Moving Day Tasks, Tips and What to Avoid

Confusion can ensue on big moving days, and can become stressful. We put together a list of moving day best practices to make things much simpler.
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Moving Day Tasks, Tips - Moving APT
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There is nothing more thrilling than having to move to a new property. However, sometimes, this could come with its fair load of stress. The moving day can get so chaotic and hectic that you would probably feel so exhausted doing it all by yourself.

If you are going to be moving to a far destination, you would be better off getting the services of the best out of state movers. This would allow you to reduce the amount of stress which you would most likely face.

Moving Day Tasks

On a moving day, you would probably have a lot of tasks which you would have to perform. Having them organized in a checklist would help you to stay organized. Here are some of the tasks which you would have to perform on that day;

Second Check

The first thing which you should do is to make sure that you have actually packed everything that you are going to need. To make sure of this, you should endeavor to check the closets and other spaces before you set on with your journey.

Anything which you find during this last check can be packed right into a box and labeled accordingly. This would allow you to identify them when long-distance movers are packing you in. You would then be able to sort them into the various places you would like to keep them.

Backpack or bag

Of course, there are things which you consider to be so much more to you. These things could very include your documents, credit cards, and many stones or jewelry. You would need to keep this with you rather than pack them in with the long-distance movers. This would ensure that they are completely safe during the moving process


One thing which would make sure that you face less stress during your moving experience is by labeling the boxes according to what they contain.

This would allow you to unpack and put everything in place after you have arrived at your new home. Most long-distance movers would also help you to sort out your boxes and labeling them according to the items that are present would help.

It would help prevent damage to certain vessels. The truth is that some items are much more fragile than normal items. This includes glasses amongst others. Marking these boxes out could be the key to preserving them throughout the journey.

Phone numbers

Make sure that the long-distance movers who are helping you move have your phone number and that they have yours. This would ensure that they have a good source to communicate with you in the event of an emergency or confusion regarding a particular item that they are moving for you.


Granted, the property which you are leaving might be resold or might belong to another already. However, it is still important to make sure that you adhere to a bit of security by making sure that the windows and the doors are completely locked and secured. This would help you avoid problems in the future.


Make sure that you have evidence of utilities such as the electricity meter if you are moving. This would ensure that you do not have to pay for electricity more than you actually spent. A good way to do this could be to take a picture of the utility. This would serve to clear up any confusion which might take place later on.

Those are the likely tasks that you would have to achieve before moving. These would ensure that you and the long-distance movers would have a much easier job on your hands.


Here are some tips which would make this relocation even so much better;

Find a place for everything

While it is very easy to pack what you think you would need, it is not very easy to know just where you would like everything to go to your new property. So before moving, make sure that you have a rough analysis of where you would want all your property to be in the new home.

The good thing about doing this is that it ensures that you do not have to keep moving your things from one place to another after you have moved.

It would also make sure that the long-distance movers helping you to move would be able to reach their destination and help you get settled in less than no time.


You are moving into a new place. This would also present a good opportunity for you to declutter. There will be so many things which you would probably not need in your new home, and it would probably be right to get rid of them.

This would most likely include old clothes, appliances that can be found all over the house amongst so many other things. The principle you should use when deciding if you would like to keep something is to ask yourself if you would really want to use the item, if you adore it or if it is needed to survive. If the item does not meet any of these, then you should probably give it away.

There are so many ways in which you can do this. You can donate it or even sell it. It is left for you to decide on what you would like to do.

Pack with your destination in mind

You are relocating to somewhere far away with the help of long-distance movers. With this in mind, you should organize your boxes. You should make sure that all items which would probably break or damage due to the nature of the journey should be wrapped up in several layers and as earlier stated, boxes should be well labeled indicating just how fragile the material which is being carried is.

It is also important to make sure that the long-distance movers are aware of all the fragile items that you are carrying. This would ensure that they know how to probably handle the boxes which are affected.

Make sure you use long distance movers

While you might feel that you are capable and you can pack all by yourself, long-distance movers would really be the best choice for you. The truth is that packing is a long, arduous process that can take a long time if it is handled by non-professional especially when packing up a massive home.

Another thing which you would have to consider would be the time which you would have to spend packing. If you are working or have other activities, you would find this extremely hard to do.

Therefore, make sure that you get the services of professional long-distance movers. They would help perform the job way better, and they even help unpack and get you sorted out in your residence. It would be so much better.

Move-in Research

On a moving day, it would be important to make some researches on the new neighborhood which you are moving to. This would surround the parking regulations which usually guide that area. You should also ensure that you find a place for the truck that is helping you to move park.

The implication of not having this can be an extra fee charged. You should also make sure to confirm with the long-distance movers about any other fees which you would have to face before the moving day. This would ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for all the expenses which you would face.

These tips would surely guide you when you are moving long distances with  best long distance movers.

Mistakes to Avoid

One thing which most people avoid is making mistakes. Mistakes can affect us in many aspects of our life including when moving from one place to another. Here are some of the top mistakes which you can make;

Being Rude

Sometimes, moving can be so stressful that you would feel easily irritable. For most people, this may make them to be rude and even have temper flares. However, it is important that you treat your long-distance movers with the utmost respect.

These are the people with who you are trusting your belongings for a long trip. They are also assisting you to pull off one of the major moves which you would probably make in your life.

With this in mind, make sure that you treat them with respect. Always keep it at the back of your minds that your long-distance movers can also be said to be humans just like you are and would love to be treated right.

To be appreciative of their services, a tip or some water could go a long way in making sure there is no tension between both of you.

Sharp and focused

Most long-distance movers would prefer to make the trip to another home very early in the morning. With this in mind, you should make sure that you get enough sleep before the day of the move comes. Staying up all night would surely leave you looking scattered and tired in the morning.

There would be just so much that you would have to do that day that would leave you exhausted. Starting the day exhausted would surely be a bad idea then.

So take the night to get enough rest. With this, you would ready for the next day and all the activities which would surely come with it.

Not making enough research

When moving with long-distance movers, you would have to do a lot of research of the area and even the neighborhood to which you are moving to. This would allow you to know the cost of things around there and the various regulations which guide that area including parking trucks.

Not getting enough research would only feel you frustrated and stranded in the middle of the entire process. So make sure you do your research as soon as possible.

Pack early and completely

One thing which you would have to do as early as possible would be packing. Packing your things early brings so many benefits to your mission. It would ensure that you are less likely to forget anything that you consider essential.

This is unlike having a last-minute scattered packing. This leaves you in a terrible position as you would be less organized and struggling to pack everything that you have left in a very short time.

It might also have an adverse effect on the long distance movers who would be helping you move to a new location. It could leave them confused on how to probably pack your things into the truck.

Flammable Materials

Another thing which you should avoid is packing things which are corrosive, inflammable or any other related condition. When you are moving to a new place, everything which belongs to you would be packed into one truck or perhaps two. Putting those things in any risks during transportation would be a very bad move. So make sure you avoid this.

If you have to add an inflammable material, make sure that you bring it to the notice of the long-distance movers. They would know how to manage it in order to reduce the chances of an accident happening.

Labeling and measurements

Not taking measurements of your big items or equipment and marking out where you would like them to be in your new home would be a disaster. This would even be made worse if you fail to label the things which you are planning to move.

The final outcome would be a scattered one with your items confused and settling down in your new home or office would probably take so much time than it should have.


Here are the top tasks tips and mistakes to avoid that would ensure that your move to another home would be seamless. Moving is a big thing, and it is only normal to take the important steps to ensure that it goes as planned.

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