Hiring A Full-Service Moving Company Vs Renting A Truck

Full-Service Company Vs Renting A Truck

After making that big decision to move from your current home to a new place, you are left with two choices just as everyone else. You are to decide between either moving with a full-service company or to DIY. Doing it yourself requires that you rent a truck and sometimes, just labor to assist you with the packing, while a full moving company service will handle everything for you.

Apparently, renting trucks would seem like a cheaper option for you but you should consider other factors attached to it like the stress and time of completion. The same way you must also consider the perks and downsides of hiring a full service moving company. However, for different people, the ideal service depends on their needs. Full service might apply to your neighbor but not to you. So here are some of the essentials.

What moving your self would feel like?

Moving by yourself could be in two folds. You could either be moving with your own car to your new home (especially if the place is not far away), or you can move with the help of a rented truck. You need to understand that moving requires a lot of determination, and sometimes experience, so if you can do it yourself, try it out, but it can seem very daunting if you are left alone to do it without any help from anyone.

Pros of renting a truck to DIY

You have better control of your belongings

When you hire a truck to do your moving, you will have better command and control over your belongings. You will have less to worry about when it comes to seeing the condition your belongings were placed. Remember, you are the one that arranged them in the first place, so you will know where you kept each of the items you have. It doesn’t matter whether it is boxes of kitchen utensils or your favorite clothes. You will always know where you keep them. This way you are rest assured that nothing can go missing, and if anything does, you have no one but yourself to blame for it.

You get to save some bucks

Most times, this is the major reason why people engage in DIY moving services because they get to save a good amount by just doing it themselves. Sometimes, it is not always true that you are doing it yourself to reduce the cost alone, you might also be on a very tight budget. So if you have a small move to do you should consider renting a truck.

If you want to compare services, then try comparing a rental service with a moving company just a few meters away. You will notice that the total amount of money that would be spent when you hire a full service moving company is far expensive compared to a truck rental service. The truth is that you can actually save thousands if you hire a truck rental company. With an efficient truck rental service company like U-Hauls, you will be given the opportunity to add some extra services for just a token.

You’re entitled to pack any way you want

The beauty of packing yourself or renting your own truck is that you do not have to worry about how you pack. You can pack in whatever way you want. If you hire movers, they will be keen on how well the boxes are taped, or how well you are able to have been able to fit the items into a box. Any way you pack it is the same way you will meet them when you get to your destination.

Whatever the shape of the item is, you can pack it however you want. It doesn’t matter if it is odd looking or carefully packed, the issue is to have it packed, and that is exactly what you get with a truck rental service company. You can also pack everything together all at once in one place at one go. Once everything is packed into the moving truck, you are all set to go.

You can do things at your pace

When you hire some moving companies, they charge you by the hour and this can add up to a lot at after your packing has been completed. But with a moving company, you will be able to have control over the time and pace used to pack all your belongings without having to worry about packing late of spending too much time. Once you are not able to pack all your items on that day, you can leave the rest of the items till the next day. Essentially, you can be done in a day if you are able to have extra hands help you out during the packing process.

Cons of renting a truck to DIY

Sufficient planning

Although you need to make plans when you are trying to hire a full service moving company too, the amount of planning to be done on a truck rental service far outweighs that of a full service moving company. You will realize the magnitude of what you have to do when you have to organize your entire household items. There are lots of logistics that would have to be figured and sorted out before you can have a successful move.

You will be left with a lot of choices to make, thinking about what method would be the best for you to adopt. You will also have to figure how to get the items into the rented trucks yourself, and how to arrange them, what items go in first or last, and a whole lot of other things.

You have to lift heavy things yourself

Well, a bonus that comes with full service moving companies is the labor to help move all your stuff in an orderly and timely manner. But when you rent trucks, you only get trucks. You are left with the duty of moving all your things alone or with a couple of your friends (if they don’t end up disappointing you).

Even if you have great friends that can help you with the task, they might not be experienced to move things up and down the stairs. Another problem you might face if your friends are not experienced enough is that you might scratch the walls and even damage some items because of the movement.

What hiring a full service moving company would feel like?

Well, this should see, as the best option for you. Professional full service moving companies can handle anything you need to move. In fact, they can move everything while all you have to do is sit and watch. They will do a clean job, but you have to understand that it will not be at the same price level as a rental company, but in the end, you will have no stress in moving.

Pros of hiring a full service moving company

Enjoy the moment without literally doing anything

This is where the fun part is. After paying a good amount of dollars to the moving company of your choice, you literally have to sit back and watch them work. All the heavy lifting and boxing will be left to the professionals to handle themselves. You just have to make sure you hire a reputable company, and your moving needs will be met.

With a professional company, you don’t have to worry about moving your couch, moving your heavy things and antique materials, leave all that to the professionals and they will do a clean job for you. You don’t have to worry about calling your friends to help, or bothering about taking your pet to a place they can stay while you worry about moving the items. The only task you will be given is to tell the professionals where to put stuff.


While you and your friends might be struggling with how to move certain items, you will find it easier to move when you hire professionals to get the job done. They have the technology to help you move your items. They are also well experienced enough to move through stairs and make sure they do not damage the wall and paint in your home.


Insurance only applies to certain professional companies, so if you want to have the best experience, make sure you look for a moving company that has insurance. With insurance, you can be sure that if your items are broken or damaged they will be replaced as opposed to you handling things by yourself. If any item gets broken while you move your things, you are left on your own and left to cater for the loss yourself.


Let us make the picture clear. You must hire a professional company to enjoy all of these benefits! That said, you are guaranteed the most efficient process with a professional moving company. Instead of being at the mercy of your friends that can disappoint you at any time, you are sure you receive the service you paid for with a moving company. They will bring all the supplies and equipment needed to make the move a smooth one.

Cons of hiring a full-service company


This should be no news to you by now. Most professional moving companies available are not cheap. You will have to save well and pay well to have your services delivered to you. With professional moving companies, it really doesn’t matter if you are moving a few blocks away, you will still pay the price you are meant to pay. So they can be a little bit overpriced for anyone looking for cheap services.

No Relationship

The thing with moving companies is that you do not know them at all most times. They might just be a company you stumbled upon over the internet and decided to give a trial. You will be entrusting all your belongings into the hands of total strangers. This might be something hard for you to do if you have trust issues. It always becomes worse when you hire an unprofessional company, you might end up losing all your household items without a single trace.

However, it is very important that you sit down and have your calculations done properly. Make sure you have a good understanding of the profile and the nature of the company you wish to choose. Check out their ratings, read the reviews and customer feedback. Try to see how much experience they have, and a lot of other things.

A good tip would be for you to make sure you hire licensed and insured moving companies. Check out their profile and be sure they have the things they claim they have. Just make sure that you do the needful so you do not fall prey into the wrong hands. If you do not take precaution, you might end up in regrets.

Less control over the situation

After selecting a reputable company to help move your stuff, you are left at their mercy. You have to wait for their time, work with them when they want. Sometimes, due to multiple stops, they might delay your belongings even if they are the best cross country movers or local movers. If you are the type that just likes to have command and control over the items you possess, then hiring a professional moving company might not be the best option for you. Try the alternative.

In conclusion

We understand what it means for you to move to a new home and we want it to be as excellent as possible. The guide above explains how you can make good use of either a rental truck or a full-service company. With the information provided, you should be able to make an informed choice on your next move.

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