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Guide To Prepare Furniture For A Move

Prepping your furniture properly for moving is important to reaching its destination safely. Anyone can use these tips to ensure safe furniture transportation during a move.
Guide To Prepare Furniture For A Move

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A lot of preparation is required when moving. The bigger move requires even more preparation. Preparing furniture items can take time in some cases.

If you decide to opt for DIY rather than hiring out of state moving company or if you hire a labor only movers that ask you to take apart furniture before their arrival, be sure to understand how to get the furniture ready for moving and stay away from injuries while lifting heavy objects.

1. Develop a List of Furnitureyou’re moving with you

This is the first thing you should do when getting your furniture ready for a move. Once you know and count the number of furniture items you are moving, then you can decide on which item needs to be disassembled before moving. Some pieces of furniture may not require disassembly before moving.

2. Determine the Width of your Doorway

You need to be sure that all your items will fit through your doorways, elevators, hallways, or stairwells before you start carrying them.

You can sometimes move furniture without dissembling them. However, larger pieces like couches or sofas may need to be taken apart or doors removed before moving.

In general, it is advisable always to leave furniture in one piece fit that will fit through entries and exits, not too heavy to lift and carry, and won’t get damaged while moving it.

For example, if you are moving a dining room, we recommend you remove table legs because they are fragile and you may be concerned they might break while moving.

Once you identify the furniture to be disassembled before the move, the next step is to acquire the appropriate tools and equipment.

3. Acquire the Right Tools

Make sure you have the appropriate tools ready in case you need to take furniture apart. Special tools may be needed to disassemble legs and tabletops of some furniture pieces.

When getting your piece ready for a move, you should get a ziplock bag to store your small objects like bolts and screws. You can also rent or purchase a dolly and bungee cords to easily move your heavier furniture items.

The following will be needed: 

  • bubble wrap
  • A roll of Heavy-duty packing tape
  • Moving blankets and/or furniture pads
  • boxes
  • Ziploc bags
  • a dolly
  • plastic wrap
  • a Sharpie marker
  • large plastic furniture bags

You can get all these supplies from a nearby store. If you plan to save money, some of the items may be available for rental.

4. Disassemble First

Firstly, get furniture items that need to be taken apart ready. These will save most of your time, so it is best to tackle them while you still have enough energy.

Take apart any removable parts, especially table legs, bed frames, glass tops, or shelves. Take it one piece at a time and store bolts, washers, and nuts in the plastic bag. Label the outside the particular piece what each belongs to and the tools needed for reassembly.

5. Pack any Packable Item

Take away cushions and pillow and keep in plastic garbage bags. Seal the bags properly and be sure the bag doesn’t leak. You can use the bags also to protect fragile furniture or to fill holes in the moving truck.

Use bubble wrap and blanket to wrap the furniture pieces and keep them firm with rope or tape. Avoid using tape on finished or painted surfaces. Avoid cleaning furniture or upholstery before your move.

You will take the time to clean everything once it arrives at your new home. You don’t have to spend twice on cleaning.

6. Wrap your Furniture Properly

Be sure that your valuable furniture items are protected when getting ready to move them. You must be sure your items can make it through the move without getting damaged by using proper packing and moving supplies.

You will certainly need a moving blanket to wrap furniture and to pad the truck. It would help if you also had packing tape as it can and will keep the blankets in place while on the furniture.

How to keep Parts from getting Missing

Make sure the bag is taped below larger pieces. Make sure they are not kept in places where they can easily get damaged when the tape gets removed.

If there are many parts on the furniture, give the parts unique numbering such as 1 of 4, 2 or 4, and so on.

Do this with a small sticker and apply it below the piece. You can also secure the assembly manual that came with each furniture to the underside.

Pack them separate boxes and label the box with “manuals for furniture” if the size of the instructions is large.

Pro Tips

Pro Tip

Getting your furniture ready for the coming move should be done as you are rounding up your moving preparation. You should be almost done with the packing of boxes, with just a few important things remaining. This will give you enough time to disassemble your furniture without attending to little tasks such as cushioning plates. It would help if you did this on time, so you don’t get fined for the late return of any rental equipment you used.

Heavy Furniture goes in the Truck First

If you have rented a moving truck for your move, be sure to understand how to load the truck. Items like dressers, couches, chests, appliances, and tabletops should be loaded in the truck first.

Your movers (if you’ve hired one) will handle your loading of the truck and make sure all your furniture get to the new home unscathed.

Hiring Professional Movers

There are many reasons to allow professional furniture movers to handle your move. The stress of moving is eliminated when you hire one of our best long-distance moving companies as they are experienced and will know the proper things to do in order to keep all your items safe.

They usually have their moving and packing supplies such as furniture pads and moving blankets, so there is no need to worry about renting or purchasing your own.

In addition, they are generally more effective in their work than you would be able to do as a DIY. Most importantly, you won’t end up with a broken back.

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