Guide to Hire the Best Car Shipper Near You

Looking to ship a car, boat, or motorcycle? There are plenty of options for doing so – here are some tips for finding the best.
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Guide to Hire the Best Car Shipper Near You - Moving APT
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So, the time has come to begin planning your big move. Your hands are going to be full during this busy time, which can be an ongoing process of several months. You’re going to have to find the right cross country moving company, pack all of your stuff up, and plenty more things you most likely don’t want to do before the big day even arrives.

What if you can’t drive your car to your new home on moving day for some reason? What if you don’t have anyone else who can drive it to your new home for you? If this is a problem you are facing, then you’re going to have one more thing to organize, which is going to be getting in touch with car shipping services to find the best one to work with your budget.

Luckily, when shipping your car domestically, you’ll have several options to choose from. Just like moving, you will have to know your budget so you can choose one of the very best car shipping companies for the job. When you know exactly what you’re working with, then you’ll just need to follow some simple advice to help you choose the best vehicle shipper for you.

Think About Protection

The first thing you should consider that is going to affect your choice, as well as the final price of the car shipping bill, is going to be the method of transport that you choose. You have two main options here to think about, and the final decision you make is what will influence just how protected your vehicle will be during the shipping process:

Open-air transportation

This is where your car is stored on a truck with other cars. They all sit on an open-air trailer heading to their destination. This is always going to be a much cheaper shipping option, no matter which vehicle shipping company you choose. You sacrifice quite a bit of protection with this option, though, potentially leaving your vehicle exposed to the weather and the elements. 

Enclosed transportation

This is the safest method of transport for your car. It protects your car from the weather, the elements, and other dangers. Your car is stored in an enclosed, locked-down trailer accessible only by the driver and company staff.

This is the best possible method of transport to choose if you care about the utmost protection for your vehicle, but you should keep in mind that it is also the most expensive option you could select. Always make sure your budget can support this more expensive choice.

Now that you know a bit about the different methods of transportation, as well as the protection that each of these methods offers, you should know how you can find the best car shipping company to suit your needs.

Finding the Right Car Shipping Company For You

There is no shortage of automobile shipping companies out there these days. Whether you’re shipping a brand new car or something you’ve had for years, finding the right car shipping service for the job is important to making sure your car arrives at its new home safely.

To that end, you’re going to need to know how to sort out the great car shipping companies from the mediocre ones. How do you tell them apart, and how do you know which companies are quality and which ones you should avoid? Let’s get you up to speed on some easy pointers that anyone can use when the time comes to ship your vehicle.

Start With Estimates

You should always start your journey looking for any company by getting estimates so you can have a good idea of what the final cost for service will be. When it comes to car shipping companies, they may have different prices for things like mileage, how heavy your car is, what type of transportation method you are choosing, and more.

You’ll want to begin by looking up car shipping companies online and identifying a few that have great reviews and positive feedback. Take note of a few of these companies, and give them a call when you’re ready. They should be able to give you a time and day when they can come out and give you an estimate for the final price of shipping your vehicle.

Once you have gotten in touch with a few shipping companies and gotten a few estimates (you should try to get at least three), you are free to choose the estimate that works best with your budget. If you have a lower budget, then choosing the car shipping company on the cheaper end of the scale is probably going to be the best option for you to choose.

Read more: how to calculate your car shipping cost 

Make Sure the Company is Reputable

You don’t want to entrust your precious car to a vehicle shipping company that nobody has heard of yet. This is why you should do plenty of research on the best vehicle shipping companies around. If you have thoroughly researched your options, then you’ll know which companies are reputable and trusted, and which ones are names no one has heard of before.

Dealing with a reputable company will give you peace of mind and confidence when having your car shipped. If it is a company plenty of people have successfully worked with in the past, then you’ll be able to know that your vehicle is going to arrive safe and sound in your new driveway.

You can even find some websites that exist to connect clients who need car shipping services with automobile shippers who can provide that service. Some of these platforms are able to help you tailor your service to your needs, so make sure you give them a look if you still don’t know which shipping company you’d like to go with.

Look at Their Price Tags

You should be able to get an idea of car shippers’ pricing schemes on their websites, or even by reading stories from past customers who have shipped cars with the company before. You can also deduce some of this information just by thinking about the type of car you are trying to have shipped. Keep some of these tips in mind when it comes to thinking about the price of specific shipping companies:

  • Remember, larger and heavier vehicles will always cost more to ship. If you have a smaller car, it will cost much less to ship than a larger truck or SUV.
  • You will pay less if you are moving a shorter distance, but you will most likely be charged less per mile if you are moving a long distance.
  • If you want to get your vehicle to your new home a little faster, you’ll find that many car shipping companies offer expedited shipping for a slightly higher price tag.
  • Don’t work with any car shipping company that won’t give you a quote before beginning a job. A legit shipping company should be happy to give you an estimate before beginning work.

Avoid any vehicle shipping company that will not provide estimates, any companies that aren’t clear on their prices, and more.

Don’t Go With the First Choice, Take Some Time

You don’t have to go with the first choice you find when it comes to shipping your vehicle. You still have time to consider the shipment of your car. If your move is still several months away, give yourself some extra time to look for more shipping companies. You don’t want to make a final decision until you’re sure you found the right car shipper for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any questions on your mind, then check out some of these questions often posed by people looking for car shipping companies for the first time.

Can you leave things in your car when you ship it?

Right now, there is no law for or against keeping things in your car when having it professionally transported. You’ll have to see if the car shipping company you choose has any specific rules regarding this question, as not many shipping companies come out and say too much when it comes to rules regarding personal items being in shipped vehicles.

Do I need a title to ship my car? 

Yes, you will need the original title and registration to go with the car you plan to ship, to prove that you are the original owner. If there’s a lien currently on the title, you will also need to obtain written permission from the lien holder to legally be able to ship the car to your new home.

Is car shipping safe? 

Yes, it is usually relatively safe to ship your car. Keep in mind that enclosed shipping is still going to be your best bet if the safety of your vehicle is your main concern, though you should also remember that accidents to vehicles being shipped through open-air means are rare, so your vehicle should be safe no matter which method you choose for shipping.

Confidently Ship Your Car Anywhere

Now that you know how you can select a car shipper that will get the job done safely and efficiently, you have one more thing you can go ahead and tick off on your moving checklist. With your stuff packed up and your vehicle ready to ship, you are more than ready to get your move underway. In no time at all, you’ll be all set up at your new residence, and if you choose the best shipping company, then your car will be right there with you in no time at all.

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