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Find the Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles of 2023

We scored 230 Moving Companies in Los Angeles and handpicked the Top 10. You’ll also learn all you need to know before moving to Los Angeles.
Moving Companies in Los Angeles

Don’t waste another minute vetting moving companies in Los Angeles. We researched, scored, and handpicked the top-ten choices of over 230 movers to streamline your search. Moving to Los Angeles just got a little easier with cost estimates, FAQs, and other details in this complete guide.

Top 3 Recommended Los Angeles Movers

Reputation, services, delivery, cost, equipment, website UX – we analyzed these factors and more to pick the best movers in Los Angeles based on what matters to movers like you. Here are the top three:

Move Happy - Best Los Angeles Movers

Move Happy​


You can browse confidently knowing each company is properly licensed in California and beyond – we’ve already checked.

California is one of 38 states requiring a valid USDOT number for moving companies to operate legally. Los Angeles movers also need FMCSA licensing to conduct interstate moves.

We verified each company’s license number through the state’s Public Utilities Commission and Department of Transportation during our extensive research.

In this article

Top 10 Expert-Researched Movers in Los Angeles

Take the hassle out of moving with this ultimate list of the most reliable movers in Los Angeles that we screened, along with key details on each company to find exactly what you need.


Roadway Moving earned a top spot in our list of best Los Angeles moving companies thanks to its commitment to absolute customer satisfaction. 

The company goes the extra mile to ensure every customer is happy with their move, offering an extensive array of services that can make the moving process almost stress-free. 

With high-tech GPS tracking, online booking, and a team of friendly, professional movers that know their business, Roadway Moving is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a hassle-free move. 

And, with intimate knowledge of Los Angeles and hundreds of other cities for local or long-distance moves, Roadway Moving can handle just about any move you throw their way.




Your new go-to logistics company, Los Angeles-based Rockstar Pro Movers has a stellar reputation for seamless residential and commercial moves thanks to its dedicated in-house team – no contractors.

Rockstar Pro Movers offers flexible long-distance and local moving packages with service combos for packing/unpacking, heavy lifting, stairs, and more custom situations.

Look no further than Rockstar Pro Movers’ five-star Yelp rating and A+ BBB rating for proof of its exceptional reputation as an interstate moving company. Customers appear delighted with the value for the money and their efficiency.

Despite charging less than other movers in Los Angeles, Rockstar Pro Movers still provides a thoroughly professional experience good enough for clients like Warner Bros., the Lakers, and Paramount.



Move Happy - Best Los Angeles Movers

Move Happy



Move Happy won our top spot for the best professional moving company in the Los Angeles area. Move Happy is fully licensed and insured, making straightforward customer service their top priority.

Professionally accredited with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the company has served over 8,000 customers in the LA area over nearly 10 years.

Move Happy prides itself on transparent pricing and commitment to promises – backed up by its refusal to subcontract labor or trucks. 

Their flat-rate packages are all-inclusive with services like packing/unpacking, supplies, assembly, and more.



List of Top 10 Moving Companies in Los Angeles - Excalibur Moving Company

Excalibur Moving Company



Excalibur Moving Company has served Los Angeles customers with residential and commercial moving services for almost two decades. 

Turn to Excalibur Moving Company as a one-stop shop for all your needs: local moves, long-distance moves, storage, fine art, antiques, heavy items, and more.

If you need a trustworthy company to transport valuables like art and antiques across the United States, look no further because that’s Excalibur’s specialty.

Plus, these Los Angeles movers have a consistent 4.5-star Yelp rating – a reflection of Excalibur’s commitment to customer service.



List of Top 10 Moving Companies in Los Angeles - Responsible Moving

Responsible Moving Co



Despite only five years of experience in the Los Angeles area, Responsible Moving has helped over 950 customers in that brief time and boasts an enviable five-star rating on Yelp, along with a 95% return customer rate.

Responsible Moving provides local and long-distance moving services, along with packing/unpacking, disassembly/reassembly, trash removal, and more.

Prepare for a smooth relocation with inclusive packages at some of the most affordable rates compared to other Los Angeles movers. 

You can also take advantage of Responsible Moving’s optional storage services, for customers who may want their items stored at a secure facility before they are ready to receive them.



