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Moving in Boston can be a very tough task, especially when many U-Hauls fall victim to the one-way streets of the city, or worse, the difficult tunnels of Storrow Drive. In times like these, it is better to have a professional working with you.

Regardless of the size of your move, local or long-distance in Boston, there is a moving company out there for you.

Here, at Moving APT, in our quest to help connect with the best Boston movers, we have conducted some of the hard works for you, with a guide to the best movers in Boston. 

Moving Companies in Boston

Top 3 Boston Movers Recommended By Experts

Marathon Moving Company - Top 3 Boston Movers Recommended By Experts

Marathon Moving


R.C. Mason Movers




We determine to hook people up with the best local movers in Boston. We researched about 50 different moving companies in Boston over five categories and made a result analysis to present you with a well-screened list of the best Boston movers.

We pick based on customer reviews, professional certifications, quality service delivery, resources as well as costs. 

Top 10 Boston Movers Working With Moving APT

We have pre-screened these moving companies, vetted them, and assigned them as the best in the business. That implies that they are the best in the market, reliable in the industry, and with excellent customer services that are dependable.

With no further stress, below are the best movers in Boston that made the list:

1. Marathon Moving Company



Moving feels like a marathon sometimes, doesn’t it? Marathon Van Lines is there to assist you. As an agent of Allied Van Lines, they specialize in moving and storage services for long distance and local moves.

The business was started by Paul and Gail Nelson in a 2 car garage in 2000, and they’ve grown into the exceptional moving company they are now.

Recipients of the BBB Gold Seal for Excellence and earning the title of the Best of Boston Movers 2013, the company was built on service and reliability.

They do approximately 2,000 moves every year, and their team members are trained and vetted properly. They also do packing and unpacking services.

Pros ✔

  • Storage services
  • Highly trained and screened movers
  • Packing and unpacking services

Cons ✖

  • Low online presence
R.C. Mason Movers - Top 10 Boston Movers Working With Moving APT

2. R.C. Mason Movers, Inc.



R.C Mason Movers has been in business for over 65 years. When you decide to do a long distance move with them, you are connected with a relocation coordinator who is there to help you sort out every detail of your move, from beginning to end.

They offer a variety of services for large items, including piano shipping, crating, and stretch wrapping protection for furniture.

They are also one of the few moving companies in our network that takes care of waterbed moves.

If you are in need of packing and unpacking or disassembly and assembly services, they provide those as well.

Pros ✔

  • Specialty item mover
  • Additional services
  • Custom crating

Cons ✖

  • Nothing on local moves
  • Lengthy quoting process
TLC Moving and Storage - Top 10 Boston Movers Working With Moving APT

3. TLC Moving and Storage



Family owned and operated, TLC Moving and Storage is one of the best long distance movers in Boston, with a 100% Loyalty Score and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website.

They are known for having very professional moving staff that will help to coordinate your move and keep your items safe throughout the process.

Their competitive rates are some of the most affordable out there, and they offer a number of services.

Not only do they offer local and long distance for both businesses and residences, they also do packing/unpacking, piano moving, antique and fine arts moving; among other services.

Pros ✔

  • A+ BBB rating
  • Professional movers
  • Competitive rates
  • Add-on services

Cons ✖

  • Poor communication
AVIV Moving and Storage - Top 10 Boston Movers Working With Moving APT

4. AVIV Moving and Storage



AVIV is a Boston based company that has expanded throughout the Northeastern United States.

They are well known for being fast and friendly, providing people throughout the region with interstate, cross country as well as local moving services.

Their movers have been specially trained to take care of packing, crating, and unpacking services; they can also provide delivery services for large objects, and take care of storage concerns.

Every one of their employees is licensed, bonded, and insured so you know that you’re in good hands.

Pros ✔

  • Fast and friendly mover
  • Highly trained workers
  • Storage services

Cons ✖

  • Services can be costly
  • Low online presence

5. Allen and Coles Moving Systems



With over 30 years of experience, Allen and Cole’s is a company that has established themselves with multiple storage facilities throughout New England, making it easier than ever for you to do your long distance move if you haven’t closed on a home or found a rental yet.

They are an agent of North American Van Lines. The company pays a lot of attention to detail, providing each of their moves with a follow-up, chatting with them about their move and pledging to make changes to future moves if necessary.

They also provide their customers with packing and unpacking services.

Pros ✔

  • Storage facilities
  • Good communication
  • Add-on services

Cons ✖

  • Prolonged quoting process

6. Boston Best Rate Movers



Boston Best Rate Movers pride themselves as being one of the best long distance movers in Boston.

They have a variety of local and long distance services available, including packing and unpacking, white-glove service for instruments, fine art, and antiques of all varieties.

If you’re going through a cross country move, they also provide overnight truck storage parking as another service that you can utilize if you’re not going to move into your new residence until the next day.

