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      Moving APT has quoted over 2 million moves to date. During our quoting and booking process, we also compare competitors’ quotes provided by our potential clients. It’s the best way to price match, and it ensures our data is accurate and up to date with current market pricing and trends.

      In this article, we’ll break down the price of full service movers for local and long distance moves, and we’ll also walk you through how much you’ll pay for other moving methods such as truck rentals and moving containers. We did the research – read on to see what we found.

      How Much Do Movers Cost?

      On average, full service movers can cost anywhere from $400 to $15200 and up, depending on the size of your home, the distance you’ll travel, and the method of moving.

      Average Cost of Full Service Movers

      Distance 1 Bedroom 2 – 3 Bedroom 4 – 5 Bedroom
      Local (Less than 100 Miles) $400 – $800 $750 – $1900 $1200 – $4500
      100 miles $1000 – $1500 $1250 – $1700 $1500 – $3400
      250 miles $1200 – $2000 $1500 – $3500 $2,000 – $4800
      750 miles $1400 – $2900 $2100 – $6900 $5500 – $7900
      1500 miles $1600 – $3200 $2600 – $7400 $6700 – $9500
      2500 miles+ $1900 – $3700 $3900 – $8200 $12000+

      The price of full service movers is always subject to change. Certain times of the year may be more expensive for your move, and if you have a large house, a long distance to travel, or heavy or fragile belongings, expect to pay more.

      In this article

      How Much Does it Cost to Move Locally?

      A local move can cost anywhere between $125 and beyond $4500, depending on the location, the amount of stuff you have to move, and the method you choose for moving.

      Average Local Moving Costs:

      Type of Service 1 Bedroom 2-3 Bedrooms 4-5 Bedrooms
      DIY/Truck Rental $125 – $375 $150 – $570 $210 – $750
      Moving Container $300 – $550 $450 – $900 $700 – $1400
      Full Service $400 – $800 $750 – $1900 $1200 – $4500

      Every move is different, and depending on your budget, you may decide to try different options. Read on to see the prices, pros, and cons of each.

      How Much Do Local Movers Cost?

      Professional local movers cost from $278 – $8000 and up – it all depends on how big your move is, how long they’ll be working, and how many rooms need to be moved. It’s a big window, but since local movers charge by hour, by mover, and by room, it can really stack up.

      Average Cost of Local Movers:

      Home Size No. of Movers # Hours Ave Cost / Hr Average Price
      Studio 2 movers 2 – 4 hours $80/hr $278 – $599
      1 Bedroom 2 movers 3 – 6 hours $80/hr $389 – $750
      2 Bedroom 3 movers 4 – 8 hours $125/hr $750 – $1900
      3 Bedroom 4 movers 6 – 12 hours $165/hr $1250 – $3500
      4 Bedroom 4 movers 8 – 14 hours $165/hr $1,400 – $5100
      5 Bedroom+ 5 movers 10 – 16 hours $200/hr $2500 – $8000

      Hiring professional local movers is the least-stressful way to get your stuff from point A to point B.

      It may cost a bit more, but it’s worth it just to avoid the headache. And, if you don’t have a huge house or apartment, professional local movers can actually be really easy on your wallet.

      How Much Does a Moving Truck Rental Cost for a Local Move?

      If you decide to rent a moving truck to DIY your move, expect to pay anywhere from $130 to $190 per day, and that’s not including gas, equipment rentals, insurance, and other fees. Every truck rental company charges their own amount, but here’s what you can expect on average:

      Average Local Truck Rental Costs:

      Type of Truck Cost per Day
      12 ft. truck $130
      15 – 17 ft. truck $130
      20 ft. truck $140
      26 ft. truck $190

      *It’s important to keep in mind that some rental companies may also charge per mile – usually about $0.60 – $0.90 per mile traveled.

      While moving by yourself can be effective at saving money, just remember that you’ll still have to pack, load, haul, and unload everything by yourself – all while driving a big truck you aren’t all that familiar with. 

