How To Choose A Car Shipping Company

Shipping your vehicle requires a good deal of trust in the auto shippers you choose. Using our advice, you can pick the best car shippers in the business.
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How To Choose A Car Shipping Company?
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We know the importance of your car to you. It helps you and your family to get around. This is why the process of selecting a shipping company can be long and difficult when it comes to shipping your car from one point to another. You need to follow one important rule when looking to hire car shipping companies – conduct your research; that’s all.

Get a reliable, affordable, and responsive company that makes your car shipping process a breeze for you. Your vehicles are probably your biggest investments aside from any of your property.

When searching for a company to haul your vehicle, the question you need to ask yourself is: which shipper will offer the best service at a reasonable cost? 

In this article, we will be discussing tips to choose a car shipping company for your car.

Tips for Choosing the Best Auto Transporter

There are a number of bad signals you need to look out for as you start going through your list of possible car shippers. Knowing these signs will assist you in blocking bad auto shipping companies and proceed with the right ones. You will be able to get the right auto shipping company when you stick to some important steps. These include:

1. Research

With the help of Google today, you can easily locate a car shipping company. With just a simple online query, you will get instant multiple results. However, this doesn’t imply that you go with the first moving company that shows on the Google result list.

Check customers’ ratings on your potential auto shipper and read online reviews to know more about their customers’ experiences. However, your decision cannot be based on other people’s reviews. Check the FMCSA for the shipping company’s licensing and background info with safety ratings. 

What should I consider in an Auto Shipper while researching them?

Your research on this note is not about the product or the service a company offers; rather, it is about how they are offering the service to customers. Each car transport company in the industry is offering similar services, so it is important to have more knowledge in each company’s brand.

Here are some of the features to watch in an auto shipping company: 

  • Pay attention to quality rather than quantity: Do not let price be your only factor for decision making. You probably have heard that what you pay is what you get. However, the transport industry is not any different. You should rather look for a shipping company that delivers quality service at an affordable price than the one that offers the cheapest cost.
  • Consider a shipping company that satisfies your needs: Filter your search to only shippers that offer the specific service that you need. The service may include terminal-to-terminal service, open auto shipping, enclosed auto shipping, or door-to-door service. 
  • Look for the right registration: All vehicle transport companies are expected to be registered through the USDOT. Be sure to check if the shippers have MC and US-DOT numbers. You can quickly search for the company’s name on Google to get this information. 
  • Make sure the company is reputable and trustworthy: Visit the shipping company’s website and look for any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors on their page. Thoroughly dig the company and see if it is a company you can actually work with and trust for your vehicle shipping. 

Looking for a car shipping company can be a difficult undertaking, especially if you don’t know what features to look for.

Concentrate on your specific needs and find out what the shipper can offer you most, especially in quality and types of services. Also, find out how the company represents its brand.

2. Obtain the Quotes of Several Auto Transport Companies

Proceed by screening down your list to 3 reputable and reliable car shipping companies and obtain shipping quotes. During your internet search, there are shipping companies that provide shipping quotes from various companies.

However, you need to know that shipping estimates are subject to change at any time. The estimate cannot be the main deal so you should always make excess estimates in order to be safe. Distance, fuel cost, and the weight of the car are some factors that can cause shipping rates to vary. 

Read how to calculate your car shipping cost.

3. Ask Questions

Asking questions is always a good move. Allow a car transport representative to lead you through the car shipping process. You first need to understand how transporting car works. Ask questions based on your specific upcoming car shipment with an auto transporter.

Here are some of the questions to ask auto transport companies you are reviewing:  

  • How long does it take to ship a car completely? Vehicle shipments are done in phases. Auto shippers often give a timeline of 30 days from pickup date and maybe longer if it is an international delivery. 
  • Do they offer open or enclosed carrier options? Although the open carrier is the least expensive choice, your car is also exposed to the elements when finding its way to the new address. 
  • How do I schedule a car pickup? Usually, a shipping company contacts you when a truck is ready to haul your vehicle. This is done by shipping companies to help you save costs by making several stops as they move from one point to another. You will need to pay to obtain a guaranteed pickup date. 
  • What are their delivery options? This may include terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door delivery. The latter is more expensive, but also offers convenience as it allows your vehicle to be picked up and delivered directly to you. A terminal-to-terminal delivery means you will have to travel to a nearby terminal where the shipping company drops off your vehicle for retrieval.   

4. Understand the Terms and Conditions

Go through your potential shipping company’s terms and conditions, and be sure to know them. You also must discover the type of liability insurance the shipping company provides in case of damage to your car when it is being transported. Also, consult your insurance provider to see if there is any available coverage for your specific situation.

5. Arrange the Pickup

If you like what you’ve discovered, then pick a carrier and arrange for pickup. Also, be sure to have all the documentation handling the shipment just for proof in case of any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much loading a car on a plane cost?

The overall rates for transporting a vehicle to Europe from the East Coast is at $4,000 – $5,000 for each ocean container against $15,000 – $20,000 by air. The majority of insurance providers asked that you transport vehicles worth over $1 million on air freight. 

What is the mileage cost to ship a vehicle?

Shipping a vehicle inside the continental US costs an average of $950. The most expensive average is at $1,200, and the cheapest average is at $700. The average mileage for shipping a car costs $0.60 per mile for moving at least 1,000 miles. 

Is having a title compulsory to ship a car?

Original title and registration are both needed for car shipping. A letter of permission from Lien Holder will be needed if the title contains a current lien. Also, proof of insurance will be required for the car to be shipped.  

How does shipping your vehicle work?

When vehicles are transported to a terminal in transit, they will be unloaded, stored, and then reloaded on another carrier truck. This extends the handling of your vehicle, and another driver aside the one that picked it up will deliver it. You can get door-to-door shipping services from many car shipping companies with the same truck and driver.

Without insurance, can you transport a car?

Yes. Insurance is not mandatory before you can ship a car. Brokers are not also required to possess insurance. The number of cars being shipped that got damaged is less than 5%, but it is important always to endeavor to protect yourself against any possible problems. 

What shipping method do you choose to ship a car?

We have two major shipping methods for transporting care, which is: either to be shipped on an open trailer or by a professional driver. The usual cheapest means is to have your car driven; however, it will increase the mileage of your vehicle, and you also need a valid MOT. 

Is transporting your vehicle safe?

Yes. Transporting a car is safe. However, the shipping company you choose will determine your car’s safety. There won’t be much safer when you hire a stranger to transport your vehicle than hiring a shipping company. You could be safer when you drive the vehicle yourself if only you are not a careless driver. 


Transporting a car can be a tricky undertaking, but if you do schedule time to conduct proper research on a company, you will have a less stressful experience. You can have a well-experienced mechanic to inspect your vehicle before transporting it to ensure it is in good condition before you hand it over to a shipper. You will also have proof to show in case damage occurs to your car during the transporting process. 

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