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5 Easy Steps To Get Rid of Furniture While Moving

We explore a number of the most reliable ways in which you can get rid of your furniture when you’re moving out of your home.
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Whether you’re trying to get the fairest price possible for a big move, or just trying to leave old stuff behind, getting rid of furniture will probably come in to play. 

There are several ways to rid yourself of furniture: give it away, sell it, donate it, or toss it.

What are the benefits of each of these options? And how do you make them happen? Let’s take a look at the best ways to get rid of the furniture that you have so furniture movers can help you relocate quickly and more affordably.

1. Give It Away to Family and Friends

The best way to get rid of furniture that you don’t want to take with you is to ask around to your family and friends. Maybe one of them moved out of their parents’ home recently, or they were in the market for a new piece of furniture much like the one you’re offering.

If it’s a fairly new piece of furniture, you could sell it to them – but that’s between you and them. Many times, it’s easier to just tell them that, if they can haul it, then they can keep it. It makes it a lot easier.

2. Use an Online Marketplace

If you don’t want to move furniture from state to state, online marketplaces like what you find on Facebook and Craigslist, could be a really easy way for you to get rid of your unwanted furniture and get a little cash. It’s really easy to use these sites and, more often than not, you’re not going to have to pay anything for your listing.

Be sure that you take good pictures of your furniture and list anything that may be wrong with it. Then, list it for a fair price. If it’s a piece of furniture in good or fair condition, it’ll likely get purchased within a few days.

3. Sell in a Moving Sale

If you’re getting rid of furniture alongside of other items that are still in good shape, and you have time to do so, it may be worth your while to go ahead and schedule a moving sale as part of your packing and purging process.

It will take time to organize everything for your moving sale, but if you’re willing to put the time and effort in, you could end up paying for a good portion of what it is that you have to pay for interstate moving companies. And hopefully, some of your neighbors may get some good deals for items they want or need.

4. Donate to a Charity

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of a moving sale? Then you may want to look at the charities and/or secondhand stores located near where you live. Are any of them currently taking donations of furniture and/or the other items that you are getting rid of?

There are two ways to get your items to one of these businesses or organizations. First, you can find a friend or family member who has a van or truck, load the items into that vehicle, and take it wherever you may be headed.

Some businesses and organizations will also do their best to make the process simpler for you, as well. They may have a truck or van of their own. If that’s the case, then you just need to get in contact with them and schedule a time for them to come and pick those items up. In those cases, you may want to wait until you’re sure you have everything you want to donate.

5. Toss It

There are some instances where it may be best to go ahead and throw your furniture away. Why would you do this? If there are stains that look really bad, or if there are damages that could threaten the integrity of the piece of furniture, it may be time to toss it.

If you think it may still be of use, then put it on your curb with a “free” sign on it. If you get trash service, it may get hauled away by them if no one picks it up, as long as you let them know about the bulky item before trash day. Don’t have trash service? Then contact your locality to see if they have a bulk trash day coming up, so you can haul it and toss it then. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you get rid of your furniture?

As we’ve mentioned several times in this article, most people get rid of their furniture before a move to save money. But, you may also recognize that your furniture is old and needs to be replaced, so you may as well go ahead and get rid of it so you can get something new when you’re in your new home.

What other options do you have to save money when moving?

Getting rid of furniture is just one option for saving money when you move. Having a flexible moving date (especially if you include weekdays) can also be a helpful thing if you want to save money. Also, be sure that you compare several moving quotes between national moving companies in order to get the most value.

How do you get furniture after moving if you go this route?

If you decide to get rid of furniture, you have a variety of options that you can consider in regards to this process. You can connect with a furniture store after you move, or you can look around on online marketplaces in order to find furniture that works for your purposes.

Prepping for Packing and Loading

Your furniture is just one of the things that you may need to look at before moving day. Consider what options you may need to consider and figure out what is going to matter the most. Then, you can make a decision that helps you to get ahead of everything effectively.

Dani James

Dani James

Dani James is a copywriter and blogger with more than eight years of experience writing for movers, real estate, and anything to do with getting from point A to point B. When he’s not finding new ways to save on moving costs, he can be found at home with his cat, binge-watching Marvel movies, and looking for new apartments he can’t afford.
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