      Renting a moving truck is great for cash-strapped movers, but if you want to avoid a hassle, you can always look into using a moving container, instead.

      How Much Does a Moving Container Cost for a Local Move?

      The price of renting and shipping a moving container typically hovers between $500 and well beyond $2200, depending on the size of your move and the distance you’ll have to ship your container. It’s a much more convenient option when compared to loading and hauling all by yourself.

      Average Local Moving Container Costs:

      Size of Move Approximate Moving Cost
      1 Bedroom Apartment $500 – $700
      2 Bedroom Apartment $600 – $1100
      3 Bedroom Home $1000 – $1700
      4 – 5 Bedroom Home $1600 – $2200

      When you get in touch with a moving container company, they’ll drop the container off at your place and you’ll be able to load it up on your own time. When you’re packed, you can call them to pick up the container and deliver it to your new location.

      If you want to get hands-on with your move but you’d rather not have to haul everything around in a truck, renting a moving container is a great alternative.

      How Much Does it Cost to Move Long Distance?

      If you’re moving over 100 miles or across state lines, your long distance move will cost from $400 to $15200 and up.

      The ultimate price of your interstate move is decided by the weight of your items, so if you have lots of heavy stuff to transport, expect a bigger price tag.

      Average Long Distance Moving Costs:

      Type of Service 1 Bedroom 2-3 Bedrooms 4-5 Bedrooms
      DIY/Truck Rental $400 – $2300 $750 – $4150 $1500 – $4900
      Moving Container $700 – $2800 $1100 – $4950 $2300 – $7800
      Full Service $1200 – $3800 $1700 – $8700 $3400 – $15200

      Just like with a local move, you have multiple options to consider when you’re moving long distance. We did the research to find the cost of each of these options, so all you have to do is choose which works best for your move.

      How Much Do Professional Long Distance Movers Cost?

      Professional long distance movers will cost between $1000 and $8500, but the final cost may be higher depending on how the weight of your belongings. 

      Average Cost of Professional Long Distance Movers:

      Distance 1 Bedroom 2 – 3 Bedroom 4 – 5 Bedroom
      100 miles $1000 – $1500 $1250 – $1700 $1500 – $3400
      250 miles $1200 – $2000 $1500 – $3500 $2,000 – $4800
      1000 miles+ $1400 – $2900 $2100 – $6900 $5500 – $7900
      2500 miles+ $1800 – $3700 $3900 – $7500 $8500+

      With long-distance moves, your rate is based on how much your entire shipment weighs and the distance between point A (origin) and point B (final destination). Any additional services will include extra fees. Use our online moving cost calculator to figure out these fees.

      How Much Does a Moving Truck Rental Cost for a Long Distance Move?

      If you want to DIY your long distance move by renting a truck and driving your own stuff, the price can range from $1500 to $2200 and up. 

      Average Long Distance Truck Rental Costs

      Type of Truck Cost per Day
      12 ft. truck $800
      15 – 17 ft. truck $1200
      20 ft. truck $1750
      26 ft. truck $2200+

      *Prices above reflect a travel distance of approximately 1200 miles

      Self-moving can either be an excellent way to save money or the biggest headache of your life. The price of a DIY move can seem attractive until you realize just how much work it requires to move your entire life by yourself.

      Although you might save on labor and truck rentals, you’ll pay elsewhere in time, energy, and most likely aspirin. Even in self-moving, you’ll still pay for packing supplies, gas, a truck rental, truck rental insurance, and any items that you damage (unless you insure your items for another cost).

      Don’t forget the cost of missing work. You might think you can finish the entire move in one day, but that’s often not possible. It takes most people three to four days to complete a self-move. Fortunately, if you’re pressed for time and can’t afford to miss work, you can rent a moving container instead.

      Pro Tips

      Pro Tips

      Always have a cushion around your long-distance moves, whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a company to take care of it. Moving is a huge undertaking, and you are going to be worn out as a result of all of the work that needs to be done.

      How Much Does a Moving Container Cost for a Long Distance Move?

