Guide to Effortless State to State Move

The best expert moving tips to help ensure that your interstate move is a comfortable and affordable experience.
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Guide to Effortless Move
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You are moving to another state, and the thought of the upcoming move makes you nervous and even overwhelmed.

You may be relocating to the next state to your current location, or you may be moving to a state located in the other part of the country. Regardless of the distance, a state-to-state move is never easy, and so you should take it more seriously. 

Fortunately, even though the move is not easy on anyone, there are certain means to pack and unpack quickly, reduce the level of effort, and greatly make the process run smoothly than it normally can.

This sounds great to you, right? Try the following moving hacks for yourself and find out creative ways to improve your state to state move.

Avoid DIY Risks

Because of the much distance of the move, an interstate move is not the best time to put out your self-relocating abilities to test.

You may be sure that you are in control and can pull it off by yourself all because you’ve once moved a house, and so the experience is giving you much courage.

However, moving to another part of the country with no professional support is risky, especially financially wise because of the hidden costs and expenses associated with DIY moving. Remember to consider property damage or possible personal injury during a DIY move to another state.

Stick to a Moving Checklist

Proper planning and time management are two important conditions for having a hitch-free and stress-free state to state move.

Therefore, it is very important to begin the moving preparation as early as possible for you and more importantly, to schedule the tasks and plan your time in the best way possible.

Follow our ultimate out of state moving checklist to ensure you don’t miss any important jobs and complete all of the moving-related tasks before the moving day.

As you continue to complete those small tasks, you will have your motivation and satisfaction increased while reducing the stress-free moving.

Remember the Moving Distance

Many important factors will affect your moving cost and the amount of difficulty presented by your out of state move. Those factors include the overall weight of items you plan to move, the additional moving services you required, and the moving company you hire as well as the distance of the move to the new home.

However, the only factor that cannot be made to work for you is the moving distance as it is constant, fixed, and cannot be changed.

This nature of the distance will force you into looking inward for ways to lower your moving expenses and put in small efforts when relocating to another state.

Set your Budget

Moving can be costly, and you don’t want any cost-increasing surprise at the end of the move. Use our online moving cost calculator and determine the cost to expect to pay on your move.

Choose a Trustworthy State to State Mover

It isn’t easy to find a good moving company, but we are here for you. We put together a list of the best state to state moving companies.

Also, consider these pieces of advice when searching for a mover: 

  • Obtain many quotes: Moving companies offer different pricing, so make sure you make a price comparison.
  • Research your moving company: Check insurance, licenses, and many more.
  • Go through paperwork: You would be wrong to assume that all movers offer similar services. Ensure you go through each moving quote perfectly and understand the mover’s responsibilities.

Decide on your Furniture

One certain thing is that moving your household goods to another state will be costly. Packing and moving your clothes should not get you disturbed in any way, but you need to worry about your furniture.

It is normal that mostly every furniture items are bulky, oddly shaped, oversized, and too heavy to be underrated during an interstate move.

Make sure you are strict and truthful to yourself when moving your furniture to another state as every additional piece of furniture you move with you will cost you more money.

In most cases, leaving your furniture behind and purchasing new ones later after the move is cheaper than transporting huge furniture pieces several thousands of miles to another part of the country.

Reduce Moving Costs

Right now, you should know that using the services of a professional mover is the best way to relocate to a new state. And now that you know exactly how to find a trustworthy and reputable cross country moving companies for your interstate move, you now need to know more about the real cost of moving to another state.

What is the cost to move out of one state into another state? Our moving calculator is available for use, so you can obtain price quotes from leading out of state moving companies and make a comparison of moving cost estimates to select the best moving offer using price and conditions.

Plan your Packing Supplies Properly

Our packing calculator, when used, will give you clarity on how much packing supplies you will need. This will also ensure you get the materials you need the first time you enter the store.

Make an Inventory List

Whether you decide to rent a truck or hire a full-service moving company, you will want to know the number of items you are moving to your new home. A lot of moving services are charged based on the number of your goods.

A larger move attracts higher costs. Most companies like to know in advance the things you plan on moving. With an inventory list, you will be organized and also make it easy for you to obtain moving estimates quickly. Just make sure your mover is up to date on any major changes to the items list.

Declutter your Home

Our interstate moving tips will never exclude the major advice you can get when moving to another state: dispose of all items you don’t need before you start packing. It is very simple; moving fewer items to your new state home will enable you to save more money on transportation costs because the shipment weight will be reduced.

What way is the cheapest to relocate out of state? List your entire household and sort through your household goods one after the other. Be ruthless with your decision on what to leave and take with you since your money is on the line here.

Start Packing Early

Packing is always a time-consuming task no matter how early you plan it, and a moving company gets more frustrated when customers are not ready on a moving day. Also, they may charge you for delaying them on a moving day. Start packing early to save yourself the stress.

Make and Follow a Packing Timeline

Moving to a new state is all about being fully prepared for the moving day. And it will be impossible to get ready if you still have boxes left to pack on a moving day.

How can you ensure that you will be able to handle the time-consuming task of the residential relocation process? Simply put, the answer is to stick to an efficient packing timeline.

A personal packing checklist will bring it to your notice to start packing for your move as early as possible. Then, your packing arrangement will ensure you avoid any costly moving mistakes or judgment errors that will slow down the pace or suspend your packing task temporarily.


Moving hacks are always about ensuring things are much easier on you. Follow the ones discussed above, and you will discover that by this time, maybe your relocation is not as bad as you expected it to be.

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