How To Throw A Housewarming Party On A Budget

What better way to say welcome than with a housewarming party? Learn all you need to know about throwing a great party without breaking the bank.
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How To Throw A Housewarming Party On A Budget
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These days, a house just isn’t even a home without a good housewarming party.

A housewarming party makes the newcomers feel welcomed. Whether you’re throwing it for yourself or for a friend, this type of party is always a good idea.

The question is- if you’re the host, where do you even begin?

Well first, just make sure to unpack. The best cross country movers will help you through the moving process, from start to finish, including unpacking all those boxes. And before you invite the guests, you’ll want to have everything unpacked to show off your new place.

After that, the party planning can begin. If you’re still unsure about a housewarming party after all the money you just spent on moving, it is possible to throw a big housewarming party on a small budget.

Is it okay to register for a housewarming party?

A registry is a beautiful thing; it’s convenient, it’s useful, and people use it for everything these days. However, ‘everything’ still might not include housewarming gifts.

If you’ve been to a housewarming party where they’ve registered for gifts, that’s great, but since there is no social standard for it, it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Using a registry for a housewarming party risks offending your guests. If you choose to register, you should definitely leave it off the invitation.

A housewarming party registry just isn’t the same as a baby shower or wedding registry. A housewarming gift is voluntary and a means to congratulate/ welcome you. Asking or requiring a gift takes away from the purpose of a housewarming party.

What is the best housewarming gift?

If you’re going to a housewarming party, you should bring a housewarming gift. If you bring a housewarming gift, don’t settle for a typical plant, take a step up.

Chances are the homeowners you’re welcoming will need a few new household items. You can easily wow them by choosing any of these best housewarming gifts.

  • Fancy storage containers: If there are two things that people love it’s an organized home and leftovers. Everyone has Tupperware, but fancy, glass storage containers can make your leftovers go a long way, and truthfully, you can never have enough storage containers.
  • A cozy blanket: Have you ever actually purchased a blanket for yourself? Chances are, no. Blankets are just one of those things people don’t often purchase for themselves, but everyone loves a cozy blanket. There’s no doubt your new neighbor will love this gift.
  • Personalized welcome mat: Nothing says ‘welcome’ like a welcome mat. Personalize one with the family’s last name or a cute saying, and it’s sure to be a housewarming gift that will stay with them through every new home.
  • Tools: Tools seem to be the last thing you pack, but the first thing you need, and getting settled into a new home comes with plenty of little repairs. Tools or a toolkit/ box are a practical housewarming gift that’s sure to get plenty of use.
  • A gift certificate to a local restaurant: The last thing you want to think of when moving into a new home is cooking. Giving a gift certificate to a local restaurant allows your new neighbors to get to know the area and enjoy a free meal- that they didn’t have to cook!
  • Placemat: Placemats are just another one of those things that most people wouldn’t think to purchase, but they make great housewarming gifts. A placemat quickly transforms a simple meal into a 5-star one.
  • Barware: Even if they don’t have a bar per se, everyone enjoys a drink from home every now and then. Give the gift of tumblers, shakers, stirrers, or tall draft glasses, and perhaps you might just inspire your new neighbors to make an in-home bar.
  • Bottle of wine: Would anyone say no to a bottle of wine? This housewarming gift is as classic as it gets, but it’s one they’re sure to actually want, unlike that plant over there.
  • One-time cleaning service: This housewarming gift comes in close 2nd to the restaurant gift certificate. However, the only thing better than a new home is a clean, new home, and even better when you don’t have to clean it yourself.
  • Homemade goods: Then again the best gifts don’t have to be store-bought. Nothing says welcome to the neighborhood like a loaf of homemade bread or cookies. Homemade gifts show that you took the time to make something meaningful and delicious.

What do you do at a housewarming party?

A housewarming party might seem foreign to someone who has never been to one. So your house is a new, big deal?

It’s simple really, a housewarming party is just that- a party. Every party comes with food, games, sometimes gifts, and of course, fun.

At a typical housewarming party, come in, welcome/ congratulate the new faces, bring a gift, enjoy some food, and get to know them.

You might also commonly tour the new home and play a few party games. Some of the best housewarming party games include:

  • Room memory: Guests have 60 seconds to remember everything in a certain room (e.g., what is pictured on the portrait above the bed?)
  • Scavenger hunt: Have guests tour/ explore the home in search of specific items. Take pictures to record (e.g., your favorite t-shirt)
  • If the key fits: A game of pure luck, see which guest can pick the right key for the lock

What is the point of a housewarming party?

It’s always a good reason to throw a party, and a housewarming party is no exception.

Housewarming parties are just another reason to have good people, good food, and good fun together, but the main purpose of a housewarming party is to say welcome.