      On average, using a moving container for your long distance move costs between $1600 and $4700, depending on how far you’re moving and the weight of your belongings.

      Average Long Distance Moving Container Costs:

      Distance of Move Approximate Moving Cost
      100 Miles $1600
      450 Miles $2600
      1000 Miles $4500
      2000 Miles $4700

      Moving container companies charge by mile, so expect to pay more if you have a longer distance to cover. The convenience of a moving container is worth the price, especially when you need to set your own schedule and don’t have the time to drive a truck yourself.

      8 Services and Situations that Affect Moving Costs

      We already know that the size of your move and the distance you’re traveling are the two main factors impacting moving costs. However, several moving services and conditions influence your final price.

      Review the list below to see if these situations apply to your move.

      1. Full Service

      If you want or need to take a hands-off approach to your move, many moving companies can supply the extra help you need from start to finish.

      Opting for a full-service move means you’ll pay for moving supplies along with labor for packing your entire home, loading boxes, furniture, and appliances into the truck, driving your items to the new location, unloading everything off the truck, and unpacking.

      For full-service moves, you’ll need to be available throughout the entire process, but it’s well worth the price for anyone short on time.

      2. Packing Services

      Until you are faced with the real task of moving every item, it’s easy to forget just how many items humans collect over the years. Thankfully, local and interstate moving companies can save you from plenty of stress and frustration, taking the job off your hands and packing everything for you.

      If you already have a truck or plan to rent one, you can still hire movers near you to pack, load, and unpack your belongings while you watch your expenses (and stress) decrease. Some companies may charge for this service by the box, while others charge by the hour.

      Keep in mind that specialty boxes such as custom-made crates or wardrobe boxes will be more expensive than standard boxes.

      3. Moving Specialty Items

      If you have large, bulky, heavy items – like sculptures, grand pianos, or pool tables – many moving companies have the expertise to prepare and transport these items at an extra cost.

      However, many companies may not have the training or supplies to handle such items. If your main moving company can’t handle these items, you’ll have to find a specialist or another option.

      Heavy items like couches can fall into this category if getting them out the door would require disassembly and reassembly.

      4. Shuttle Service

      Depending on where you live, narrow roads or other restrictions may prevent the moving truck from getting to your house. You’ll need a smaller truck or van to transport items between your home and the moving truck, which will involve an additional fee.

      If you fear this may be an issue or large trucks are not permitted within a certain distance of your residence, make sure to ask the moving company about including this fee in your quote.

      Simple questions about the size of a moving company’s pickup and delivery trucks in advance can save you a headache on moving day.

      Cost: Anywhere from $0.10 to $0.15 per pound with a minimum fee of around $300.

      5. Long Carry Service

      Carrying items between your home and the truck already takes time and work. If the distance between your home and the truck is longer than anticipated (more than 75 feet), the moving company may charge you extra.

      Your written estimate should specify the distance movers will carry items before charging a fee.

      Cost: Every additional 50 feet an extra charge of $75.00

      6. Stairs and Other Obstacles

      Most movers include one flight of stairs in their move estimates. Movers in certain cities, however, might not. Regardless, expect to incur extra fees if your move involves multiple flights of stairs.

      Ask the company ahead of time about their stair fees and make sure they include them in a written statement. Slow elevators and restricted elevators can also drive up the time of the entire move, along with a potential fee.

      You’re charged for labor, so anything that slows down the move will cost extra. Other obstacles like narrow hallways and doorways can make it a pain to move your furniture, for example.

      Cost: $50-$100/flight

      7. Storage

      Sometimes, the moving company will arrive at your new home with your items before you’re able to move in. In other cases, your new home may not fit all the items from your old home.

      Most moving companies have relationships with storage facilities or have warehouses of their own. Be sure to ask about storage rates before it’s added to your bill later unexpectedly.

      Cost: $0.07 per lbs, min $200.

      8. Gratuity

      Though not a hidden fee, gratuity is often overlooked. Tipping your movers is customary: $20-$40 per mover. Don’t be afraid to adjust the number (up or down) based on the quality of service. Honor requests not to tip movers.


