Cost to Move a House Cross Country

The average cost cross country move is between $1,500 and $6,000, based on the distance, type of moving company, size of the home, and the services movers provide. You should expect your move across the country to be even more expensive, ranging from $5,000 to $8,000.
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How Much Does It Cost To Move a House Cross Country?

Everyone who wants to move cross country first wonders how much it cost to move their home from their current location. Moving across the country means you are relocating from north to south, coast to coast, state to state, and from one country to another. 

Seeking a new home cross country can be an exciting experience, but moving may not be as fun as expected especially when it comes to moving costs.

Getting a reliable and affordable mover to handle your moving can be an issue if you are a layman in the business. Even if you decide to go for DIY, lots of expenses are involved in the budget. Based on the size and volume of your belongings, professional moving companies can charge up to $5,000 to $7,500. The distance of the move can also contribute to your moving cost.

Most national moving companies have moving checklists and preparation resources to help consumers move their homes successfully. Some even provide packing materials and boxes to make your move as smooth as possible. Cross country movers offer insurance for valuable items in transit to give you the rest of your mind on your moving.

But always remember, quality service does not come easy. While interstate moving can be expensive, there is always a deal for this service on Moving APT. is there anything you need to know? Read on.

What is the Estimated Cost of Moving a Home?

According to a post on ING’s Report on Moving Costs, out of the surveyed 600 people who are ready to move, about 50% did not budget for the costs of moving, and 48% surveyed exceeded their budget. Over 44% of participants that used removalists for the moving of their belongings spent about $2,009 on average while those that chose self-move spent an average of $782.

About 12% of the participants that employed the hands of professional movers for their entire relocation spent $3,655 on average while one out of this 12% paid over $5,000 with only a small percentage spending over $10,000.

From the above analysis, it will be observed that a DIY move seems cheaper than otherwise; however, some factors need to be put into consideration. For instance, taking time off work is a must when you decide to move by yourself.

It was discovered that about 59% of the people that participate in the survey took 3.5 days off duty on average to pack and move their belonging with much more stress.

While DIY can save some cash, hiring a professional mover has been confirmed to be the best option to move smoothly and with less stress.

Pro Tips

Pro Tip

Another option for DIY moving is a moving pod. Many moving companies offer these nowadays. These moving containers are often large enough to pack most homes, and you rent them either by the week or by the month. Then, you can work on packing everything in the way that you want it packed, and you can take your time with it. It gets picked up when you request it, and then you’ll see it again at your new home.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Professional Movers Across the Country?

The moving cost of long-distance moves or cross country varies based on some factors such as the distance, the size of the move, the price of diesel or gas, and the moving service.

For example, while the moving cost required to moving a two- or three-bedroom apartment cross country stands at an average of $1.58 per mile, the cost for four- or five-bedroom home is $3.28 per mile on an average. Professional movers offer basic insurance coverage and effective service in their charge; hence, it worth considering.

Cross Country Mover Near me

Moving your home can be a challenging task and as well be expensive, but with Moving APT’s cross country moving package, you tend to enjoy a variety of resources packaged to make your long distance move seamless and affordable. Our wide moving network coverage aims to help individuals and families move cross country at the most cost-effective service.

With our sophisticated modern equipment, we offer one of the most effective and safe cross country moving solutions that make your transition into your dream home ease. Looking for long distance mover near you for your cross-country move, you can consider our quality of service as highlighted below:

Reliable Moving Services

Moving APT is known for its reliable long distance moving services, and equipped with a fleet of moving vehicles to make your cross-country move a success. We strive to ensure we deliver the best service to our customers who are planning or ready to move cross country. Relocating to a new home outside your region may seem unachievable, but with our support, we make it as simple as possible.

We guaranteed our reliability and quality service with our varieties of cross country moving options. Moving APT will handle but not limited to full-service packing and unpacking, loading and unloading of belongings, vehicle, and much more.

Experienced Cross Country Movers

When it comes to cross country moving, experience plays a vital role in successful and hassle-free relocation. Moving APT is the answer when you talk about a cross country mover. With our years of experience in this specialized move, we are one of the best in moving across the mile regardless of the distance of travel. We are committed to going the extra mile for you to ensure you experience our quality moving style.

We care about how you fare even after your move. If you are looking for highly-rated professional and performance, choose Moving APT.

Equipment for Cross Country Moving

No professional mover can deliver without the resources required to move customers across the country. Long-distance moves are different from local moves; hence, there is a need to have what is required in terms of tools and equipment to make work easier from packing, loading to an organized home after your move.

Highly Skilled Personnel

Moving APT is equipped with qualifies and experienced personnel to handle your cross-country move. We provide all the expertise required to make your relocation smooth and successful. Our professional movers are trained and ready to help you with whatever cheap moving services that you are looking for.

They will pack up the items that need to go on the long-distance trek and ensure that they get to their destination with little to no problems. If you are looking for cheap packing materials, we can help you to get your hands on those too.

Simply let us know what you need, and we will work with you to make the necessary connections so that it becomes a reality. Are you ready for your cross-country move? Contact us at 1(800)-360-0037 / (786) 454-2776 or email [email protected]

Pro Tips

Pro Tip

Hiring a moving company to also take care of packing your belongings may be your best option if you’re looking at a complex cross-country move. They are trained in how to take care of your items and in how to best pack so that things don’t get damaged in the journey. It also makes it much easier for you to inventory your items and use that extra energy in searching for a home or taking care of other business that needs done before moving day.


How do movers figure out the cost of moving cross country?

There are multiple factors involved in figuring out the cost of your cross-country move. If you’re not moving locally, most moving companies will calculate a quote using some combination of the distance; the amount of time they believe it will take; whether or not they have connections in the area you’re moving to, and how much your items weigh.

Is it cheaper to move my furniture or get rid of it?

Since weight is a huge factor in your cross-country move cost, this is a good question to ask. If you have newer furniture and/or furniture that has some sort of significance (got it from a family member, etc.), then you may find that it’s just better to load it up and take it with you. If it’s older furniture and/or you don’t have an attachment, then you’ll want to compare prices.

What if I don’t own a lot of stuff?

You may be able to fit your items in a couple of suitcases or boxes and toss them in the backseat of your car or take them on a train. You can also consider using shipping services for things like books and other heavier items that will ship well but you don’t want to carry. There are plenty of alternatives that can work.


If you’re getting ready for moving day and you need help, you can depend on us to get the resources that you need before moving day. Take a look at the options that you have available. Then, see what a difference it can make to hire a professional moving company to sort out the details around the cross-country move that you’re planning to embark on with their help.

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