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How To Find Out of State Movers For Small Loads

Working only with reputable moving companies is essential to a successful move. Even if it’s a small load, learn how to make it easier on yourself.
How To Find Out Of State Movers For Small Loads

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Finding out of state movers can be sometimes tricky and demanding. This is one of the reasons we take our time to research tips as well as reputable out of state moving companies to help you with the process.

Our movers can help you move your newly purchased piano, a few home appliances, furniture items, or the goods in a studio apartment.

You can make quick arrangements with the local or interstate mover for this small size move instead of going for truck or storage container rental.

With a small load or one item movers, they will load your possessions with other customer’s own to fill the moving truck, save on gas, reduce moving costs, and accommodate your budget even if you are hiring them to move a single item.

For your upcoming small shipment move, you will find this moving guide very useful as it will help you in making the right decisions about your options, locate trustworthy mini shipment movers, and plan a stress-free move.

What does a Small Load Move mean?

Any move that is below 2000-lbs in the moving industry is referred to as a small load move. Moving a one-bedroom apartment is definitely a small load move. Small load movers also transport hot tubs, furniture, household appliances, pianos, and other items.

Moving an average dorm or college student can also be regarded as small moves. Generally, a move is considered a small shipment if the overall shipment weight is below one ton. Click here to obtain a free quote from our specialized professional small load movers now.

Where to locate Small Load Movers?

One thing is sure, whether your small move is taking you short or long distance: you will need a reliable and reputable long distance moving company to handle the job in a fast and affordable manner.

Below is some help on how to locate highly reputable and affordable movers in your current location: 

1. Record every Single Item to be moved

Create a full inventory of the things you are committing into the hands of the movers. Even if the items you are moving are not much, be sure to record every single detail about the items on paper, such as the current condition of each item.

It is also a smart move to take multiple photos of your items as they will be helpful if you need to file a claim against your small load movers in case there is a loss or damage to any of your things while in their care. 

2. Recommendations

Talk to your friends or family to see if any of them has previously used a mover to transport their small belongings from one place to another. Note that recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues can really go a long way, so make sure you dig the recommended companies carefully. Make a list of those moving companies you’ve been recommended for further digging. 

3. Read Reviews about the Companies

You are now ready to perform little research. Look for customer reviews and the performance history of the local or interstate movers you have on your list. In case you don’t have any recommendations, just proceed to the trusted database of movers’ reviews and directly see what people have experienced from the movers in your area.

You will get to understand what your expectations should be from the small load moving companies in your area through their reviews. 

4. Discuss your Move with your Mover

Talk about the details of your small move with your preferred movers (such as additional services, liability coverage, transportation requirements, pick-up and delivery days, possible challenges, and so on), and all the negotiated terms and conditions are properly indicated on the Bill of Lading.

Do not sign a moving contract until clearly understand and agree with all the terms and conditions stated. 

5. Get Several Quotes

Obtain multiple moving quotes for your small load move. Talk to few small shipment movers and make a comparison of their quotes which include the price, quality of moving service (experience, storage options, liability coverage, relevant equipment, and so on), and how convenient their service is (moving timeline, available additional services, and their rates, and so on).

You can get your small shipment move calculated by using our free moving estimator as it is quick and easy. 

6. Verify the mover

The next step here is to find out the legal status of the moving companies you have on your list after going through multiple reviews on them. Check and validate the company’s USDOT numbers provided by the United States Department of Transportation.

Average Cost of Small Load Move

Moving small shipments locally can cost about $200 to $500 on the cheapest end for a short move. Your move is likely to pass the company’s minimum regardless of how few your household belongings are.

You may only be moving a single piano down a flight of stairs, but the moving company will have to cover the cost of sending their moving crews to go and handle the moving for you.

First, ask the mover about the minimum cost, moving crew size, or hourly rate when obtaining moving quotes from them. 

Interstate small load moves can be done for just $999 but may be based on your moving route’s popularity. The moving company will be able to fill the remaining space on the moving truck if you are traveling to a popular destination.

The process is somewhat difficult if you are transporting fewer shipments to another part of the country to a remote area that is only accessible off major highway routes.

Here are the extra services that can increase your moving price: 

1. Professional packing service

Hiring professional packers will be expensive and involve a packing team to spend a whole day packing all your household stuff for you perfectly. Having professionals pack your china cabinets, highly valuable artwork, TVs, or other valuables is cheaper and worth it.

Packing services can mean different things, so make sure you get clarification on how your price is affected by the service. Will the moving company send just one mover to your home for packing your entire household stuff or an entire packing crew? 

2. Flight of stairs

This should be popular; however, it is a cost that still surprises most people. These types of the move will be more expensive as moving your furniture item from the 4th floor down a flight of stairs with no elevator to the moving truck will be more difficult and thus cost you a premium. 

3. Difficult parking location

If there is no much parking space for your moving truck, the mover will be tasked to carry your items from a certain distance where they packed the moving truck to your home, thereby increasing the working timeline and leading to more cost on your end.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a small move involve?

A small move involves sending a few belongings to someone, relocating a small shop, store, or office, relocating to a college or University, transporting few furniture items and some moving boxes to another country, or moving to an assisted home center. 

How much will shipping your stuff to another state cost?

How much will I pay to ship my moving boxes to another state? You should expect to pay between $1.50 and $2.50 per mile as your cost of shipping through a moving company, shipping service, marketplace, or freight option. 

How do you move a less quantity of items?

Below are 8 ways you can save cost on your upcoming long-distance move: 

  1. Go for the rental of a portable moving container. 
  2. Look for free moving boxes and supplies. 
  • Rent a moving truck. 
  1. Use a freight trailer.
  2. Choose a flexible moving date.
  3. Ship your stuff.
  • Have your employer pay for the transition.
  • Hire moving labor.

How can I calculate the loads of a small move?

We recommend you have a moving professional handle the accurate weight estimation of all the household goods you are moving as they are well trained for it. So, you can simply and easily get a rough estimate of your small move items.

Below are some methods to calculate it yourself: your refrigerator is 45 cubic-feet if it measures 3ft x 2.5ft x 6ft. The majority of movers estimate the weight of household shipments at 7-lbs per cubic foot. This means the fridge is estimated 315-lbs (45cbat -ft. by 7-lbs). 

The perfect way to determine the weight is to visit a registered truck shop and weigh the moving truck on a specialty scale, although this is not really necessary. On the other hand, you may just settle for an estimated 1500-lbs of items in each room in your home.

If you are moving just a small bedroom or live in a small apartment with less furniture, then your move should not weigh more than 2000-lbs and thus qualify for a small move.


Small size moves allow a cost-effective and much personalized moving solution to transport the partial shipment to another part of the country. You just need to understand the basics of small load moves and pick the best small shipment out of state movers. We will appreciate it if you can share any contrary opinions, past experiences, or future plans in the comment box below.

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