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Moving From California to New York: Movers, Costs, and Benefits

A move from California to New York can cost you anywhere between $1950 to $9400, but a coast to coast move is about more than just money. Check out our guide and see how you can make the most of your long distance move.
Moving From California to New York Movers and Cost

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Moving from California to New York can take a lot of work, but if you plan it out right (and get in touch with the right movers) you can embrace the New York state of mind instead of just losing your mind.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how you can make your CA to NY move easy. We’ll provide some insider info about your cost and your timeframe, and we’ll talk a little about how and why you should make New York your new home. Our research team used their decade-plus of experience in the moving industry to give you just the good bits – no filler, no chaser, and no BS.

If you’re ready to get started, don’t grab the packing peanuts just yet: read on and get up to speed on California to New York moving.

Adams Van Lines - Moving from California to New York

Adams Van Lines

Rockstar Pro Movers - Moving from California to New York

Rockstar Pro Movers

Roadway Moving - Moving from California to New York

Roadway Moving


How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers from California to New York?

Hiring California to New York movers can cost you anywhere from $1950 to $9400, sometimes more, and sometimes less. It all comes down to how far you’re traveling, and how much stuff you’re hauling.

In the moving industry, there are local moves (anything within 100 miles and within the same state) and long distance moves (anything across state lines or over 100 miles). Long distance moves are calculated based on the weight of all your stuff and the miles you need to go.

While you can’t do much about the distance between California to New York, you can always downsize before your move to save some cash. If you have less stuff when you book your movers, you won’t have to pay as much – but it may mean a longer wait…

Distance1 Bedroom2 – 3 Bedroom4 – 5 Bedroom
San Diego to New York$1950 – $2500$2300 – $4100$4200 – $7200
Los Angeles New York$2100 – $2800$2500 – $5500$4000 – $8500
San Francisco to New York$2250 – $3200$2900 – $5300$4500 – $9400

How Long Does Moving Take?

Moving from California to New York can take anywhere from 3 to 21 days – and sometimes more. It’s a pretty huge window, but much like the price of your move, the duration depends on how much stuff you’re moving and how far it has to travel.

“A small apartment will be faster than a five-bedroom house, right?”

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Moving companies don’t like to send half-empty moving trucks all over the place. It’s just inefficient, and expensive for everyone involved. Instead, movers will bundle several smaller moves together on the same truck, which means occasional delays for pickups and dropoffs along the way. (Don’t worry – your stuff will be safely partitioned and protected in the truck.)

On the other hand, if you’re moving big, you may be in luck. If you manage to fill an entire moving truck with just your move, your movers will have it sent directly. This means no waiting around while they sort out other moves!

3 Best Movers from California to New York

There’s a lot of movers to choose from, especially for coast to coast routes. Take a look at some of our top pics for California to New York moving:

  1. Adams Van Lines
  2. Rockstar Pro Movers
  3. Roadway Moving

Licenses Info:

DOT#: 2886867

MC#: 969195

Adams Van Lines is a great pick if you’ve got a lot of fragile stuff to move. They’re pros at moving items that need extra care like pianos, pool tables, and artwork.

Although they might charge a bit more, they’re still more affordable than big-brand moving companies – and it’s tough to find other premium movers at the same price point!



Why We Recommend Adams Van Lines

We often recommend Adams, and for good reason. They know how to handle tough moves, and their moving teams go the extra mile to keep your stuff safe.

Adams knows what they’re doing, and their premium service really shows it. If you want some extra security, or just want to stress less over your move, Adams Van Lines is a solid choice.

Rockstar Pro Movers - Moving from California to New York

Rockstar Pro Movers


Licenses Info:

DOT#: 2774464

MC#: 1104857

Rockstar Pro Movers may be California-based, but they’ve got the skills and services to get you across the country smoothly.

They offer a wide variety of handy services that you can tailor to your moving day needs, plus they have some nice discounts available if you meet the criteria. Their attention to detail makes them a solid choice for moves from California to New York.



Why We Recommend Rockstar Pro Movers

We’re always happy to recommend Rockstar Pro Movers, especially for moves to or from the West Coast. Since they’re based in Cali, they really know their way around the area.

But don’t worry – even though they call California home, they can manage a cross country move to the East Coast without a hitch. We’re also big fans of their website – it’s straightforward, helpful, and packed with information!

Licenses Info:

DOT#: 1854436

MC#: 671325

Based on the East Coast with an HQ in New York, Roadway Moving knows a thing or two about providing top-notch customer service and punctuality.