Their temperature-controlled warehouse-style storage options include long term (up to 6 months of time) and short term storage.

Pros ✔

  • Varieties of moving services
  • Antique mover
  • Storage parking option
  • Climate controlled warehouse

Cons ✖

  • Nothing on it

7. Michael’s Moving and Storage



Thousands of clients and 18 years of experience allow Michael’s Moving and Storage to be one of Moving APT’s top ten moving companies in Boston.

Their long-distance services are some of the best, providing clients with packing and unpacking services as a part of their quote packages.

Along with their interstate moving services, they can also take care of moves in both residential and commercial contexts.

Due to their location in Boston, they also do a number of student moves, helping college students to move in and out of their dorms with ease.

Their storage services are also high quality and easy to obtain and set up.

Pros ✔

  • Storage services
  • Good for interstate moves
  • Packing and unpacking services

Cons ✖

  • Nothing on local moves
  • Limited availability
Efficient Moving Services - Top 10 Boston Movers Working With Moving APT

8. Efficient Moving Services



Getting a 5-star rating on Yelp is no easy thing, but Efficient Moving Services, which provides long-distance and local services in Boston and around its suburbs, has done it with their efficient, friendly, and professional moving staff.

The company provides both full and partial packing services, allowing the customer to determine how much involvement they want to have in packing and unpacking their belongings.

Storage is also available if there is going to be a delay, and the company will work with you if your moving dates are going to end up changing for any reason.

Pros ✔

  • Quality reviews
  • Efficient movers
  • Full and partial moving services
  • Storage service

Cons ✖

  • None for now
Father and Son Moving and Storage - Top 10 Boston Movers Working With Moving APT

9. Father and Son Moving and Storage



Having a moving business in Boston since 1908 has allowed Father and Son to get a solid handle on everything that customers and clients may need for their moving success.

By providing their customers with competitive quotes and a fast turnaround time, they have earned a great reputation throughout Boston and its suburban areas.

They provide budget-friendly quotes through Moving APT so that you can find something that will fit, no matter how tight that your budget may be.

They put their customers first (whether they are residential or commercial), and that allows customers to put together a low stress long distance move.

Pros ✔

  • Competitive moving quotes
  • Customer-oriented
  • Affordable long-distance moves

Cons ✖

  • Nothing on local moves
  • Poor online presence
Esquire Moving - Top 10 Boston Movers Working With Moving APT

10. Esquire Moving



With a 5 Star rating on Yelp, Esquire Moving is as devoted to quality and care as their name would suggest.

Since 2015, they have been a member of the Better Business Bureau, allowing them to continue to expand their reputation and take care of long distance moves for customers all over the Boston area.

Each one of their professional moving staff is trained properly, licensed, and insured, providing customers with peace of mind that their items will be well taken care of. Upon request in your quote, they also can provide packing and unpacking services.

Pros ✔

  • Professional workers
  • Licensed and insured movers
  • Packing and unpacking services

Cons ✖

  • Lengthy quoting process

The following table displays the best moving companies in Boston:


Best moving companies in Boston

1.Marathon Moving
2.R.C. Mason Movers,
3.TLC Moving and
4.AVIV Moving and
5.Allen and Coles Moving
6.Boston Best Rate
7.Michael’s Moving and
8.Efficient Moving
9.Father and Son Moving and

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in Boston, MA?

DIY move on a long distance is difficult, regardless of the reason you are doing it. Packing, unpacking, and driving a moving van is all tasking, which is why many people hire long-distance movers for help.

The cost of hiring a moving company in Boston for a long-distance move is based on three different factors as follows:

Home Size

A lot of moving companies in Boston determine their prices on the number of movers required to finish the job. Prepare to pay each mover between $25 and $50 per hour when moving locally. More movers are needed to move the larger houses efficiently. Homes with stairs, complicated layouts, or long driveways also cost more. 

Time of  Year

Your moving costs may also be affected by the time of year you choose to perform your move in Boston. If your move is going down in winter, prepare to pay more than usual.

There are about 35 colleges and universities in Boston, which includes Boston University and Harvard University. Relocating in May or August when college students are on the move both in and out will also cost you more due to the high demand. 


In general, moving long-distance in Boston attracts more cost. The moving industry is being guided by federal rules stating how long moving companies can work. So, if your relocation involves longer hours, you may have to break it into days.

There are also certain regulations in Boston about where moving trucks can drive within the city limits. You may need to obtain a parking permit for your truck or rent two smaller trucks based on where you live. Extra services, such as packing and auto transportation help in ensuring the move become easier but are also more costly. 

What Is The Typical Cost To Move From Boston To The Following Cities?


Boston to Dallas

Boston to New Orleans

Boston to Nashville

Boston to Denver

Boston to Minneapolis

Boston to Orlando

Boston to Los Angeles

Boston to New York

Moving Costs









What is the Cost of Living in Boston?