List of Top 10 Moving Companies in Los Angeles - Man With A Truck Moving Company

Man With A Truck Moving Company



Based out of Culver City, Man With a Truck Movers and Packers got its start as a small local operation over 15 years ago but has grown to offer moves of all sizes and distances.

Man With a Truck Movers and Packers prides itself on affordable and transparent rates – including a small item 2-hour special for under $250 in select cities.

Other residential moves are priced at a flat hourly rate, which includes packing, shrink wrap, tape, and more. 

Long-distance moves also enjoy all-inclusive flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees. Let Moving APT connect you with Man With a Truck Movers and Packers or any of the best long-distance movers in Los Angeles that fit your needs.



List of Top 10 Moving Companies in Los Angeles - Prodigy Moving & Storage

Prodigy Moving & Storage



Prodigy’s five-star Yelp rating with nearly 1,500 reviews indicates this company exceeds customer expectations. For over 20 years, Prodigy Movers & Storage has supplied Los Angeles with reliable, no-fuss, and efficient moving services.

Fully licensed and insured, Prodigy Moving & Storage provides local and long-distance moving services within California while helping customers keep costs down with weight-based pricing instead of hourly rates.

Prodigy Moving & Storage’s website is sparse, but you can use Moving APT’s easy quote tool to decide if they’re the best solution for your move.



List of Top 10 Moving Companies in Los Angeles - NorthStar Moving Company

NorthStar Moving Company



Founded in 1994, NorthStar Moving Company is one of the oldest moving companies in Los Angeles on our list yet manages to keep up an impeccable reputation. Over the decades, NorthStar Moving Company has grown to serve over 8,000 customers each year and maintains a consistent A+ rating from the BBB.

NorthStar is also one of the few companies on our list offering international and interstate moves in addition to long-distance California moves. Take advantage of NorthStar’s personal storage services with itemized inventory, a special room for bulky items, and self-access.

Move like a star with NorthStar’s expansive luxury packages for pets, family care, home organization, the community welcomes, and home care services. Despite the celebrity clientele, NorthStar still offers special rates for moves local to LA within 100 miles.

NorthStar is also part of Moving APT’s network of interstate movers, so our team can coordinate a long-distance move with them at the best possible price.



List of Top 10 Moving Companies in Los Angeles - Daniel’s Moving and Storage

Daniel’s Moving and Storage



Daniel’s is a top-rated long-distance Los Angeles mover with over 40 years in the business offering full-service moving and affordable rates for local, long-distance, and even international moves.

Thanks to its industry leader status, Daniel’s can offer perks like online shipment tracking, floor and furniture protection, unpacking, debris removal, 24/7 phone support, and much more.

Daniel’s Moving and Storage offers some of the lowest flat rates of any local Los Angeles moving company with no-nonsense transparent pricing. They’re also one of the few LA movers providing specialty moving or storage for electronics, vehicles, documents, antiques, and more.



List of Top 10 Moving Companies in Los Angeles - REAL RocknRoll Movers

REAL RocknRoll Movers



While the name may not scream professionalism, REAL RocknRoll Movers is among the best moving companies in Los Angeles. With a solid 4.5-star Yelp rating and 97% referral rate, it’s clear they’ve left a positive impact on over 15,000 customers over the past decade.

Aside from local and long-distance moving services, REAL RocknRoll Movers also offers packing services, moving supplies, celebrity moves, business storage, and more. REAL RocknRoll Movers prides itself on custom yet straightforward pricing with no hidden fees.



Best Moving Companies Near Los Angeles

Hassle-Free Moves Start with the Best Long distance Movers in LA

Hiring professional local and long distance moving companies in Los Angeles with a track record of success is the best way to make sure your move is as stress-free as possible.

Whether it’s to or from, a Los Angeles relocation can be a hassle without the proper planning. Even a local move within a few dozen miles can be challenging when juggling work, family, and the move itself.

From estimating budgets to confirming licensing and insurance to scheduling the move itself, it’s essential to have the best tools at your disposal for a successful move.

That’s why hundreds of thousands of people have turned to Moving APT. With our comprehensive lists of reliable local and cross-country moving companies in Los Angeles, it’s easy to find and compare the best options for your specific needs.

Furthermore, our nationwide network of moving professionals provides the insider secrets you need to understand the moving process from start to finish with detailed cost calculators, informative city guides, and recommendations based on honest and genuine customer reviews.