They go beyond basic moving services: there’s a whole menu of extras so you can tailor your move from the ground up.

Although they’re New York-based, they’ve got plenty of experience with nationwide moves – including from California.



Why We Recommend Roadway Moving

If you’re moving from California to New York, Roadway can handle the heavy lifting. Their team always impresses us with their professional attitude: they’re big on keeping communication lines open, and long distance moves on time.

Plus, all those in-house services adds great value and convenience for customizable moving experiences.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a California to New York Move?

Moving across the country from California to New York is no easy task, the challenge is reflected in the price tag. Fortunately, with a bit of advance planning, you can minimize the cost.

Check out these factors behind the overall price of your move:

Distance: Distance is one of the most major factors behind the price of your move. Since a move from California to New York spans several thousand miles, long distance pricing is an unavoidable reality. On the other hand, there are some other ways to save…

Volume and Weight of Belongings: Along with the distance, the volume of your move is another major factor behind your final price. Fortunately, you can lower the weight (and your price tag) by selling off, donating, and otherwise downsizing before you book.

Moving Services: Different moving companies offer various services, including packing, unpacking, disassembling, and reassembling furniture, and more. It may cost a little extra, but if you don’t want to DIY all your packing, it’s worth the price.

Packing Materials: Some movers include the cost of packing materials if you book their packing services as well. Others may not be as generous. If you want to save every penny, try asking your local liquor store, office complex, or bookstore for free boxes.

Moving Insurance: Moving companies are legally obligated to provide a base minimum in terms of insurance. Unfortunately, it’s only good for $0.60 per pound of items lost, damaged, or destroyed. If you want peace of mind, pay for full-value coverage.

Seasonality: Moving costs fluctuate throughout the year, and peak moving season (typically June through August) is more expensive due to demand. We recommend planning a mid-month, mid-week move, well away from holidays and the summer.

Storage Services: Sometimes you don’t know if everything will fit at your new place, and sometimes you need a little extra time to finish unpacking your stuff. Storage units give you much-needed flexibility, and if you ask around you may even score a free month.

Specialty Items: Moving specialty items like pianos, antiques, or fragile artworks usually demands specialized packing and handling, often incurring additional fees. Much like packing services, it’s worth the price for the extra TLC.

Access and Logistics: If your old or new residence has access issues (like narrow city streets, long carries, or several flights of stairs or elevators), you may end up paying access fees. Avoid surprises by walking your mover through the location beforehand.

Additional Fees: Be aware of potential additional fees, such as expedited service fees, long carry fees, or shuttle fees. These don’t apply to every move, but depending on the services you require you may end up paying extra.

Tipping Movers: Unless it’s explicitly declined by your movers, tips are accepted and expected. Math out between 15 and 20% of the overall price of your move, to be split between your entire moving team.

When you’re planning a move, there are a lot of extra fees and factors that determine your final price. Communicate with your movers ahead of time so you know what you’re paying, and why.

Why Do People Move from California to New York?

California has its charms, but people are moving out. While it’s far from a complete list, here are just some of the reasons people move from California to New York:

Career Opportunities: New York offers a bustling job market, especially in sectors like finance, media, technology, and fashion. This is a strong draw for anyone who wants to scale up their career in these industries.

Cultural & Lifestyle Shift: Not all cities are alike, and any New Yorker will tell you there’s no place like the Big Apple – although they probably won’t use those exact words. New York has a unique rhythm, culture, and lifestyle, and some people thrive on it.

Education: With a packed roster of renowned institutions, it’s common for people to move to New York just for schooling. Whether it’s K-12 or college, New York has what you’re looking for.

Change in Scenery: California has like… two seasons. It’s either hot and dry, or just uncooperative. On the other hand, New York has four seasons, and a ton of architecture and other sights to really compliment the varied environment.

Cost of Living: California is expensive. New York is expensive, too. Which one’s pricier? Depends on the neighborhood. On the plus side, you won’t be paying for gas if you’re planning on using the subway like every other New Yorker.

Networking: Not everyone’s a Patrick Bateman, but if you’re really determined to live that hustle-and-bustle life, New York’s got you covered. Rub shoulders with the rich and famous, and finally get that ultra-lean startup off the ground.

If we listed out all the reasons people move to New York, we’d run out of megabytes. While the above list is just a quick snapshot of why people are heading back east, you’re likely to find your own niche just by exploring New York and seeing what fits.