Living in Boston is so much costly. Generally, the cost of living here is 47% higher than the national average. Boston is more costly than Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Miami. Only a few cities cost more than Boston on the list of most expensive places to live, two of those including New York and San Francisco. 

Being an older city, there is no enough room for expansion, and the public transport system is overused by a lot of new city dwellers. However, you can get a great living experience in Boston regarding job opportunities which are the best and wise move. 

Factors for the Cost of Living in Boston:

  • The three major factors that contribute to its cost of living higher than the national average include house facilities and healthcare costs. 
  • The median rent for a Boston apartment cost $2,318 for a studio apartment.
  • There are limited housing options in Boston for middle-class families, and this causes insufficient supply and greatly increases housing costs.
  • The average home value in Boston is $569,500 and is known as a seller’s market.

Finding a Neighborhood to live in Boston

Boston is a city of people who love to use one of the oldest and best means of transportation in the United States. Due to this, it is essential to plan out where you live carefully. If you live and work in the city, think of a home not too far from work or closer to an MBTA stop.

Similar to any city, each offer different lifestyles. Based on your comfort level, you may decide to avoid some areas as well.

We visited a few top neighborhoods in Boston, both in the city limits and closest suburbs. Don’t forget that many people live in Boston, but more of them live outside the city.

People often consider living in neighboring cities like Newton, Milton, Chelsea, Somerville, and Quincy (to name just a few). These cities and areas have different price points for housing as well as city amenities.

Best places to consider living in Boston:

Beacon Hill:

This is arguably one of the most attractive places to live due to its cobblestone streets and historical row houses that are lightened up with gas street lights. Be ready to see residents and tourists living around here. To rent an average 2-bedroom here cost $3,000 per month

South Boston:

Also referred to as “Southie,” is once dominated by an Irish Catholic neighborhood that has turned popular with new graduates and young families. The rent prices have experienced an increase due to waterfront access as well as several new developments of an average 2-bedroom cost of $2,500 per month.

Back Bay:

This city area is known for being home to many affluent families and community members. Prepare to pay a few amounts per month here than some other top neighborhoods. Average 2-bedroom rent here costs $3,500 per month.

Best Boston suburbs & nearest cities   


This city is located north of Boston and is where Harvard and MIT are located. Rent and home prices in Cambridge are higher due to its top-ranked public school systems as well as quiet atmosphere. The cost of an average one-family home in Cambridge is $750,000.


Located south of Boston, Quincy is termed unofficial sister of Chinatown, with a lot of Asian population. Together with features of great ramen joints as well as tasty restaurants. Quincy can be found on Wollaston Beach and has beautiful Boston skyline views. There are four different subway stops in Quincy on the Red Line and a great opportunity for new homes. The average rent for a 2-bedroom home in Quincy costs $2,250.   


This has tens of thousands of college student population as well as 150,000 other residents. Worcester has the feel of a small town with no rural appearance; however, it is almost one hour drive from Boston with no traffic. Housing costs here are much lower, and many mom and pop shops increase the general look of this city. Buying a one-family home here costs an average of about $225,000.


If you have more money and want to stay away from Cambridge and Boston but work in any of these places, Belmont may be your best place to live. It is a town filled with green areas and is mainly residential. You can buy a large one-family home here, but the cost might set you back between $800,000 and $900,000 for around 2,000 sq-ft.


Moving companies in Boston are asked to be registered perfectly with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) if they do state to state moves. Regardless of if the company is a mover or broker, they must possess a valid Department of Transportation Number (DOT Number).

In Boston, the best movers charge around $77 – $100 by the hour for their moving services. However, this cost is not fixed and may change over time, and the change will be determined by your personal needs.

Your price may also be determined by whether you are performing a move within Boston or interstate, or cross country.

In most cases, a 24 or 26ft moving truck is required for a 2-bedroom apartment move and 3 movers, which would generally cost around $120 to $200 for each hour between October and March.

Yes, the cost from April to September would be much higher, starting from $150 up to $250 for each hour.

Asking a moving company to lower their price is one of the simplest ways to negotiate with them. Moving companies have special discounts and that they present occasionally, and they can offer you one if you ask for it. Just be bold and not be shy about it. 

If you are running late on time or just want to reduce stress, a worthy option could be to hire a moving company. Many full-service moving companies add damage coverage if your goods were to break when it is being transported.

Yes, your movers will handle the assembly and disassembly of any type of furniture, including beds. There will be a need to take apart some items, such as bed frames to move them safely. The most popular items that require disassembly are bed frames, bureau’s (dresser with attached mirror), large dining room tables, and vanities. 

The cheaper option is always to move and not by hiring a full-service moving company. If your household goods are not much, then a self-move is a great alternative. Otherwise, we strongly recommend you choose to hire professional movers in Boston. 

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