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Moving APT, established in 1999, is a leading national broker and is a focal point for all the services anyone could need in a cross country move in North Carolina. We will take the aggravation out of dealing with different suppliers for each service needed. Large moves, crossing state boundaries or going from sea to shining sea have all the hassles of a local move plus a lot more complications. It is a whispered truism that some big long distance movers NC hike prices for individual customers which often places their services beyond the average moving budget. Customers then look at second-tier movers who are not as experienced in complexities and may end up charging more when they throw additional resources, human or otherwise, at the job.
Long Distance Movers NC - Moving APT

Moving APT does earn a fee for their services, but in return we bring the advice and expertise of professionals in the business. We work with the big interstate movers all the time, and as a result, can harness their corporate buying power to the advantage of each of our individual customers. It is like a big brother looking out for your best interests. Researching the details of a move can take an enormous amount of time, but with Moving APT, we can do all the research for you. Often you will need multiple sorts of services, more than a large van and a few strong men. Coordinating the logistics of the move and creating a plan which fits your needs and budget is what you can expect from us.

Our job is to work through all the details of the move. We understand each individual state’s requirements when it comes to moving things in and out. We are already thinking about things customers do not even know they need to know. We are invested in your move going well. It’s how we earn our reputation. At Moving APT our goal is to complete your move professionally and without hiccups. We only work with professional, insured and bonded long distance movers NC. Your goods are properly and correctly moved across country and they are insured in transit.

Sometimes you need a little leeway. Moving ATP is flexible in ways you alone could not be. Imagine dealing with a holdup at closing which means your move has to be delayed for 48 hours. For us, this would be a hiccup. For an individual coordinating their own move, a delay like this is a nightmare. But not when you’re working with us.

Top Moving Services in North Carolina

Auto Transport - Moving APT

Auto Transport:

We can also arrange for specialist auto transport, or just simple shipping to get cars and vans etc. across the country. If driving long distances is not an option for you, we will find accredited movers to safely transport cars.

Corporate Relocation - Moving APT

Corporate Relocation:

Moving a business is complex. Every decision you make has all sorts of knock-on effects. You might want to move on the weekend to minimize downtime or move in a way in which essential departments are always available. At Moving APT, we can coordinate all the individual elements of the move so that you keep the business running.

Full Service Packing - Moving APT

Full Service Packing:

Packing always seems to take longer than you ever imagined it might. Professional packers seem to finish the job in half the time and know how to pack everything from clothes to the kitchen. They have the right materials to pack in, which makes the job easier and less work than packing boxes with paper.

Residential moving - Moving APT

Residential moving:

We only use AMSA and DOT movers to ensure your move is done well and our reputation is the highest.

Full Service Packing - Moving APT

Long Distance Moving:

When it comes to long distance moving, businesses and residents you need a company you can trust.

Storage - Moving APT


Moving across state lines often involves a complex dance of timing. Closings in one state and then another may mean you need a place to store property while dealing with the legalities of the move. We can help you get a deal with storage facilities either long or short term so your house contents are stored properly – in a climate-controlled environment if needed – until you are ready for them.

In House Estimate - Moving APT

In House Estimate:

When we give you an estimate we have already considered the rate structures of the companies with whom we work. When you get a quote from us, it will be honored and respected by the company who does the move.

Online Moving Quotes - Moving APT

Online Moving Quotes:

Moving APT has created an online quote tool to provide a baseline for the costs of a move. Enter the start and ending points plus an idea of how much there is to be moved, and you will receive several estimates. It is a great way to understand what sort of costs you can expect.

Long Distance Moving Companies Near Me

When looking for moving companies near me it is important to assess both ends of the move, not just the home end. Long distance moving companies structure themselves to manage multiple moves across country at one time. Your contents may be moved in huge truck along with others. Long distance movers NC will create a logistic plan which gives them the best options in delivering. A broker will work with the cross country movers to ensure that you needs are met. If you need delivery on a certain day, a broker will ensure it is reflected in the shipping plan.

Service Area

For long distance move to and from the Charlotte, NC area, a “moving companies near me” may or may not show the carriers that Moving APT partners with. But rest assured that we only work with the best, and we offer the most comprehensive cross country moving services in the area. Our reach spans across the entire U.S. and beyond, and each move is carried out by professional, bonded, and insured long distance movers NC.

Specific cities in North Carolina we service include:

Charlotte - Moving APT


Greensboro - Moving APT


Asheville - Moving APT


Durham - Moving APT


Raleigh - Moving APT


Fayetteville - Moving APT


Let Moving APT take the hassle out of your move. Count on us to make your long distance move as easy and as affordable as possible.

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