How Can I Get To Los Angeles With No Money?

Moving anywhere is hard, especially with no cash. But getting to Los Angeles with no money isn't as difficult as you might think if you follow this helpful advice.
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How Can I Get To Los Angeles With No Money?
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Getting to Los Angeles with no money is a tall order that will require planning and some creative thinking. While it will be challenging to get to the second-largest city in America with little to no funds, it’s certainly not impossible.

Professional movers help many people with varied economic backgrounds get to LA every day. In fact, if anyone knows how to do it with no money, Los Angeles movers do. Follow their pro tips on how to get to Los Angeles with no money and be one step closer to realizing your dream of living in the City of Angels.

Before You Go To LA

If you don’t have any money and want to get to LA, it’s best to start selling everything you have of value that you don’t need. National moving companies Los Angeles will be the first to tell you that the city is not the most affordable for those on a limited budget, so having as much savings as possible will help immensely.

Consider your travel options as well before going. Buses and trains are significantly cheaper than flying to Los Angeles, allow you the luxury of planning your trip at your own pace, and can be just as comfortable. Check out bus routes from all over the country to find one that will get you closest to your final destination.

If you plan on driving to LA, consider sharing a ride with family, friends, or other travelers you meet to save on gas costs. If you are traveling from a location that will require an overnight stay, try to plan your route through areas where you know someone with a place for you to crash. That will save you money on hotel fees and possibly a meal or two.

Being prepared and planning ahead before you even try to get to LA with no money will give you a better chance of reaching your goal and starting a new life in the city.

How To Save Money On Your Journey To LA

No matter how you plan on getting to LA, it’s best to organize it well in advance. Last-minute tickets for public transportation such as buses and trains are usually more expensive than those booked at least four weeks in advance. The same is true for flights to Los Angeles.

By checking in advance, you can find out which mode of transportation will require the least amount of funds. Sometimes, flights to LA can be cheaper than taking a bus or train, which saves you money and time.

If you are driving to Los Angeles, try to keep your gas cost low by planning the route along highways where there are stations that have lower prices. You can also use apps to find the cheapest gas station near you as well as those located on your route.

If you plan your driving route through the latest areas, you’ll also make the most efficient use of fuel. While it can be tempting to get to LA using the scenic route, it can be far more expensive, considering you’ll waste a lot of fuel driving around with no real destination. Additionally, by planning the most direct route, you’ll cut down on the amount of time you spend on the road compared to those who take the scenic route.

Finally, consider putting any credit card reward points you’ve earned towards transportation, gas, or other expenses related to getting to Los Angeles. While Los Angeles movers may not accept credit card points, you may reap plenty of points for getting to LA by using your credit card to pay for moving quotes services so that you don’t have to use the cash you have saved for your arrival in LA.

Your Arrival in Los Angeles

While managing to get to Los Angeles when moving from New York City or any other location with no money may have been a great accomplishment, the hardest part begins when you arrive in the city. This is where the bulk of any savings you may have will be necessary to ensure that you can get established in Los Angeles.

Hopefully, the reason for your lack of funds is because you have already put it towards rent on your new place. If so, then congrats, the most expensive part about living in LA is taken care of, and you can relax for a bit.

If you don’t have a place to live yet, then you’ll want to use those credit card points to book hotel rooms or contact someone you may know in the city who will let you crash at their place until you find your own.

Finding your own place can take a few weeks and will require proof of income and usually a deposit of the first month’s rent. If you have no proof of income, you may want to look for rentals in a share house where the requirements for renters are a little more lenient.

Fast Ways To Earn Money in LA

If you don’t have a job when you move to Los Angeles and need money to secure a place to live, there are many options for earning cash quickly.

If you have a car, then the best option will be to sign up to do rideshares like Uber or Lyft. These apps allow you to earn cash quickly and usually pay weekly. Additionally, food delivery apps are all the rage in LA, so consider signing up for GrubHub, PostMates, UberEats, or DoorDash to make some quick cash.

If you have specialized skills, then consider applying at a staffing agency that can connect you with lucrative part-time or full-time work with companies in the Los Angeles area.

Getting cash quickly will be a lifeline that will help you establish yourself in LA and continue to meet your financial obligations. If you already have a job waiting for you when you get to the city, then these options are still excellent as they will allow you to earn extra cash while you wait to receive your first paycheck.

Get to Los Angeles with No Money: Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I need in LA?

It’s recommended that you have at least $5K-$10K in savings when you arrive in LA. Singles and couples with no kids are able to live comfortably in the city for anywhere between $40K-$65K per year. Those with dependents or higher expenses may require as much as $100K to live in Los Angeles.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Los Angeles?

Encino is often considered one of the most affordable and relatively safe neighborhoods of Los Angeles to live in. Additionally, there are many employment opportunities for those seeking a job in LA.

Is Los Angeles a safe place to live?

As with any major city, there are good neighborhoods and bad ones. However, many people live in LA without any threat to their personal being or property. Be sure to do your research before moving to find a neighborhood that you will feel comfortable in.

Make Los Angeles Your New Home Regardless of Finances

If you’re dead-set on moving to Los Angeles, then it is possible to do so even if you have no money. While some sacrifices will have to be made in the short term, living in LA can prove very rewarding for those who make the move. Try to save money where you can on the journey there and be responsible with any savings you do have until you start generating income.

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