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Guide To Know How To Ship A Car Direct

Are you relocating from one end of the U.S. to another? Learn how you can have your car shipped to your new location within one or two weeks.
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Guide To Know How To Ship A Car Direct
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Anyone who has ever prepared for a big move knows how big of a process they are going to have to deal with. You have to schedule everything out, sort out your belongings, pack all of your stuff up, and of course, find movers to help you with the job.

One thing you will notice on most online moving guides, however, is that all of them seem to leave out the answer to an important question: What is the easiest way to transport your vehicles during a big move?

It’s a great question and one that deserves an answer for folks with more than one vehicle that will need shipping options when they are thinking about their move. Luckily, it is easy enough to plan the shipping of your vehicle, and you will have all kinds of great car shipping companies to choose from.

How Does Car Shipping Even Work?

Shipping a car is actually quite a simple process. You’ll start by researching the various automobile shipment companies around you, learn about their pricing, and check out their reviews.

If the company sounds like one you’d like to work, with, you can get in touch with them to schedule a cost estimate and to discuss the particulars of your vehicle shipment.

You can also find online networks that help match people looking for car shipping companies with the actual shipment companies themselves, finding the best potential match for every customer.

This can be a great way to find shipping companies you might not have thought about researching previously, so making use of some of these online tools could be a great use of your time.

After you’ve found the perfect car shipping company for you and are happy with the estimate you received, you will be able to sign your business contract. Once that’s done and out of the way, you will be able to choose the pick-up time for your vehicle and agree on which time it will be picked up.

It’s as simple as that!

In-Depth: Finding the Best Car Shipping Company for Your Needs

You shouldn’t be spending long amounts of time searching for the perfect shipping company when you are planning to ship your vehicle. It should be simple, straightforward, and easy for you to find the best vehicle shipping company so you can spend less time searching around and more time getting things done for your move.

When you know the right procedure for finding car shipping companies online, then you will be able to navigate through some of the noise to find the perfect shipping company for you. Just follow a few of these simple steps to help you identify potential car shipping companies for you to think about working with when shipping your car to your new home.

1. Take advantage of online reviews

Don’t forget, online reviews are a great way to find out information on almost any business in existence. Customers who have worked with businesses in the past go to these online review platforms and write about their experiences with the companies in question to help other folks who might be thinking about working with the same company.

If you see a shipping company full of positive reviews, then it is a safe bet to assume that the company is one that does a good job, and treats its customers right.

2. Make sure they are up to date on proper licensing

Companies that transport things across the nation require certain certifications and licensing to be operating legally. Before you think about working with any car shipping company, always do your due diligence and make sure the shipping companies you look at have all of the proper qualifications to transport things across the country.

3. Make sure they are properly insured

When you trust a shipping company with your car, you want to know it is going to be protected. After all, your car is no inexpensive investment, and you want to know that you are going to be covered in the unlikely event that something happens to it during the shipping process.

Proper insurance protects both you and the shipping company should something untoward happen, so make sure any company you work with is properly insured before you sign any documents.

4. Double check on the fees and other charges

You probably have a budget in mind for shipping your car, and you want to stick as close to your budget as possible so you can save money for other things.

When working with any car shipping company, make sure you ask for information on any potential hidden fees or other charges that you might not have initially noticed.

You want to know that the moving quotes you receive is going to be the price you pay, so don’t hesitate to ask questions about your quote so you can ensure you’re not getting hit with fees you weren’t made aware of.

5. Consider the services they offer

Some car shipping companies will offer special services to encourage potential customers to work with them. Look for shipping companies who are transparent about their shipping costs, and see if they offer any special services for their customers. These services could include things like expedited shipping for faster delivery or even upgraded shipping to keep your car even safer.

When you have found a car shipping company that meets all of your requirements and is within your budget, you’re ready to get down to the nitty-gritty, and choose which shipping method you’d like to go with to have your car shipping to its new home.

How is My Car Shipped Direct?

If you’ve never shipped a car before, you may be wondering how the process actually works. There are two main methods for car shipping companies to transport vehicles. These methods include:

1. Open-air car shipping

This method of vehicle shipping is the most common and the least expensive. Many cars can be shipped together with this way, but the downside to this option is the fact that the vehicles are usually on an open air trailer and exposed to the elements.

If you’re considering this option, make sure you keep this in mind, although you will definitely save a bundle if you choose this option over its more expensive cousin, enclosed shipping.

2. Enclosed car shipping

Enclosed car shipping is the best method to choose if your main priority is the absolute safety of your vehicle. It is much safer since the vehicle is inside an enclosed trailer, protected from damage from the outside, as well as from the weather.

This is a great option to choose for people who want to make sure their cars are as protected as possible, but it comes at a much steeper cost, as this is the most expensive option when it comes to shipping your vehicle.

Think about your vehicles and your budget. How much can you dedicate to shipping your cars, and how important is it that they be protected from the elements? If it is not that important, then you can save a good amount of money by choosing open-air shipping, especially if you are planning to ship more than one vehicle during your move.

Frequently Asked Questions

For someone who has never shipped a vehicle before, questions come as no surprise. It is a big process, after all, and you should make sure you have all of the necessary information and answers before you make a final decision.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common questions asked by folks just like you, who are also searching for the best car shipping company for their needs.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

The cheapest way to ship a car is usually always going to be choosing the open-air shipping method. Not only is it the most common method for shipping vehicles, but it is also the most cost-effective for the company, and those savings are passed on to the customer.

While open-air shipping isn’t as safe a method as enclosed shipping, it will certainly be the cheapest option to choose if you’re on a budget.

Is it legal to ship my car with things inside of it?

Well, since the Department of Transportation hasn’t made any rules specifically outlawing it, there is technically no law against you leaving personal belongings in your car when shipping it.

With that being said, the shipping company may have their own rules regarding leaving things in the vehicle, so make sure you check with them before the scheduled pick-up day for your vehicle arrives.

Is it safe to ship my car?

Yes. Most car shipping companies are professional outfits that care about the safety of your vehicle, from pickup to delivery. They will treat your car with the utmost respect and do everything they can to ensure its safety.

Of course, accidents can happen, and car shipping companies have great insurance policies for just that reason, keeping the company and the customer protected in the event of an accident.

Ship Your Car With Confidence

Now that you’re a little more informed on car shipping, you can feel a little more confident when you are choosing the best car shipping company for you.

No matter your budget or the shipping style you plan to choose for your car, you will find that working with a great vehicle shipping company will be an easy way to get your car to its new home.

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