Don’t trust your valuable possessions to just anyone. Leverage Moving APT’s 20 years of moving experience and knowledge to find the best local and long-distance movers in Los Angeles for a hassle-free moving experience.

How Much Do Los Angeles Movers Charge?

Most moving companies in Los Angeles charge hourly flat rates based on the number of rooms in your home or the number of movers involved. Depending on your home’s size and the items involved, expect prices to run from $100 to $200 per hour or more.

Although these are by no means fixed prices, here’s what you might spend per move local to LA:

  • Studio apartment: $300 or more
  • One-bedroom apartment: $400 and more
  • Three-bedroom house: $1,000 and more

What Factors Influence Price?

In-person or virtual estimates are important for receiving the most accurate quote since so many factors can influence the cost of an LA move. 
These factors include:
  • Mileage
  • Whether the move involves stairs
  • Parking availability and permits
  • Narrow hallways
  • Assembly/disassembly
  • Heavy items
  • Packing materials

Rates to Expect When Hiring Movers in Los Angeles

When hiring a moving company, note that most in LA offer all-inclusive packages for an hourly rate, but the services included vary from company to company. Pay close attention to the contents of each package based on what you need as you compare prices.

Hourly Rates for LA Moving Companies

Most Los Angeles moving companies calculate your moving cost by an hourly rate that fluctuates depending on the number of movers involved. Other companies may dictate the hourly rate based on the number of rooms in your home. $150 per hour for three movers is typical in LA.

Home SizeAverage PriceNo. of MoversAve Cost / Hr# Hours
Studio$278 – $ 5992 movers$95/hr2-4 hours
1 Bedroom$389 – $7502 movers$95/hr3-6 hours
2 Bedroom$750 – $19003 movers$150/hr4-8 hours
3 Bedroom$1250– $35004 movers$165/hr6-12 hours
4 Bedroom$1,400 – $51004 movers$165/hr8-14 hours
5 Bedroom+$2500 – $80005 movers$200/hr10-16 hours

The moving company should provide an estimate for the full move along with any potential fees involved – such as those for heavy items or stairs. Generally, an in-person or video estimate will evaluate your item’s size and weight, the move’s distance, and expected time to complete the job.

Make sure to bring up any valuables, antiques, or specialty items to receive the most accurate estimate.

Flat Rates for Long-Distance Moves

Flat rate price is more common when hiring cross country movers in Los Angeles for interstate or long-distance moves. The company will provide an estimate based on the weight and size of your items, distance, number of movers, trucks, equipment, and more.

You’ll pay a single rate for the entire job, from packing the truck at your old home to unloading your goods at your new home. Watch out for hidden fees by asking what situations might trigger unexpected costs.

Average Long-Distance Moving Cost

Distance1 Bedroom2 – 3 Bedroom4 – 5 Bedroom
50 miles$300 – $650$750 – $1,300$1,350 – $2,900
250 miles$850 – $1,900$1,700 – $3,500$2,000 – $4,500
1000 miles+$900 – $2,700$2,100 – $6,900$5,500 – $7,900
2500 miles+$1,500 – $3,500$3,900 – $7,000$8,500+

Calculating the Cost of Living in Los Angeles

Before moving to an expensive area like Los Angeles, make sure to calculate your unique cost of living. As the entertainment and tech capital of the country, expect to spend $500 per month on groceries alone.

You can find somewhat lower prices on rent and food outside the city center but be suspicious of anything too good to be true based on LA averages.

Below are some essential stats on the average cost of living you’ll want to know before moving to Los Angeles:

  • Rent: An average one-bedroom apartment costs $2,258 per month while a three-bedroom runs about $4,300 to rent. These rates make Los Angeles one of the costliest cities in the world.
  • Transportation: Monthly transportation runs $320 on average depending on your commute and the gas involved as well as parking permits. Check back for our upcoming blog on LA’s transportation prices.
  • Food costs: Expect to budget at least $500 a month for groceries and food even as a frugal shopper, considering a dozen eggs can run over $3.60.
  • Utilities: The average 915-square-foot apartment pays $150 per month in LA for utilities, but the county’s microclimates and weather changes make real utility costs more unpredictable.
  • Taxes: Los Angeles residents pay hefty sales tax rates that vary by city, running between 9.5% and 10.5%.

Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bustling metropolis filled with neighborhoods of unique personalities. You’ll have no trouble finding somewhere with a vibe that suits you.

Here are some of the main neighborhoods in Los Angeles you might consider for a move.

1. Downtown LA

Apartments in Downtown Los Angeles put you near the best nightclubs, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment in the world. Previously a ghost town of desolated businesses and homes, Downtown LA is now a vibrant community with renovated warehouses.

Currently, Downtown LA is a destination for urbanites who appreciate luxury amenities. You can find apartment buildings with on-site gyms, city views, pools, and parking to enjoy living the downtown life. 

2. Hollywood

Located in central LA, Hollywood includes micro-neighborhoods like West Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills with luxurious homes.

As an international entertainment destination, Hollywood locals mingle with tourists from around the world at neighborhood attractions like Madame Tussauds, Chinese Theatre, and Dolby Theatre.

3. Wilshire Center – Koreatown

This central downtown neighborhood is filled with diverse and energetic residents. Find your favorite dive bar, go out to dinner 24/7, sip on cocktails, or hit the clubs.

Although people of all backgrounds now live in Koreatown, you’ll have no trouble finding some of the best Korean barbecue and top food in the country in this LA neighborhood.

4. Marina del Rey

Do you enjoy living along the water or wish to explore sailing on the weekends? Look no further than Marina del Rey.

Enjoy the relaxed environment of Marina del Rey and its proximity to other busy parts of Los Angeles. Walk up to Venice Beach for some window shopping before strolling the galleries and pubs.

Not into sailing? You can still enjoy the water with lessons and rentals on a paddleboard, sportfishing, parasailing, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to hire movers in Los Angeles?

Expected costs for your full move to run between $500 and $2500 based on the average hourly rate of LA movers which fluctuates between $120 and $180. This cost doesn’t always include packing supplies, stairs, disassembly, and certain fees, so make sure to pay careful attention to each Los Angeles moving company’s rate package.

Is hiring a moving company in LA worth it?

Self-moving is often cheaper than hiring a full-service moving company but make sure to consider the gas, truck, parking permits, and other costs.

If you only have to move a few boxes and no large furniture a few miles, then self-moving is probably best. For homes with furniture, stairs, or several boxes, however, hiring movers will be worth the price in LA.

What type of insurance do I need for moving in Los Angeles?

Every moving company in Los Angeles must carry standard insurance policies. This important insurance coverage includes cargo insurance, auto liability, and workers’ compensation. Auto liability works similarly to personal auto, giving coverage for property damage and bodily injury.

Make sure to ask how to file a claim should something happen to your items, what the company valued your belongings, and exceptions for valuable like antiques or fine art.

Who is in charge of regulating Los Angeles’ out-of-state movers?

All moving companies operating in Los Angeles are required by law to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) if they do out-of-state moves.

Any company selling moving services in LA also must have a valid Department of Transportation number regardless of whether they’re a mover or broker.

Do I need to pay Los Angeles moving companies upfront?

No reputable moving company will ask you for cash or any huge deposit before the move. Some may request a deposit to hold the date, but you should only pay the full cost after your items are delivered.

If you pay up front, you have no leverage to guarantee when your items will arrive or if they’ll arrive at all.

Regardless, make sure you pay with a credit card to easily fight any fraudulent activity whenever you pay. Many moving companies in LA offer cash discounts, so beware of the risk.

What are the best months to move in Los Angeles?

Mid-September through April is the best time of year to haul your belongings into LA from another state. Rates are lower during the fall and winter months as is demand, so you’ll have no problem finding LA movers in your budget.

Most experts consider the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day peak moving season, with about 80% of relocations happening during spring and summer. In a crowded and expensive city like LA, you want to avoid moving during peak season as much as possible.

Find the Best Movers in Los Angeles Now with Moving APT

No matter the circumstances, packing all your household items into boxes on a truck and hauling them somewhere else is always stressful.

Staying organized is overwhelming enough alone – not to mention the physically demanding tasks of moving furniture, cleaning, decluttering, loading and unloading, renting the truck, and so much more.

Choosing the right Los Angeles mover can make moving day a breeze. With Moving APT’s research, you can save time vetting companies and still find the best solution within your budget.

Need help preparing for the big day? Grab our Moving Checklist PDF to keep everything you need handy on your phone or device.

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