      How do you estimate moving costs?

      For local moves, moving companies will use a per mover, per hour rate based on the number of rooms in the home. For long-distance moves, estimates are based on distance, how much stuff you have (by weight or number of rooms), and how long it will take.

      Is a moving cost calculator good for estimation?

      Absolutely! The majority of moving cost calculators allow you to put in all of the relevant information about your move. Then, they use that information you provide to give you a range to use for budgeting.

      Should I just get a verbal estimate?

      You should never just get a verbal estimate because you can’t “lock that in”, so to speak. You always want to take the time to get a written moving quote, because then they can’t overcharge you or add additional fees without your permission.

      How much does it cost to move on average?

      On average, you’re going to spend around $1,250 on a local move (less than 100 miles from where you live now). If you’re moving long distance, the average cost is right around $5,000, and the largest homes may cost $7500 or more.

      Why do cross-country moves cost so much?

      Cross-country moves involve a lot of logistical planning. Also, your cross country movers will need to be away from home for a week or more, and the company is putting a lot of mileage on one or more of their company vans or trucks, which part of your costs will cover.

      How much do storage containers and storage units cost?

      If you have too much to move in one trip, you may have to shell out around $200 a month for a storage unit. The price of a storage unit does depend on the size and availability: small closet-sized units may run only about $70 per month, and larger, garage-sized units can run in excess of $300.

      What do I need to know before renting a PODS moving container?

      A PODS moving container is a great option for shipping and storing your stuff, but you have to keep in mind how long you’ll need the container in the first place. You’ll also have to measure out whether you’ll have enough room at your place for a container, especially if you’ll need more than one.

      How do you calculate how much it will cost to move?

      Calculating the cost of your move depends on several factors: the amount of hours you’ll spend moving, the distance you’ll have to move, the type of moving service you’ll require, the season, and the moving company all make a difference.

      Is it cheaper to move myself?

      Yes, BUT it may not be as cheap as you were hoping. When you factor in the price of gas, truck and equipment rental, and the amount of time you’ll spend moving (and not working) the price of a DIY move can skyrocket. In some cases, it may be cheaper to hire the pros.

      Is it better to use PODS or a moving company?

      If you want to move at your own pace, PODS is the way to go. Both PODS and full service movers are great for easing stress, but if you use a full service mover you’ll have to take a day out of your schedule to pack, haul, and unpack. With PODS, you can pack and unpack your container at your own speed.

      How much do PODS cost?

      PODS storage units start at $150 a month. Delivery can cost you another $75. It’s up to you to decide how long you’ll need a PODS unit, but keep in mind that sometimes PODS offers discounts and waives delivery fees depending on the length of time you need the unit.

      How much should you pay movers per hour?

      A ballpark rule is $40 per hour, per mover – and one mover per room. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to tip your movers and the driver, and it’s a good call to provide refreshments for professional movers who will be hauling your stuff.

      What do I need to drive a truck rental?

      You may have heard of different licenses for different sized trucks, but when it comes to moving truck rentals all you’ll really need is your drivers’ license. If you’re planning on splitting the drive with someone else, they’ll need to submit their drivers’ license info as well. Keep in mind some states also have age restrictions for rentals, so you should always call ahead to be sure.

      Start Budgeting With Moving APT’s Moving Cost Calculator

      A moving cost calculator can help you work out details and ensure you’re getting fair prices from any moving company.

      While no moving calculator will get quotes perfect, they can at least give you a range to help to budget and preparing all the details.

      Ready for more planning? Check out Moving APT Packing Tips for more insider moving info.

      Harrison Gough

      Harrison Gough

      Harrison has spent the last three years writing for real estate and moving companies, but his moving experience goes beyond sitting behind a keyboard. He’s had to move more than a dozen times (sometimes with pros, and sometimes DIY) and he’s learned the hard way about what makes a move easy, and what makes a move stressful. When he’s not writing, he’s researching how to make his next move easier.
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