Soon after moving, new homeowners will typically welcome guests to their new home as a way of presenting it, and getting to know people in the area. Guests will often bring a small gift that may help furnish the home such as a houseplant, baked goods, kitchen supplies, etc.

A housewarming party is informal and simple, but always a good time.

When should I throw a housewarming party?

A housewarming party is like the final step to moving in. The boxes have been moved, your stuff is unpacked, the house is decorated, and you’re ready to show it off a bit.

Although traditionally a housewarming party might be held within the first month or so after moving in, truthfully you can have one at any time. At any point when you feel settled into your new home, is a great time to throw a housewarming party.

For some, this might be 6 months, even a year after moving in, but your guests will enjoy seeing your new home (if they haven’t already) nonetheless.

How do you throw a big party on a budget?

Here’s the dilemma: you just moved and you really want to throw a housewarming party, but with all the money you just spent on moving, how could you afford a party?

The fact is that a housewarming party is one of the easiest and least expensive parties to host; you already have the house, so as far as supplies go, you’re halfway there. Remember the main purpose of a housewarming party is to welcome/ present your new home to your guests, so you really don’t need any fancy decorations, just your house.

With that in mind, there are only a few additional things you might need, food for one, and of course some killer budgeting tips for the best housewarming party ever.

  1. Set a budget: The only way to stay on a budget when planning a housewarming party, is to set a budget. Knowing how much you want to spend upfront will determine what supplies you do and don’t need to buy. 
  1. Set a good date: While typically a housewarming party falls shortly after you have moved in, truthfully, as long as your home is still new and your guests haven’t seen it, you can throw one anytime. If you feel unsteady after the first couple of weeks or months of moving in, you can wait to have the party. Set a date that is reasonable for you and your family, and one that works with your budget. 
  1. Keep the guest list small: A housewarming party should be quaint, more like a shindig than a rager. Your guest list should only include your closest friends. The guest list plays a huge factor in your budget. 
  1. Use free invites: Right in line with the guest list, send free invitations as well. Let’s face it, no one saves their paper invites either. If you’re not doing a simple text invite, choose a free event service. You’d be surprised how much this saves you in the end. 
  1. Ditch the decorations: As mentioned, your home is the most important decoration, and it’s already decorated. So when it comes to this kind of party, there’s no need for party banners, balloons, or any other party supplies to waste your money on. 
  1. Utilize the dollar store: For all other party supplies that you might need, such as paper plates, cups, utensils, etc. the dollar store should be your go-to. You’re only using these materials once, no need to overspend on paper plates. 
  1. Create a cocktail: If you want to serve alcohol at your party, create a large batch cocktail instead of single-service drinks. With a cocktail, your guests can easily come back for more without wasting any. 
  1. Keep the food budget-friendly: Every good party should include food, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Choose budget-friendly bites such as pizza, finger foods, you could even make it a dessert party or a potluck. The food should really be ‘comfort’ food anyway, and nothing says comfort more than homemade food. 
  1. Ambiance over everything: There’s a reason it’s called a housewarming party because the ambiance should be welcoming and warming. Creating the right mood/ ambiance can set the tone for a great party, without breaking the bank. Something as simple as lighting a few candles or playing a good playlist can set the tone for an excellent party. 
  1. Play games: It’s true, fun is free. Party games at a housewarming party give your guests something to do other than tour your new home. The best part is, party games are free.

What are the best housewarming party ideas?

A housewarming party is a great experience for the homeowner. It’s a chance to present their new home to their friends and family; a chance to show off their personality; and a chance to have fun.

While the coup de gras of any housewarming party is the house tour, there are other ways to host a great housewarming party and show off your personal taste a bit.

Without breaking your budget, there are some cute, creative ways to throw the most memorable housewarming party.

  • Paint chip everything: You know all those paint chips you picked up when trying to decide what colors to paint the walls? Turn them into invitations, utensil holders, even a banner for cute, simple, inexpensive décor.
  • Post-it note guestbook: An actual guestbook might be a bit formal for this occasion, but nothing is more informal than a post-it note. Stick them to a wall for your guests to give you their best wishes.
  • Leave the door open: When it comes to your housewarming party, the more, the merrier. Leave the door open to create a truly ‘warming’ environment.
  • Give party favors: For a unique twist, try giving your guests a gift, instead of them only bringing you one. A party favor can be something as simple as a candle, but it is a simple way to say thank you to your guests.
  • Go with a theme: Although the purpose of a housewarming party is simply to see the new house, it doesn’t mean there can’t be a cute theme. Themes also help drive the direction of the food, games, etc. such as a movie-themed party, serving popcorn, licorice, and other snacks.

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