How Much Does It Cost To Move Out of NYC?

Use our guide to prepare to move out of NYC, find out the costs of moving, and save money on your local or long-distance move.
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How Much Does It Cost To Move Out of NYC?
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Moving within NYC can cost as little as $1,000 while moving outside of the city or over an hour away can cost over $2,500. Of course, this will all be subject to the distance and specific elements involved in your move.

Moving costs when hiring NYC movers can be estimated using online calculators, but the best way to start planning your moving budget is to contact quality local moving companies in NYC so that they can inventory your belongings and get specific information about your move.

Local Moves Out of NYC

Local moves out of NYC, generally 100 miles or less, can be completed in as little as a few hours, which makes this one of the cheapest ways to move when you live in the city. Typically, these moves require two NYC movers who can pack and load items quickly and effectively. As long as you’ve properly prepared for your moving day, it should be a breeze.

Long-Distance Moves Out of NYC

Long-distance moves out of NYC are a bit costlier than local moves and often require extra state-to-state movers. If you’re moving several hundred miles outside of NYC, you’re going to be looking at a much higher price for your move. In some cases, long-distance moves out of NYC can be up to $10,000.

Moving Costs

There is no set price for moving out of NYC, as the costs depend on several things. On average, though, local moves of 2 bedroom residences will come in at around $1,500 while long-distance moves for a 2 bedroom apartment cost about $5,000 to complete.

Prices can vary by a small amount or a large amount, depending on your circumstances. For example, a long-distance move from NYC to Miami can average around $6,000. There are multiple considerations to keep in mind, such as:

  • Travel fees and vehicle transportation: Getting to your new home and transporting your vehicle will add to the costs of a move – especially if you’re moving cross-country. Whether you decide to drive or ship your vehicle, you will need to factor in these costs.
  • Size of your move: The more things that need to be transported the more you are going to pay. Many people downsize when moving, saving money on the move. However, you may need to replace items that have been left behind.
  • Moving services: For packing or unpacking services, long-distance movers will charge additional service fees. Other services cost as well, including use of specialized equipment, protection of fragile items, and more.
  • Storage: If you have not found a new place before moving from New York City, or if you don’t have enough room for items, storage units are available. Prices will depend on the length of storage use, location, storage company fees, type of unit, and other factors.
  • Supplies: Moving supplies should be added to your budget, as it takes plenty of boxes and tape to get things packed and ready. Movers can supply materials – for an additional service fee, of course.
  • Moving date: The date of your move matters, as moving during busy days in the year means paying more. When possible, try to move during the middle of the week or month and avoid holiday seasons, as these are the busiest times for moving companies.
  • Moving insurance: Companies offer different kinds of moving insurance, which protect your items in the event of damage or loss. If you have a lot of valuable or fragile items, full coverage is recommended. Speak with movers about your options.

Save Money on Your NYC Move

Moving out of NYC can get pretty expensive, but there are plenty of ways you can cut down on costs and keep some money in your pocket.

  • Get the help of friends and family when packing. They can also help you disassemble items for the move and get organized.
  • Decide what stays and what goes. Moving less items often means a cheaper move, so consider the costs of leaving items and replacing them later on versus paying to move them.
  • Look for free supplies. There are many local places that offer free moving supplies, most of the time you’ll have no problem finding boxes at supermarkets or restaurants.
  • Compare moving companies thoroughly. While it’s not recommended that price be the deciding factor in your move, choose a moving company that fits within your budget.

Checklist for Leaving Your NYC Apartment

If you’ve determined that it’s time to leave your apartment in NYC and find a new place to live, be prepared for a big project.  Things can get underway quickly and getting things ready can feel overwhelming, but a checklist makes things much easier.

Use our checklist for leaving your NYC apartment to make sure you’ve taken care of everything you need.

1. Schedule Movers

Before you begin planning your move, you should look for moving companies. NYC offers a plethora of options, so be sure to find the right company for you. Look for the telltale signs of a reputable company, such as an easy-to-navigate and transparent website, good customer service, and detailed moving quotes.

2. Security Deposit

Before moving out, settle your accounts with your landlord and ensure that finances are being handled carefully. If you have any unpaid debts, they will be taken from your security deposit. If your finances are up to date, your landlord is required to return your full security deposit.

3. Utility Notifications

Do you ever wonder what happens if you don’t cancel your utilities when moving out of a home or apartment? You won’t have to wonder if you move out of your apartment without doing so – you’ll soon receive a bill, letting you know exactly what happens.

Utility companies will continue to charge you once you’ve moved out if you have not notified them and canceled or transferred your services. It can be tough work negotiating with these companies after the fact, so make sure that utility providers are aware that you are no longer in the household to avoid additional charges.

4. Call Professional Services

Before it’s time to move out, make sure the apartment is sparkling clean. An inspection is likely to happen, which can mean the forfeiture of your security deposit if things are not in good condition. One way to make sure everything is up to par is to hire professional services, such as cleaners or plumbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you move out without money?

Unless there is someone helping you pay for everything, there is no way to move out of a home or apartment without money. Landlords will want to make sure you are able to pay rent, which requires checking your income and finances.

How much do I need to earn to afford to live in NYC?

If you want to live a comfortable life in NYC, you’re going to need a salary of at least $12,500 each month – before taxes. There are more affordable places to live, such as the Bronx, where less than half as much is required to live comfortably.

What’s the average cost of an out-of-state move?

Moving out of state, on average, costs about $4,000. However, this is a very rough average and can vary based on items being transported, distance, services, supplies, and more. The best way to figure out the cost of a long-distance move is to speak with moving professionals.

Time to Move Out of NYC!

Knowing the costs of your move and how to prepare can make moving so much easier. Be sure to plan ahead and keep our checklist in mind when you’re getting ready to move into a new home and say goodbye to New York City.

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