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How To Prepare To Move Out Of The State

Out-of-state moves can get pricey and complicated, so make yours simple. With the right preparations, you can work to make your out-of-state move that much easier on yourself.
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How To Prepare To Move Out Of The State
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It might be that you just got a new job, or you want to have a taste of life in on a different level. To this end, you are about to move to a new state.

If this is your first time, you must be very nervous and find it a little bit challenging because you do not know how to go about it. You only need to relax and get help from this guide.

Lucky for you, today we have decided to provide you with relatively simple steps you can take when you want to move out of your state. We compiled this list to make sure you have a perfect first-time experience.

Guide for a smooth move to the new state of your choice

Plan Your Move Early

This is the first and most crucial point to be considered. It doesn’t only have to do with long-distance moves; it also applies to short and local moving. There are many things that can be achieved by making your plans as early as possible.

This will give you ample time to sort out your belongings as well as the other things needed for the success of the move.

The best option is always to try as much as possible to choose a date months before the actual move date. It is always easier for you to gather the list of everything you need.

Try placing it at the back of your mind that you cannot afford to get it wrong. Let your first time be as decent as possible. Some of the things you can plan on the first move are the out of state moving companies you will shortlist to help with your move, the supplies you need to get, the date you choose to move among other things.

Start Your Search For A New Place

This point might sound a little funny, but it is something you need to actualize. Do not only wish to live outside your current state. You also need to find a suitable home for yourself.

This should come together with the first point which has to do with planning. Get your phone and make the necessary inquiries. You should also be able to find very nice homes over the internet and have a deal made.

In fact, this could be your opportunity to find a home where you would pay less compared to where you currently stay for a larger space. As much as it could be an opportunity, it could also be a downside as you might find the cost of living in the new state a bit overpriced, or higher than what you currently pay. Try to factor this into your bills, so you know what to expect.

Start Preparing The Mover You Want to Hire

This is one of the benefits of starting all these processes early. You will have the time to review a lot of websites that offer long-distance and interstate moves.

Gather as much information from the websites you see over the internet, but you should be able to use your discretion in knowing which of them are fake and which are real.

The best way is first to try to search for any local company around you that offers interstate moving services, and have been tested and trusted.

The reason for reviewing and selecting a lot of companies is for you to get as much information as you can and also get moving quotes from various companies so that you can compare prices and settle for the best.

One thing you should also know is that you will need to confirm the authenticity of most of these companies so that you don’t end up being scammed. Review the list you have and select the best companies based on a number of criteria. Insurance and license are one of them.

Use The Opportunity To Clean Up Your Current Home

Moving time is usually the best time to sort out all of your items and declutter or purge yourself of everything you no longer need. Your dresses and your items should be brought out to a place where you can see them clearly.

It would also make sense for you to take an inventory of all you have. Having an inventory helps you realize that there are lots of items you really don’t need, but you still keep. So seize the moment and adjust the entirety of your belongings.

Once you have decided to declutter, you are to sort out things you still want to keep, the things you want to give out, and the things you want to throw away. Try as much as possible to reduce the number of things you will be taking into your new home.

It will be healthier for you, and you also get to reduce the amount you have to pay on items you carry. You will be very happy with yourself after you reduce your junk load significantly.

Run Some Research On Your New State

Most people live out this part. Take for instance; you decide to live in California, because of the things you have seen and heard about the place without paying attention to what area, in particular, you will be living, you might regret your actions very soon. Please, always make it a point of duty to always research the area and environment of the new state.

Check out what residents say about the state you wish to live in. Be security conscious and ask about the security level of the place. You don’t want to rent your home in a place where you would always be afraid of going to it every day.

Apart from security, try to find out how accessible other places are. Check for things like gas stations, grocery stores, schools for your kids, and many other things.

Understand how they operate, how they pay tax. How the weather is during winter, is it extreme cold, or as mild as your current area. These little details are the things that will make your experience an enjoyable or regrettable one.

The truth is, you might be overly excited about moving at first, but when you see that the new state is not as interesting as your current area, that excitement turns down almost immediately.

Plan A Visit To Your New State

Once you have decided on the state you wish to live in and the particular neighborhood too, you really should go and check out the place.

It is essential for you to see where you intend living, and not just trust the pictures you see from the agent or word of mouth. Before getting you to sign any papers, you must be very familiar with the place and know your way around.

If you have given yourself enough time to plan, you should be able to plan more than one visit to the place. It will go a long way in giving you confidence in your new home.

It will also give you an idea of some of the necessary things you might need to add or remove. You don’t want to end up regretting the place you have chosen, try as much as possible to do the needful and you will glad for yourself.

Try Sourcing For Alternatives

We understand that the first thing that comes to your mind when you need to move out of your state is to hire interstate movers. This is very good, but have you tried other alternatives? There are many other alternatives that are even cheaper to interstate moving services.

Face the fact and do not be deceived, interstate moves can be quite expensive, and if you are on a budget, you might not be able to afford it.

An excellent alternative would be to rent moving containers instead. For these containers, you can be looking at spending 2000 to 3000 USD. The pricing is fluid; what this means is that you will be asked to pay for the duration of time and the size of the container only.

If that is not fine with you, you can try out another alternative. You should be able also to rent a moving truck and drive it to the state yourself.

There are many reputable truck rental companies that offer great prices that would beat the regular full-service cross country moving companies, and you get to save a lot of dollars doing so too.

One last thing, if you are moving all your household items or belongings, it would be in your best interest to hire a freight trailer instead of a full-service interstate moving company. These are some of the best alternatives you can try out to help yourself when on a budget.

Inform Others About Your Move

Part of keeping a proper profile is to inform those that need to know about your plans to leave your current state. You should have good friends, colleagues, family members and a host of other people you might want to tell.

The odds that you will be offered help from some of your friends are very high. It is also a great time to bond and share your last memories.

There are several ways to let them know. You can call each of them and see how they receive the news. You can also send them a text or an email. Don’t forget to add useful information like the new address, your moving date, and probably how you wish the move should go.

Get the essential documents and Licenses

A new place certainly means new rules and new methods of operation. So, when you move to an entirely new state, the first thing you want to do is to find out about the requirements of the state.

Never assume that they are the same as your previous state. They can be on an entirely different level. Find out the time frame given to new residents to get their driving license and act accordingly.

You can also transfer your driver’s license from your state to the new state, but you must follow the procedure, which is slightly different with each state. Apart from the license, there are other documents you will need to have with you.

Documents like the proof of your SSN (social security number), proof of residency, and a form through which you can be identified.

It doesn’t end there; you also have to buy a pet license if you have pets. There are places you have to go to have your pet registered. The time frame is usually within a month plus an additional one week at most. The registration is very important so the pets can be treated, so they don’t infect others.

Factor in Your Utilities Into the Move

You need to be very attentive to this detail; it is something you can easily forget if you do not plan properly. So you need to set a reminder for yourself. Your basic utility in the house are things you will need in your new home, so you need to find a way to move them to your new apartment.

Your best option is to plan a date where everything will be moved to your new home and reinstalled. Your internet, cable, water, gas, security system, and a whole lot more are utilities. If you already have an address, you can forward it to them so they can commence work and you will move to your new home without worry.


Moving to another state is another experience; it is quite different from moving just some blocks away or moving within the same state. As such, you have to be on your best behavior to make it a successful one. You might not get the chance to repeat the situation, so you have to make it count. With the tips provided above, we believe you should be able to pull off a very good move.

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