How To Reorganize A Small Room

Small areas can be difficult to organize, but not impossible. Save some room with easy tips on how you can organize a smaller space much more efficiently.
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Everyone knows what a pain it is to have to live in an apartment with a small room, well everyone except royals, superstars, the rich… okay, seems like the statement that “everyone knows” is incorrect, some folks don’t know what it feels like to have to make do with a small room, but you do, else you would not be reading this article right now, hoping that I actually have an idea that would help you reorganize your small room, because “everyone” knows that the only thing worse than having to put up with living in a small room is having to endure the pain of living in a disorganized small room, devoid of space and lacking any semblance of beauty.

As it stands you have two choices, get new accommodation elsewhere, order some moving quotes and move your things to a more spacious apartment or make do with what you have. If you want to make do with what you have, read on for some amazing tips.

So, you want to reorganize, finally make something beautiful out of your space, and bring a sense of organization to your room? The first problem anyone that wants to reorganize a small room encounters is the problem of space, how can you move the furniture without getting things cluttered up? And how can you make sure that it doesn’t all end up looking like a mess after the effort put into cleaning it up?

Glean from the information below and learn to apply these trusted and tested methods of design and arrangement to make your small room feel like a penthouse.

First of All, Get Some Music Going

Music? Really? Is that like a thing? Yes, totally! Do not underestimate the power of your favorite lyrics, rhythms or beats while you face challenges, and what you’re about to undertake is a challenge, you want to bend the rules of chaos and bring order, in a small space no less, you need back up and there’s nothing better than some music to get your mind running with creative energy to become master of your space and reorganize your small room.

Next, Get Some Help

Yeah, you read that right, get some help. Except you’re a superhuman and can move a bedpost all by yourself, you’re going to need some help. Those furniture and heavy boxes are not going to move, you’re going to have to move them, and having help would be great.

With that purpose safely in mind, why not get some friends to help you in reorganizing your small room? Look at it this way, they’d be able to assist you to lift heavy stuff, and you would make some great memories in the process, dusting and sweeping and whatnot, all while swapping stories of events that have occurred in the week; whoever said friends cannot connect outside of social media?

Move All Furniture Out of Your Room

Not just the furniture, everything in your room. The idea is to create an empty palette in which you would create your own version of the order. In the spirit of moving all things out of the room, do ensure that you store small objects and easily displaced materials in a safe place, like a box or plastic bag.

I would advise that you empty the room starting from the door outwards, this allows for space to move about and prevents knocking over or in more terrible events stumbling over pieces of furniture that might be in the way.

Draw Up a Crude Design of What You Would Like your room to look like

There’s nothing worth achieving that’s ever been achieved without a plan, whether it’s a plan to follow or one to ignore, there’s got to be a plan. So draw something up, put your bed, ottoman, and wardrobe in different positions.

Design your perfect idea of a room. Allow yourself a creative breath of fresh air, and when you’re done with that, you’re ready to begin with the next step.

Clean Up Your Room

Sweep away all debris and dirt that’s been hidden under your bed and furniture, or vacuum, whichever one’s your preference, the point is to make your room sparkling clean and free from any form of dirt.

A clean palette is the best. Ask any artist and they would tell you as much, except you ask my cousin, don’t ask my cousin, he’s no artist (don’t tell him I said that).

Paint The Ceiling of Your Room

Now, this is not a completely necessary step to take, I mean painting? That’s stressful and you’d have to buy some paint and tools that you’d probably never need after this single use.

But if you want to give your small room that feels of a large space, painting your ceiling is a nice trick to employ, the painting of the ceiling somehow convinces the brain that it’s in a bigger space than it actually is in.

Don’t stare at me, I didn’t inform the human brain to evolve with weird quirks like loving a ceiling painted in light tones.

Paint the walls of Your Room a Light Color

Okay, what’s it with the brain and colors? I don’t know, and since you’ve probably gone out and gotten some paint and tools to paint your ceiling, you may as well make use of them again. Pfft! You thought you’d only use them once, didn’t you? Tools are for a lifetime, you never know when you would need them again.

Painting your walls a light shade of color works the same way as painting your roof, since bright colors reflect light, they give off a sense of a large space, warm colors, on the other hand, give a more cozy and closed in vibe which is a cool thing but the direct opposite of what we are trying to achieve here.

Now as stated previously, this is not a requirement to getting your room reorganized, but it would help make it feel bigger than it used to feel. And that’s what’s important here isn’t it? How do you feel when you are in your room right? Yeah, I thought so too. Just be careful to avoid painting your room a garish bright color, that’s never a good move.

