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How To Find Moving Labor Faster

The best method to locating good moving labor is to obtain quotes from various moving labor services, make a comparison of the same and perform some other series of rigorous research. Ensure the tasks are completed early enough to allow time for screening process to hire the right people.
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How To Find Moving Labor Faster?
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Moving labor services often fall between arranging a DIY move and hiring full-service cross country movers. Hiring moving labor can just be the greatest option for you, especially when you understand that not only will you not be able to gather as much as enough friends to take care of the heavy and large belongings of your next move.

Continue reading to determine everything you should know about the ways to quickly get moving labor while making the best decision.

Moving Labor vs. Full-Service Movers at Glance

A DIY move involves taking care of the entire steps mentioned above by yourself, right from packing your household items and renting a moving truck to driving, loading, unloading, and unpacking. Then, also there exist full-service movers, who can take care of the whole process for you – the truck inclusive. Moving labor providers sit in the middle. With them, you will rent the moving truck on your own, and they will provide all the labor needed to load and unload your household goods and furniture. 

There are moving labor providers that also render services like packing, hauling, and unpacking, which mean the customer only has to rent a moving truck. Using services of labor only company can be more expensive than a self-move, but not as expensive as a full-service move. You can save lots of time, stress, and sometimes, money, when you go for moving labor. 

Types of Moving Labor Services you can get

Packing: Packing the whole of your household belongings for a move consumes more time. Also, you need to have your goods packed in advance of your move, unless you want to spend the whole of your moving day tossing items into moving boxes and bags. Hiring a moving labor provider for packing services can save a significantly huge amount of time and stress, reducing some of the stress of relocating. 

Furniture disassembly and assembly: If you are moving oversized, large, and heavy furniture or other belongings that will be difficult to fit through your doorways without struggling, you will need to properly get them disassembled. If you are uncertain about how to do that, or just don’t want to experience the stress, you can hire moving labor helpers to disassemble large, heavy furniture for easier moving. 

Loading and unloading: Loading an entire household into a moving vehicle takes a lot of work. If you are not familiar with this type of labor, if you couldn’t move heavy loads due to physical challenges, or if you just don’t know how to safely and securely handle the loading of a truck (or whether you have the necessary tools and equipment to handle it), a moving labor provider will assist you as needed to load everything onto the moving truck and secure it for the move without causing injury or damage.  

Truck driving: You will need to get a moving truck rental when you hire a moving labor company – but you may also not know that you don’t mandatorily have to drive it. Truck driving is a great service offered by some of the best moving labor providers. You rent the moving truck, they will handle the driving. If you don’t have the plan to drive a huge moving truck, try to hire a moving labor company to handle the driving for you. 

How to find Moving Assistance

So, if you need assistance with the loading of a truck, transporting furniture, unloading your belongings at your destination, or doing any other major moving task, you can get moving helpers to take on the tasks for you.

Follow these steps to find the best moving labor fast:

  • Obtain moving quotes –  from many moving labor companies and make a comparison of their rates and terms.
  • Read customer reviews –  to determine the moving helpers near you that can be relied on and the ones you should completely avoid.
  • Equipment – Check the list of equipment and business credentials of various labor service providers.
  • Reach out to 3 or 4 moving labor companies –  that seem perfect for your needs (and budget) and talk about your moving needs in comprehensive detail. Find out their availability at the time you preferred for your move, give them specific moving help you need (furniture moving, unloading services, and so on), and let them know of any special needs or preferences you may have (including potential obstacles). Find out their process of settling disputes and damage claims resolution (in case moving laborers damage your belongings or property). Does the moving help provider provide any coverage? What options do you have about insurance? 
  • Pick the best moving laborers – for your need – reliable, affordable, licensed, and trustworthy moving labor helpers – and book them;
  • Review – When the task is completed, leave them a review to rate your moving helper’s services and help other prospective customers in need of moving help locate reliable moving laborers. 

Hiring Moving Labor: Bonus Tips

  1. Book your moving labor services before your move – at least 14 days before your moving date – to be certain that you will get relocation assistance needed at the most convenient time ever.
  2. Get everything essential ready for your moving helpers to be able to commence work immediately they arrive at your home.
  3. Provide better protection to your belongings and your property (unless you have asked for these services from our hired moving labor experts).
  4. Make sure your rented moving truck is on-site before your moving helpers arrive to begin work.

Remember to tip your moving laborers for a good job done.


What is the meaning of Moving Labor?

Moving labor companies provide labor for particular parts of your move, like packing boxes and loading rental vehicles. These professionals offer varieties of services and you can pick the services you specifically need to complete your move. The major distinction between moving labor providers and full-service movers is that you must provide the rental truck when you are using moving helps. Generally, hiring a moving labor provider costs more than doing the move yourself, but is less expensive than a full-service move.

How much should I spend on moving labor? 

Answers gotten from mover-communities concerning the amount you should spend on your movers shows that your labor cost should be around 28% to 35% of your gross, and should never pass 40% of gross. If you need to increase your prices or spend less on labor, then do so. These figures exclude you from being on the rental truck. 

Can you hire a mover to help you relocate?

Movers can do any size of the job you give them, such as packing boxes, assembling and disassembling pieces, transporting items, and unloading belongings. Luckily, many professional movers can take on the job for you. 

Can you pay a mover to move your goods?

Yes, you can hire movers to move one shipment. Single-item movers are often willing to provide a quote, which will possibly be based on some factors.  

How much should I pay a mover to help move?

You can budget around $25 to $50 per hour for a full-service relocation. This includes services like packing and unpacking and all tasks in between. Moving a regular four-bedroom home will normally take 10 hours on the average to complete, or around 8 to 12 hours.  

How much per hour should I pay a mover?

Prepare to pay around $60 to $80 per hour for professional movers. Remember that these hourly rates are charged whether the movers are packing your goods, carrying them, or driving from one point to another – and that rates may change based on whether you live in a city area or a highly rural area.


There is no particular good source for moving labor assistance. You must do the entire work to determine what works best for your needs. It is not easy to get good help and is one of the toughest parts of the moving business. But, with the above tips, you should hire the best.

The best bet is to check our well-research top moving labor companies and request quotes from them. Good luck!

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