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How Does Out Of State Car Shipping Works?

Thinking about shipping a car to your new home? Here’s a look at the process that many car shipping companies use.
How Does Out Of State Car Shipping Works?

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Are you planning to ship a car to another state but lost on how and where to start the process from? With numerous cross country moves, shipping your household items and fly might be worth considering than driving your possessions to the destination yourself.

Although this process is simple, you need to conduct diligent research to have more knowledge before you ship a car.

This makes sure that you hire the best shipping company for your type of move and have the sweetest shipping experience ever.

You need to know the things you will face and the things you need to do to get your vehicle ready before shipping.

Even if you just purchased a new vehicle and need to ship it out of state, this guide will help you get set for the process.

What is Auto Transport or Shipping?

Auto transport or shipping is a service used by people when they need to ship their vehicles across the state, country, or world.

The company handling it may be an auto transporter or an auto shipping broker and will ensure only reputable carriers safely perform your car’s shipping.

The significant difference is if the company will be performing the relocation themselves. This implies that you need to check if the company own moving trucks for the business.

However, the use of auto shipping services will save you a lot of frustration of having to drive the car yourself.

What are the options you have?

There are lots of auto shipping companies available to choose from for your vehicle shipping project. However, you must go with the right one and it is essential to choose a company that offers the exact services you need.

Below is a look into the popular auto shipping services available in the auto shipping industry:

Open Auto Transport:

Immediately you think of vehicle transport carriers, your mind first goes to an open carrier. These moving trailers having 1-2 levels can transport up to nine cars.

It is the cheapest and most popular means of car shipping. This is why the trailers are much available. However, you need to know that the vehicle will not be protected from potentially harmful materials.

These may include weather, dirt, debris, dust, and rocks. Also, damages from these elements are not popular. 

Enclosed Auto Transport:

An enclosed vehicle carrier offers more protection to the cars loaded into it, protecting them from weather and other harmful elements.

This is why the option is usually recommended for vintage, classic, exotic, and luxury cars. However, enclosed auto transport is more costly than open auto transport.

This is why you need to first consider your individual preference and type of vehicle, alongside your vehicle’s required storage and driving conditions.

Door-to-door car shipping:

Customers get the greatest convenience for pick-up and delivery options when they choose door-to-door car shipping.

This option is usually seen as the major shipping method in the auto shipping industry than the terminal to terminal.

This is the fastest and easiest delivery method for both the customer and the driver. In this method, the carrier will drop off the car as closer to the delivery location as possible.

There are delivery locations that prove difficult for drivers to maneuver the large shipping tucks through, so they settle for the nearest place.

Finding a Car Transport Company

Finding a reliable auto transport company is the first task on your tasks list if you are shipping a car to another state.

Make use of our online auto shipping company directory to conveniently search companies nearest to you and obtain quotes for your move.

There are many good auto shipping companies available to choose from, so availability may be the key factor you consider as well as total cost.

Also, ensure that the shipping company you decide to work with can perform the following:  

  • Must possess license and insurance for state-to-state moves. Check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website for license verification and the company’s USDOT number. Understand that the companies you find on our list are already screened and verified for license and insurance.
  • The Better Business Bureaus (BBB) good rating
  • Good reviews from customers

To perform your search, begin by screening the list of companies that meet all those three requirements.

Then, ask for quotes to make sure that the deal you are being offered is the best. We suggest you obtain quotes from a minimum of 3 different auto shipping companies before you choose. 

Obtain a Price Quote

Now that you have a list of screened top shipping companies, you can now request car shipping rates.

In general, you need to look for a company that offers comparative pricing. You want to avoid making overpayment; however, it can also be a trap when you pay too low for a business.

What is the quality of service you expect from a shipping company that offers ridiculously low pricing? The majority of companies provide a quote form on their website.

This enables you to supply some general information and get an instant quote. 

Each shipping company offers different specifics for vehicle transport. For example, the quote form provided by National Dispatch doesn’t require any personal information.

Just supply the make and model of the vehicle, as well as pick-up location and delivery location to obtain an instant quote. This is the case in most of the car shipping companies’ websites.

What is the Cost of Shipping a Car out of state?

Many factors constitute the overall shipping cost of a vehicle to a new state. However, the average shipping car’s costs to another state are around $600 to $1,000 for a 4-door sedan and $800 to $1,070 for a small pick-up, small van, or SUV for a move to California from New York.

It is possible to pay up to the maximum end of the range if your shipping is performed in the winter months. Also, get ready to spend more on shipping during the summer months.

Preparing Your Car for Out-Of-State Shipping

To have hitch-free shipping, get your vehicle ready before it enters the road. The auto shipping company you hire will generally run through the specifics of your move with you before pick-up, but get ready to perform these tasks generally: 

  • Inspect your fuel gauge and make sure the level doesn’t exceed a quarter full.
  • Remove all items from your vehicle. Your hired shipping company may ask that your care is totally empty or may just provide you a certain weight limit that must be followed.
  • Bring our all valuables such as things that don’t increase the weight to your vehicles, like documents in the seat compartment and removable GPS devices.4
  • Inspect the tires of your vehicle to make sure that they are in good condition and properly inflated.
  • Inspect the battery of your car to make sure that it is charged.


Regardless of the distance, you are shipping your car, whether, across the state or nation, you need an experienced auto transport company.

The experience needed to safely and quickly ship your car across the country is readily available with our best car shipping companies.

Obtain free shipping quotes for your auto shipping and instantly check our auto shipping companies’ list for reputable cross country moving companies.

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