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How to Find Moving Companies for Small Moves

Don’t spend time stressing over a smaller move when you can bring in movers who can help. Make moving easier with the best cross-country movers for smaller moves.
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Best Cross Country Movers for Small Moves
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Are you planning on moving to a new home and starting a new chapter of your life in a brand new setting? Whether you’re moving a mile away or several states away, navigating the moving industry can be challenging if you’re not sure where to start.

Let’s look at when you should hire a moving company and discuss some questions homeowners frequently ask about moving across the country.

When to Hire a Moving Company

Many homeowners struggle with one of the first decisions that need to be made once you decide to move – whether or not to hire a moving company or do it yourself.

While many opt for the DIY method for various reasons, typically to save money, hiring movers is beneficial in various situations.

Local vs. Long Distance 

One of the factors to consider going into your move is what type of move you’re dealing with. Local moving may be easier to handle on your own, but local moving companies offer protection and insurance to cover broken, damaged or lost items during your move.

Even though a local move is easier in theory, other aspects of the move may require professional movers, such as loading appliances.

A long-distance move is a bit more complex and homeowners are more likely to choose a cross country moving company due to how much goes into completing the move.

Van lines, which are companies that provide services throughout the nation, make it easy to get moves organized and settled even if you’re moving several states away.

Moving Heavy or Valuable Belongings

Appliances, sculptures, furniture, and other items in the home will need to be handled carefully in order to avoid damaging items or causing injuries while loading and unloading them.

These professionals have experience in maneuvering heavier appliances and furniture, even disassembling and reassembling them if they cannot fit through doorways.

Heavy items and other belongings, such as valuables, can be loaded using specialized equipment that movers are trained to use safely and efficiently, making it easy to load moves and get all of your belongings to the specified destination of your cross country move.

Rush Deliveries

If you have to complete your move within a strict deadline, chances are that things will go much quicker with a reputable moving company on your side. Making a move across the country isn’t easy, and things can go wrong in the blink of an eye.

Moving companies provide you with an experienced and highly trained team of professionals that can swiftly get items loaded and to your new home.

They know how to stay on track and save you from delays and issues that could cause frustration and lead to further problems.

Why Hire Cross Country Movers?

1. Save time

Even a small load of household belongings can be tedious to pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack. By working with movers, you avoid the frustration of preparing for the move and don’t have to worry about transporting your items on your own.

Movers provide various services, including packing, disassembly, auto transport, special handling, unpacking, and more – all of which take the hassle away from you and turn responsibility over to the professionals. If you work with the right moving company, you’ll barely have to lift a finger on the day of your move.

2. Reduce stress

With everything that needs to be taken care of when organizing a move, things can get pretty stressful. Big life changes can result in a whirlwind of emotions and complications that lead to increased stress and difficulty performing tasks and errands.

Moving professionals reduce the stress of the process significantly, allowing you to sit back and relax while they handle the worst of the work. With their help, you can handle all of the other important parts of your move with higher efficiency instead of trying to balance everything on your head.

3. Increased safety

There are three main components of a move – preparing, loading, and unloading. Each step of the process can be made much safer and productive by working with professional movers, so you can take care of more of the important details while the moving team handles everything else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know some of the benefits of working with moving companies, let’s explore some questions that can help clarify things further for homeowners.

What moving fees can I expect to encounter?

Fees vary from company to company, so you may need to do a bit of research or look at customer feedback to get an idea of any fees you may be charged when working with the movers of your choice.

Many companies provide homeowners with a free quote, which can be used to compare movers and choose the company that fits within your budget and provides the services you need to complete your move. Some of the typical fees you may encounter include:

Guaranteed Arrival

Moving companies are different in various ways, including the window of time specified for deliveries. Time frames can span a month, leaving you wondering where your items are and unable to speed up the process. Guaranteed delivery ensures that your belongings arrive on a specified date, but this service can add to your expenses.

Long Carry

A long carry fee is a fee that is charged when movers must traverse a farther-than-normal distance to move items between the vehicle and your home.

Flight/Elevator Charge

A flight charge is when movers must go up or downstairs to get items loaded onto the vehicle, which means you could be paying for each flight of stairs taken during your move. If your building has an elevator, you may avoid a flight fee but can still be charged an elevator fee.

Appliance Charge

Appliance charges are applied when refrigerators and other appliances in the home, like washing machines, need to be transported. Movers can remove them from the home and reinstall them once they arrive at your new home.

Storage in Transit

While delays can be costly for your move, the same can be said for early deliveries or delays that are out of your control, such as the home not being ready when movers arrive. Storage in transit, or SIT, a fee will be applied when the moving company must store your belongings due to delays.

Should I move items on my own? 

Moving items on your own can be beneficial in some ways and detrimental in others – especially when it concerns insurance for your items.

Moving companies provide partial coverage of items depending on the weight of the shipment as well as the specific company’s policies, so your items can be replaced or repaired with less hassle if anything goes wrong.

Handling a move on your own can leave you vulnerable to accidents, damage, and injuries that make the moving process difficult and cost you time and money. Small moves may be handled without a moving team, but it is better to err on the side of caution and use professional movers.

When you make the decision to move into a new home, knowing when you should use the moving services of a professional company is one of the key ways to make the moving experience hassle-free and simple.

There are plenty of moving companies that provide full-service move assistance, allowing you to get as much or as little help as you need on your household move.

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