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Knowing When To Decide Moving Date To Move Out of State

What factors should you consider before setting a date for a long-distance move? Our experts lay it all out for you here.
Knowing When To Decide Moving Date To Move Out of State

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Time is vital in everything we do, including moving from one home to another.

Before you decide the actual date for your moving out and in, there are specific questions you need to ask yourself. These questions serve as a checklist to remind you of all the essential factors to consider, like mortgage agreements, rental lease, school timelines, or job start dates.

If you plan to relocate to a new rental property, you will first need to know the date you can move in. 

Timing is important here, as you want to be sure you don’t move out and discover you have no place to move in to yet.

Or if your living space is not yet ready, you will want to be sure that your out of state moving company will store your items, or you have enough storage space until you are cleared to move in.

In an actual sense, you may always not be able to decide on when to relocate due to situations out of your control. 

Has Circumstance Fixed Your Moving Date For You Already?

Before you decide on a moving date, you need first to answer these questions.

Do You Currently Live in a Rental Home?

Your flexibility when moving can be restricted by a lease agreement. If you’ve signed a lease recently, ensure you check the criteria for moving. Many homeowners ask for a minimum of one month’s notice and in the final month, may allow possible renters to inspect your apartment.

You must go through the document of your agreement to avoid being penalized or lose any deposit you made when you first moved in.

Do You Plan to Sell Your Old Property Or Purchasing a New Home?

So, you put your old property up for sale. If you see anyone interested in it and priced at a reasonable price, you would have to relocate before the future occupant moved in. Carefully plan your steps because the situation can leave you stuck:

  • If you haven’t gotten your future home yet, you will have to get temporary housing for your family as well as storage for your household items;
  • On the contrary, you will possibly want to sell off your old home as soon as you can to get some extra cash for your move and for buying a new home. 

You will have to bargain for a move-in date with the old owners if you buy a new home. Also, remember that you may require additional time to get some repair works done or any renovation projects you may need.

Are You Resuming a New Job That Has a Specific Start Date?

This might look like a no-brainer, but things begin to get a bit tricky when you include it in a rental agreement or sale date. Your new boss may allow some flexibility with your start date, so don’t forget this when you are signing your new agreement. Use your negotiation skills on this contract as best as possible, and if there is a need to be at the job on a specific date, this will be prioritized over a rental agreement or date for a home sale.

Do You Consider School?

If you are relocating to college, you need to be present in time for the academic year. If you are moving after college, your move will have to be done soon after graduation, either back home with your parents or to another place where you can start your own life afresh.

If you have a child that is already of school age, you need to consider the start dates of school and the effects a mid-year move may have on their academics. 

A lot of psychological factors need to be considered when moving with children, especially when you change their schools, so do research and be very careful when deciding on a moving date. You need to take advantage of flexibility in selecting the best time to relocate.

5 Things To Consider When Selecting A Date To Move

When you are allowed to choose a moving day, below are some good moving tips to follow: 

1. Flexibility Helps:

When planning to move, flexibility can usually make a move more affordable. For instance, if you are transporting items and can cope with a delivery window, you won’t spend much rather than a guaranteed delivery date. While you may like to relocate on the weekend, flexibility with your choice may be cheaper and have much more availability than moving during moving companies’ busy time. 

2. School schedule:

It is important to accept the fact that moving will cause some kind of disruption to children’s schedules. That is why summer is one of the most popular seasons to move for families. Although there may be truth in this, however, the downside to moving in summer is also much: many moving companies are booked or are not widely available. 

The same applies to holiday weekends because kids are not in school, but mover availability is low. At the same time, family volunteers are busy (you also have to consider road closing for parades, events, and so on, which can pose more when moving on a weekend).

One of the important tips to consider: if you agree that there is no perfect time to relocate with kids, you will be free to choose a date based on other significant factors such as price and general convenience.  

3. Availability of volunteers: 

Ask your friends and family for their free time to assist in moving. When you have volunteers, you will have an advantage on the challenges of relocating with kids, such as choosing a moving date when your helpers are available to either babysit or host your kids all through the night.

4. Work schedule:

You may be able to schedule your move to a period where your job is less busy if there is a cycle in your type of job. This can pose a great advantage to teachers, especially when moving in the summer. Summer or fall moves can also be possible during unused vacation days. 

5. Mover availability:

If you plan to hire a professional moving company and choose a moving date you like, ask the company about the dates that show they will be so much available, and if the cost also varies. Also, remember to ask for the best deals.

What Time Is The Best Time For Moving House?

Although doing things early, especially when moving, is advantageous, your case may present a new requirement entirely. You first need to consider the size and destination involved in your move.

When Will You Be Able To Get Help?

If your helpers are not available in the morning but have promised you to come and give you a hand, later on, you should postpone the moving of your household goods out of your current home and onto the truck for when they will be available. Or if you can leave your small children with your neighbor just before noon so you can arrange and complete the moving procedures by then.

How To Get Help During A Move

Even if your move is being handled by a professional out-of-state mover, you may need certain help on the exact moving day (whether from a trusted friend or relative to take care of your children or pets for instance).

And if you are focused on performing a DIY move, you surely will need as much help as you can get. So, before you choose a moving date, talk with your helpers and be sure of their availability. This will often be their day off from work or during the weekend.

Determining the Amount of Time You Need To Move

Now that you have the desired date to move, now you can calculate a minimum of eight weeks ending on that date to see when you can commence your moving plan.

Eight weeks in the lowest number of time required to move. However, you can still move in not up to 4 weeks, but that will be so much stress and not even recommended. It is better to make a 12-week schedule, and the minimum schedule suggested for a move is 8-week. 

You can consider a 4-weeks moving schedule as planning a last-minute move will cause you a significant number of stress concerning long distance movers’ rates, including penalties on leases, as well as being required to take time away from work to plan and pack.


Make provision for unexpected events. Arrange your move as early and carefully as possible but when choosing a date for your move, leave some additional time for unexpected events. It is always important to be prepared a few days before the move, instead of lagging behind schedules a few days. 

Regardless of the moving date you choose for your move, Moving APT has a great deal for you from our top out of state moving companies in the US.

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