How to Move Across the Country

Saving money on cross-country moves can seem impossible! We’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of the methods anyone can save money with cross-country moving tips from industry professionals.
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Guide How to Move Across the Country
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Getting ready to plan and execute a cross-country move can be a very time-consuming, expensive process for folks looking to set themselves up in a new city. However, while it can be difficult, stressful, and can take some time to get planned out and budgeted for, it doesn’t have to be impossible. When thinking of how to move across the country, there are several things that folks can do to make the whole process easier on themselves.

Does this sound like something you are getting ready for? If so, you are not alone. Countless families go through the same thing every year and face the same set of challenges as they work out how to get ready for their cross-country move.

What can you do to make moving across the country a little easier? Why not begin by taking some expert cross-country moving tips into account, which could prove to make the whole experience much more forgiving and simpler for you as you move.

Preparing For a Cross-Country Move

Moving from one end of the country to another will certainly end up costing you more than if you were simply moving to a location in the same town, or even in the same state. Don’t worry, though – there are ways that families getting ready for large moves can save a good deal of money on their moving expenses if they are clever about it.

When preparing and making plans for your big moving day, think about using some of these easy tips in order to stretch your moving budget as far as it will allow.

1. Get rid of belongings you don’t want or need anymore.

Obviously, the more things anyone planning a move would like to bring with them, the more room they are going to need, which is going to cost more money. If you want to save as much money as possible on your move, one of the biggest things you can do is simply consider getting rid of some stuff you don’t want or need anymore.

Got some stuff gathering dust that might be able to be used by someone else? Think about selling it online or at a garage sale. This is a brilliant way to get rid of that extra stuff and make a little extra cash for your move at the same time. After all, when thinking about how to move across the country, every bit of “found” money will help.

2. Can you arrange your move so that it happens during moving companies’ off-season?

If possible, look into moving during the colder months of the year rather than planning a move in the middle of the spring or summer. The winter months are typically going to be the off-season for most moving companies, and you will be able to snag some hefty discounts when moving this way as compared to if you had tried to move during the busiest moving times of the year.

3. Don’t be afraid to obtain more than one quote from movers.

Often, shopping around for moving companies before just settling on the first one is the best way to go about getting a price on your move that works best for your moving budget. While you might like the first moving company you get an estimate from, resist the urge to book with them right away.

The best course of action is to try to get multiple price estimates from moving companies in the area. Try to obtain quotes on your move from at least three different companies, and then sit down and compare the quotes. This will ultimately allow you to end up choosing the moving company that fits best with the budget.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask about potential discounts on the move.

Don’t forget: Some moving companies offer discounts depending on the time of year and other factors. For example, active or past-duty military members might be able to qualify for a military discount on their move. Discounts might also be available depending on the season, so don’t neglect to ask if there are any potential discounts you could take advantage of over the course of the move.

5. To really save money, see if it is worth it to handle moving on your own.

It is no secret that the most affordable way to move is to simply rent a moving truck and handle the whole process on your own. However, there is a lot of effort you will have to take into account should you decide to do things this way.

For example, you will be responsible for renting and transporting the moving truck, loading up all of your things on your own, transporting them cross-country to your new home, and then unloading everything before turning the rented moving vehicle back in. If you can find some help from friends or family during this process, it will make it a lot easier on you – as well as on your moving budget.

6. Look for free or cheap moving materials.

Everyone needs moving materials when planning a big move, and these include things like moving boxes, packing tape, and more. While folks planning moves could simply go out and buy all of this material from a big-box retail shop, there are usually always ways to get these items for free or at reduced costs.

For example, one could always reach out to retail stores to see if they have any extra cardboard boxes that they are not using. Chances are, they will be happy to provide you with empty boxes so that they don’t have to deal with crushing them at the end of the night. Items like packing tape can frequently be found on the cheap at discount stores, so savvy folks can keep an eye out for free or reduced cost moving items as they prepare for their big moving day.

7. Try to put a moving checklist together in order to save as much time as possible.

Moving requires much forethought and planning to make the move go over painlessly. Because of this, any move (whether it is from one coast to the other or even just across the street) can be made so much easier with a solid plan in place. To make sure everything is planned out to a “T”, simply utilize a moving checklist to make sure everything is going according to plan.

You can find some moving checklists already made online which you can print up and utilize, or you can make your own personal checklist. Make sure you have all of your important items and goals on it, and check them off as you go down the list. This can help anyone planning a move keep everything straight in their head, so they don’t lose track of where they are at in the process of preparing for the move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like any other topic, there are several questions commonly asked by people who are planning moves across the country. Got a question of your own? Take a look at this list of inquiries on the topic of how to move across the country to see if it might already have an answer waiting to be discovered.

Can my moving expenses be considered tax-deductible?

There are some situations in which your move could be considered this way. For example, if you are moving for active-duty relocation in the military, then it is most certainly going to be able to be tax-deductible. If you are moving for work, there is a chance it could be tax-deductible. You can visit the IRS’ website and use their tax-assistance software to see if your move might be able to be considered tax-deductible.

When is the cheapest time of the year to plan a move?

The cheapest time of the year to be planning a move is typically during the winter months, when most moving companies see a drastic reduction in business. Considered the off-season for the majority of movers, you will typically be able to see a much smaller cost to move in this time of year compared to the spring or summer months, when seemingly everyone is working on planning moves.

How do I estimate moving costs?

There are a few ways you can go about doing this, as it is crucial that you have a good idea of what your move is going to cost you before you sign any papers or make any official plans. To get an idea of what the moving day price might be, think about checking out the average moving cost for the size of your current home.

Conversely, you can have cross country movers come out, take a look at your home and belongings, along with how far you are planning on moving, and have them calculate the expected cost for you. This approach allows you to shop around with different movers to find the best price for your move.

Getting Ready For Moving Day

It doesn’t have to be hard to plan out an affordable move – just some forethought and knowing what to do to maximize the amount of cash you can save when the big day comes around. With these tips on how to move across the country efficiently and affordably, you should find it simple to get your cross-country move underway and have some extra cash in your pocket when you finally arrive at your new home.

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