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How To Transfer My Car To Another State

Is your car ready for moving day? Use this guide to learn about car shipping, registration options, and car maintenance before moving day.
How To Transfer My Car To Another State - Moving APT

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Packing up your home or business is just part one of the moving processes – part 2 involves your vehicle. When planning for a big move across state lines, it’s important to work with reputable cross country moving companies that can transport your vehicle if needed. In some cases, transporting your car or truck is safer and more efficient than driving it – especially when moving long distances.

There are several different options available for individuals that would like to take their vehicle with them to their destination. Some people may drive themselves while others may hire professional drivers.

Professional transportation services are also available by train or by truck. Let’s take a look at these transportation options in order to help determine which one may be best for you.

1. Drive the Car Yourself

Often, the first method homeowners consider to get their vehicle from one place to another is to drive it. Driving your own vehicle means that you are in control of your transportation and never have to let your car out of your sight. It could also mean money spent on gas, snacks for the road, dealing with emergency issues, and more.

2. Tow Your Vehicle

Some drivers and rental companies have devices that can be used to hitch a car to the back of the truck and tow it to your destination. This can be a good option for some vehicles, but others may not be equipped for towing. Vehicles that have a low front air dam or front end may not be able to access the ramp.

3. Professional Drivers

Professional auto transport companies can provide several services, including driving vehicles to different states. Drivers are insured and have been put through a screening process to ensure the safety of their vehicles.

Many drivers will also transport your pets and care for them during the drive. Drivers are very convenient, though it is a bit expensive. If you book last minute, then the prices are much higher.

4. Train Transport

Your car can also be loaded onto a train and transported to your destination. Your vehicle will be kept inside enclosed train cars, keeping them out of the elements. However, there is a risk of vandalism as trains may remain at depots for several hours and be vulnerable to theft.

You may also have difficulty finding an open slot for your vehicle, as auto transport services primarily use train shipping and ship numerous vehicles at one time.

5. Open-air Truck

Open-air trucks can transport several vehicles at once and are often the most cost-effective way to get your vehicle across the state. Your vehicle will be on the back of an auto transport truck, where it will remain until it reaches your designated destination. This method is convenient, but your vehicle may incur some damage if there is a storm or some other type of bad weather or incident.

6. Enclosed Truck

Enclosed trucks keep your vehicle safe inside of enclosed space on an auto transport truck. These trucks are often more expensive than open-air trucks, as they can only transport one or two vehicles at a time. Enclosed trucks keep your vehicle safe from the elements and damage that may occur while on the road.

How Do I Prepare to Move My Car to Another State?

Before moving your vehicle from one state to another, we suggest getting prepared and making sure your vehicle is up for the trip. Some of the ways you can prepare include getting copies of all documents, getting your vehicle services, taking photos before handing your vehicle to a transport service, and removing all of your personal belongings.

1. Keep a copy of important documents

Before turning in your vehicle, you should make copies of all documentation for your vehicle and keep them on hand. This information includes the VIN number, the model of the car, any documents from our moving company, and proof of ownership. All paperwork should be in order before your move, as it will be required in order to transport your vehicle.

2. Get your car serviced

Before taking your car on the road, even if you won’t be driving it, getting a check-up is suggested. Auto technicians can make sure your car is performing well and can travel safely. You should also make sure that the fuel gauge in the vehicle is less than one-quarter full before getting it transported.

3. Take photos of your vehicle

For insurance purposes, you should take pictures of your vehicle along with any existing dents or damage on the car. This information can be very helpful if there is an accident on the road or if you notice that something is different about your vehicle once it has been shipped to you. If there is any additional damage, you have proof and a claim can be made.

4. Remove your belongings

If you’re not planning on driving your vehicle to your new home, then you should remove all personal belongings from the vehicle before getting it shipped. This ensures that nothing gets damaged or goes missing while your car is on the road. Once everything has been removed, your car is ready to go.

FAQs About Transferring Your Car to Another State

What documents are required to transfer my car to another state?

The necessary documents for transferring your car to another state typically include the vehicle’s title, registration, and proof of insurance. You might also need to provide a bill of sale, emissions certificates, and any required state-specific forms. It’s recommended to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in both your current and new state to understand the specific documentation needed for the transfer.

Can I pack personal items in my car during the long distance move?

While some long distance movers allow you to transport personal items in your car, it’s important to note that many companies have restrictions on the amount and type of belongings you can include. Movers primarily focus on transporting the vehicle safely and securely. If you plan to pack personal items, ensure they are not prohibited or valuable, and check with your chosen mover about their policies regarding this.

How do I choose a reliable long distance mover for transferring my car?

When selecting a long distance mover for transferring your car, it’s essential to research and consider multiple factors. Look for a company with a solid reputation, positive customer reviews, and appropriate licensing and insurance. Obtain quotes from different movers, compare their services, and inquire about their experience in long distance car transportation. By doing thorough research, you can ensure a safe and efficient transfer of your vehicle.

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