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How to Decide If State to State Move Is Right for You

There are a multitude of factors to consider when deciding whether an interstate move is right for you. From costs to timelines, learn what to expect when moving out-of-state.
How to Decide If State to State Move Is Right for You

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Because of the different levels of difficulties and stress-causing situations, the process of moving homes can be confusing to people. No matter the reason behind the move to another state, moving is a big decision.

Stress, anxiety, and fear are all results of not being clear on what to expect from the months, weeks, or days to your house moving day.

Before you decide how to haul your goods several miles away, there are specific questions to ask yourself.

Below are the top 12 questions you should ask yourself before moving out of state and their best answers under certain situations.  

#1 Is The Right TIme to Move out of State?

People move from one house to another for different good reasons. This may include homes that have turned to small or too big as time goes by, a better job offer in another state, moving to be with loved ones in other parts of the country, neighborhoods that have turned too dangerous for those looking to raise a family, or just hoping to escape from bad memories or disturbing experiences.

The number one question is – if now is the right time to pack up your household goods and relocate to a new home?

Timing is important for a successful and hassle-free house move, so relax and have a deep talk with yourself about whether this is the best time to move out for you and figure out the answer. 

#2 Can I Afford The Move?

This may sound obvious, but your budget cannot be enough when you are planning a move to another city. There will always be last-minute expenses, even though we all hope we can manage to pull through when it does happen, but having enough money to cover ground when necessary is the best way to ensure a smoother transition. 

Pro Tips

Pro Tip

Double whatever amount you’ve budgeted for your move. If you still can afford it, then you are good to go. 

#3 How Much Will The Move Cost Me?

You are aware that moving is costly, but you cannot know for sure the actual cost of your next move will be until you get the real figures.

The American Moving and Storage Association reported that moving out of state to a new one will cost an average of $5,360.

If you manage to sell your home or break a lease, you might be required to spend thousands more to make the move a reality.

Read more about How much does it cost to move a house cross country? 

#4 Do I Have A Friend Or Family Living Around My New Location?

Finding one’s footing in a new location socially after college can take a lot of time. You can easily rebuild your network when you know even just one person, but this takes time and can leave you with experiences involving a lonely and isolating lifestyle.

If you feel uneasy when you think of leaving your friends in New York, this might not be the best time to move. 

#5 What Neighborhoods are Good and Bad?

Benefit from the current technology by using it to conduct some research. At this stage, you can ask NeighborhoodScout to get you the types of neighborhoods to consider.

Find out the kinds of neighborhoods you would love to relocate into and contact the people you know (if any) and ask around.

If you have no one in the neighborhoods and do this on your own, contact a realtor agency. Many companies, including long-distance moving companies, are built initially to help you move, and they will inform you of everything you may want to know about the neighborhood you are considering. Make use of the available resources to make things much easier.

#6 What is The Cost of Living in Those Places?

The cost of living in one state is different from that of another state, so always remember this fact. Be sure to find out more about this. Look into locals and the cost of groceries, property expenses, average rent/mortgages, and taxes.

Having more knowledge before you get there will get you more prepared for life there. And this will also give you more negotiating power when you are figuring out what to ask for your salary.

#7 Can I Arrange a DIY Move For My Out of State Move?

Yes, you can perform a DIY move, but it is important to ask yourself whether you should do it. A DIY move can be riskier for your finance and personal safety unless some requirements are met by it. The important questions to ask yourself before you perform a self-move are:    

  • Can I trust my good friends to help me on Moving day?
  • Am I moving just locally?
  • Am I moving just non-specialty stuff that I can handle myself?
  • Have I ever move any home before?

If you can honestly answer YES to these questions, you should move without worries. 

If not, hiring one of the best out of state movers is the perfect shot for moving to another state without stresses associated with a DIY move.

#8 What is the nature of The Job Market There, and is it Worth Moving?

If you dream about living in Los-Angeles, that’s nice, move. But suppose there are no job opportunities for your line of profession.

In that case, you should make sure you obtain an offer or transfer within your current workplace before you move and conduct your research on salary expectations for the same positions in your destination city, as each location have different management and compensation policy.

You never can tell what you would find out; maybe it would be for the best for you and your wallet.

#9 How Long Do I Plan to Stay There?

Maybe you want to move there for a year, or you plan to raise your family in this new place. Or you will only find the answer to this when you have moved there. You don’t necessarily have to find the answer to this question, but you must always remember this question from time to time.

It will give you the best idea of where you are planning to go. Time is important, so we advise you to make the most of it. Make a very effective plan. Change is always and will always be the beauty of life. 

#10 What Time of The Year is the Best to Move out of State?

Rents fluctuate in various cities and housing markets depending on the time of the year. It would help if you had a lot of time to hunt for an apartment, and your homeowner’s move-in dates might not be flexible as you may expect.

Ask people and perform online research and check the weather forecast when you plan to relocate to that state.

#11 What are the Real Ways to Reduce Moving Costs?

This may be the most important question of all the questions you are to ask yourself when relocating to another state.

We are talking about your money here, so you need to use every chance you have to lower the moving expenses and save some money on your next move.

There are 3 phases of the answer to that question:

  • Move just the household goods that you must take with you. Dispose of the rest. Have a yard sale or online sale for unwanted items to assist you with your budget (ways to declutter your household before you move)
  • Look for an affordable state to state mover that still offers top-quality moving services. Yes, this is a difficult task, but it is not impossible too. Ways to get cheap moving companies near you.
  • Pack up your home by yourself if possible. This will enable you to save more money, especially if you can lay your hands on free packing materials and supplies too. 

#12 What is My Second plan?

In some cases, our plan may not work. And there is no problem with that, as long as we can see that as a possibility. If this plan doesn’t work for you, you should have another plan to rely on.

Just be very careful not to burn bridges at your current location, as you may not know the resources you may later need. You may not be comfortable with where you are at the moment, so don’t ever consider going; instead, figure out and lock on another place in your mind. 

Your dreams may be too big to be actualized at the moment, and that really might not be a bad thing. Creativity is brought to life by failure and struggle.

Hold it with two hands, be free in your mind, and be prepared for what the world is bringing your way. You may discover that you often don’t know what you desire the first time. 


However, other people are motivated by the unknown and the sense of adventure associated with moving to a new place and meeting new people. You alone can determine what works for your specific situation.

Just ask yourself these questions and get ready for the upcoming move very early; you can be sure of making the best decision for you and your household members.

Remember that Moving APT will help you find the best state to state movers that offer the best moving rates for your move.

Dani James

Dani James

Dani James is a copywriter and blogger with more than eight years of experience writing for movers, real estate, and anything to do with getting from point A to point B. When he’s not finding new ways to save on moving costs, he can be found at home with his cat, binge-watching Marvel movies, and looking for new apartments he can’t afford.
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