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Is Los Angeles Good Place To Live?

Following your dream of moving to LA is the most rewarding move you will ever make. Check out these 8 reasons why LA is such a good place to live.
Is LA A Good Place To Live?

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Los Angeles, most commonly referred to as LA, is a great place to live for singles, couples, and families. In fact, it is home to some of the world’s best beaches, restaurants, and neighborhoods in California and the USA.

But what exactly makes LA such a great place to live, and why do many people from around the country keep hiring professional movers in Los Angeles to move there? 

Fortunately, this guide will cover everything you need to know about Los Angeles to help you understand what makes this city such an ideal place to live.

1. What is the Weather Like in Los Angeles?

When it comes to choosing a good place to live, the weather is an essential factor for many. LA offers a very temperate climate for those seeking respite from the cold or extreme weather conditions.

Summers are warm and dry with average highs of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, while winters are mild with average lows of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall is rare, with yearly averages totaling under 15 inches per year. Snowfall is even more infrequent, with almost no annual averages at all.

The year-round, seasonally favorable weather coupled with low humidity and over 280 sunny days per year make it easy for Los Angeles residents to enjoy all the outdoor activities that the city has to offer, such as hiking, biking, and boating. The perfect weather also makes it easy to find Los Angeles movers to help you get settled into your new life as an Angelino.

2. Does La Have Affordable Housing?

Housing is usually the one thing that makes the city you live in great or the one thing that can ruin it for you. Luckily, housing is very affordable and plentiful throughout Los Angeles.

With average median home prices of approximately $500,000 and apartment rentals to fit within many budgets, LA provides a great mix of affordability and opportunity to live comfortably.

LA neighborhoods also provide a great variety of housing styles to match any taste or budget. With architectural influences from the entire world, LA’s diverse communities are filled with everything from condo towers to suburban homes.

Los Angeles long-distance movers can help you get your belongings to and from your new home so you can focus on settling into life as a resident of this great city.

3. How Can I Have Fun in Los Angeles?

If there is one thing that LA has going for it – it’s entertainment. So whether you are into fine dining, theaters, galleries, sports arenas, bars, nightclubs, or the hottest dance clubs, there is definitely an entertainment venue for everyone in LA.

4. What is The Best Way to Get Around in Los Angeles?

While LA can be traffic-ridden, it does have an excellent public transport system that allows commuters to travel between cities, boroughs, and neighborhoods.

The LA Metro is the backbone of this system, with over 90 train stations serviced by two subways and four light rail lines covering almost 100 miles of the city.

Residents of LA also have the option to use numerous ride-hailing services that are prevalent throughout the city. These options provide door-to-door services for residents at a very affordable price.

This makes it an extremely accessible and easy city to live in, with transportation nearly always being readily available.

5. Does La Have Good Beaches?

Another prominent feature of LA that makes it a great place to live is its many beaches. They provide residents with ample opportunities to enjoy the sun and sea throughout the year – something not enjoyed by those moving from Los Angeles to New York City.

Sunbathing, surfing, boating, and strolling along LA’s world-famous coastal highways are just some of the ways people have been enjoying the beaches in Los Angeles for the past several decades.

Whether it’s taking in the sun, playing a game of beach volleyball, or simply catching up with friends and family, LA’s beaches make it easy for residents to enjoy the best things in life year-round.

What makes LA such a great place to live is its blend of affordability, opportunity, diverse communities, entertainment options, public transport system, and access to some

6. Is the California School System Good?

Not everything about LA has to do with singles and working professionals. LA has a huge percentage of families living within the city, and for a good reason.

LA is home to some of the best public schools in Southern California that provide world-class education opportunities for the next generation. Whether you choose a Public School, Charter School, Private School, or even Home Schooling – there are options for every kind of family in the City of Angels.

7. Where is Los Angeles Located?

Being positioned in the south of the United States, LA provides residents with numerous opportunities to travel throughout the western and southwestern regions of the United States in addition to the northern region of Mexico.

This includes some of the usual hotspots, such as Las Vegas, San Diego, and the Mexican resort city of Cancun.

Additionally, Los Angeles international airport is one of the largest in the country and provides residents with travel opportunities to the rest of the globe. So whether you want to visit Europe or Asia, LA is a perfect starting point for international travelers.

LA movers can easily help you relocate to the City of Angels and make your transition much easier, thanks to the numerous interstates that run throughout the city.

8. Is Los Angeles a Good Place For Jobs?

As far as employment is concerned, Los Angeles has more than enough opportunities for people. The city is home to several Fortune 500 companies and over 220 thousand businesses. In addition, as one of the leading economies in the USA, LA provides residents with career opportunities in every single field.

Although it is well-known for its entertainment industry, there are numerous jobs to be found throughout the city in various other sectors as well, so LA truly has something to offer everyone.

The high population of LA provides businesses with enough consumer base to make their business a success; thus providing numerous job opportunities in the process.

With tons of job opportunities and a large consumer base, LA offers people countless opportunities to find success in their professional lives – making it another great reason people use state-to-state movers to relocate there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good place to raise a family?

Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the United States to raise a family. With great schools and safe neighborhoods situated throughout the sprawling metropolis, many families have enjoyed a wonderful life in the City of Angels.

Is LA a good place to meet someone?

Meeting new people can be difficult in many cities, but not in LA. The city is full of fantastic bars, lounges, and venues where you can meet new people. Many people have moved to LA and made new friends, relationships, and even marriages, thanks to the friendly nature of many people living in LA.

What kinds of food can you get in LA?

Los Angeles has some of the best Mexican, Asian, and American restaurants to offer its residents and visitors alike. From burgers to pizza, seafood to BBQ ribs – whatever kind of food you’re craving is available in LA.

Move To LA and Enjoy a Great Lifestyle

LA is a city with numerous options for people to enjoy their lives and make new discoveries. So whether you’re moving there as a family, starting your career, or escaping the harsh east coast winters – Los Angeles provides its residents with everything they need to be happy and successful.

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