a small closet be an excuse to have a messy one. In fact, small closets should be more than organized since there’s less space to have to worry about. But we all know this isn’t the case.

Those with small closets often just run out of space to even organize their stuff in the first place. Fortunately, there are some incredible space savers that can save any small closet from a messy malfunction.

1. Add extension rods

Just because your closet only came with three tension rods, doesn’t mean that’s all you get. Extension rods are cheap and easy to install. Add as many as you can to your small closet for maximum space. 

2. Use shelf dividers 

Shelf dividers allow you to store more clothes on a shelf, more efficiently. 

3. Use under shelf baskets 

When it comes to a tiny closet, there’s nothing that won’t work, so the more bins, baskets, and organizers you can find, use them.

4. Hooks on hooks 

In a small closet, hooks are your best friends. Immediately add more space anywhere in your closet with hooks. Remove bulky jackets from the hangers, which are just taking up too much space in your closet. Try placing hats on hooks to make a cute display. 

5. Utilize every space 

Whether this is behind the door or in the corner, you’d be surprised by how much space you do have, even in a tiny closet. Use an over the door hanger to store items behind the closet door. You can also install corner shelves to maximize those corner spaces. 

6. Stack everything

Stacking is an excellent way to fit the most stuff into the smallest spaces. Stack shoes, inside out (out of boxes), stack denim, stack bulky items, stack suitcases. The stack is the go-to method for creating a clean, organized closet, where stuff isn’t constantly falling out of place. 

7. Double- up 

Did you know you can actually store several clothing items on the same hanger? Placing a simple soda can pop tab over a hanger, instantly transforms it into a double or triple hanger to hold more clothing in less space.

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