Start Rearranging Your Room From the Corner Furthest From the Door

The music is rolling, you have your friends to help, the walls are painted and your room is feeling all new and looking like an empty shell that needs filling. Start filling up your room from the corner furthest from the door.

This logic works the same way as point number three, rearranging everything you removed from your room earlier, starting from the corner furthest from your door, makes allowance for free movement as you bring in your bed and other furniture, and also gives place to a nice flow of arrangement, that avoids potential struggles with navigating objects already placed in your path, which is great in my opinion.

Anchor Your Small Room Layout

This is one piece of advice that some would not agree with, but I personally think it’s the best advice you’re going to see on this page, well one of the best. Place your bed in the center of your most visible wall, most preferably the wall facing the door that opens into your room.

Whenever I see a room with the bed to the wall this way, it strikes up the feeling of a big space in me, and I’m sure a lot of other people think the same way. But if that’s not your thing, and you would rather have your bed in a corner with its longest length along the wall, then do what works for you.

But centralizing my bed works for me. Arrange everything else with respect to the position of your bed.

Leave Out Everything You Don’t Need

Rule of thumb: a small room should not be cluttered with the furniture you don’t use and things you don’t need. Even a really big room would do better without useless objects and stuff lying around.

Try to pack all the things you don’t need or things you don’t use and give them out or throw them out; whichever option you choose, just free your room of the clutter and leave those “things” out.

Think Fewer Furniture

A combination of few but big furniture would always look better than one of small but many furniture. Try optimizing your space, by employing the use of fewer furniture, instead of having a nightstand, a table, and a drawer, get a big drawer that doubles as a nightstand and can be used as a table.

Arrange your room using this thought pattern, and the result is sure to wow you and any visitors that might happen to see your newly transformed space.

Make Use of the Space Under Your Bed and Behind the Door

If you happen to have a bed with space underneath it (you know, bedposts holding your bed up and all) then there’s a lot you can do with space under your bed. It can be redesigned with drawers to hold your out of season clothes, or dirty laundry, you can have a sliding shoe rack compartment build into it or even just slide your box of clothes and shoes underneath it and out of sight.

The back of your door is also a good place to hang mirrors, bags and the likes, a perfect place for hanging things without looking like you’re simply laying things about your wall.

Make Use of Your Wall

Talking about laying things on your wall, you can totally reorganize your small room to give more room, by making use of your walls, you can add shelves to your wall, instantaneously creating space.

The fact that you do not have a lot of ground space does not negate the amount of space available to you on your walls. Instead of having a bookshelf taking up your ground space, you could simply add shelves to the walls framing the corner of your room, and voila! You have space on the floor of your room to move about while artfully stacking all your books in a beautiful corner.

Thinking in this direction can lead to a whole set of ideas that would give more space for movement in your room, but be careful, you can overuse your wall, and make it into a messy looking collage of wall shelves that would detract from the whole organized and spacious feel you’re going for. So think vertical, and stack up, but don’t stack up too much.

Get a Wardrobe

You might already have one, but if you don’t, investing in a wardrobe of the right size is never a wrong move. An open wardrobe or one with a zip for doors would be perfect as it wouldn’t have doors that need opening.

You can free up more space by making good use of a wardrobe. Hang your clothes and compartmentalize your wardrobe partitions for specific cloth pieces for easy navigation of your clothes and shoes.

Want to Stick to Using Drawers? Arrange Your Clothes Vertically

Fold and arrange your clothes in your drawer vertically this allows for you to keep 50% more clothes in your drawer and also allows you to easily access your clothes without having to scatter the clothes on top to get to the ones beneath.

Also as a bonus tip for optimizing drawers, use dividers between different cloth pieces to keep your drawer organized, shorts in one compartment, and shirts in another, stuff like that.

Use Baskets

Do you still have things that can’t be thrown away but would be considered ugly or make your room unorganized? Use colorful baskets to store them away from sight, all dirty laundry and junk you want to keep can be hidden away in a beautiful basket and no one would be the wiser.

Keep Cleaning Up

You’ve done a nice job reorganizing your small room to look better, it would be great if you keep it that way. Keep things in their places, and continue to keep your room clean. A cleanroom inevitably looks more spacious, like a penthouse.

There you have it, my guide to reorganizing your small room and as a bonus, some tips along the way to make it feel bigger than it actually is. Have fun getting your chaos in order.

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