Things to Do in New York

As you’d expect, New York has a ton of experiences. From the skyscrapers and museums to surprising amounts of green in the parks, NYC can provide a whole lifetime of entertainment.

1. Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

No visit to New York is complete without exploring these iconic symbols of American freedom and diversity. Sure it may be a little touristy, but can you really say you’re a New Yorker if you’ve never been?

2. Central Park

Central Park is huge – it’d take you at least a few days to really see it all. It’s a haven for nature lovers amidst the urban jungle, where jogging, picnics, and leisurely walks are abundant.

3. Broadway Shows

Want to get a little cultured? Experience world-class theater productions, with a diverse array of plays and musicals that cater to all tastes.

4. Times Square

Again, it’s one of those touristy spots that even the locals have to see at least once or twice. Soak up the vibrant energy of neon lights, bustling crowds, and endless entertainment options.

5. Museums

Stretch your brain a little by checking out all the museums that New York has to offer. Dive into culture at renowned institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the American Museum of Natural History.

6. Brooklyn Bridge

Take a scenic stroll across this historic bridge, enjoying breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline.

7. Cuisine Adventures

Whether you’re a foodie or just on the prowl for some late-night munchies, New York has plenty of great grub. Explore the diverse culinary scene, from upscale dining to the rich variety of street food.

8. Shopping

If you’ve got enough money to live in New York, you’ve got enough money to spend on shopping. From the luxury boutiques along Fifth Avenue to quirky Brooklyn thrift stores, spending money in New York is an adventure in itself.

9. Nightlife

The city that never sleeps REALLY never sleeps. Explore the vibrant nightlife, whether it’s posh clubs, cozy bars, or jazz lounges.

10. Seasonal Events

Four seasons means a varied to-do list all year round. Engage in seasonal activities, like ice skating at Rockefeller Center in winter or attending summer concerts in various parks.

No matter the borough, New York seamlessly blends historical richness with modern charm. If you’re looking to set down roots in a city that’ll keep you entertained, New York is where it’s at.

Here’s How We Rank Our Movers

Moving APT has 22 years of experience in long distance moving, and we do real business with movers to get data that’s more in-depth and reliable than anything else online.

Our rating methodology is based on the following:


  • Reputation: Reviews and profiles show if movers are highly-rated and experienced.
  • Industry-Insider Info: We see what the best companies in the industry are doing.
  • Mystery Shopping: We call and pose as complete strangers to keep movers honest.

Licensing and Accreditation

  • Arbitration Program: We ensure movers provide arbitration for lost or damaged items.
  • Active Claim Department: We monitor how quickly movers help with compensation.
  • Safety Record: We get up-to date safety information about accidents and inspections.
  • Moving Insurance: We make sure movers provide full or released-value protection.

Client Feedback

  • Video and phone reviews: Client testimony tells us which movers are worth your time.
  • Online surveys: We read about each completed move to see how movers perform.

As a moving broker, Moving APT deals with movers on a daily basis. We negotiate for our clients, and we ensure movers always honor their contracts. It’s how we help you get moved, and it’s how we maintain clear communication between clients and moving companies.

More customers for better movers If a mover is exceeding expectations, we send them more business. If a mover needs to improve, we don’t. It’s simple.

California to New York FAQ

What is the cost of living like in New York compared to California?

The median home price in California is about $794,000. On the other hand, the median home price in New York City is around $820,000. Keep in mind, you may be spending more or less depending on what borough you live in, and you may save quite a bit of cash if you’re relying on the subway instead of a car (and gas).

What are the best neighborhoods to live in if I’m moving to New York from California?

New York has a neighborhood for every niche. Want bustling urban life? Check out Manhattan – if you can afford it. Brooklyn provides a rich cultural experience, while areas in Upstate New York offer a more tranquil environment.

What is the cheapest way to move long distances?

A DIY move is always going to be your cheapest option, but the actual savings may leave you pretty underwhelmed. By the time you sort out the truck rental, the gas, the food, the lodging, and the time you’ll have to take off work to deal with your move, you won’t be saving as much as you’d hoped. Sometimes it’s just easier to call the pros – and we’re not just saying that because we’re from the moving industry.

How far in advance should I hire movers in California?

It’s a good idea to hire movers at least 4-8 weeks before your intended move date, especially for long-distance relocations. This ensures availability, and you may even be able to secure early booking rates. Last-minute moves always cost extra, and they’re not very flexible. If you’re in a time crunch, ask around to see if any movers had cancellations that you can fill in.

What items can’t be moved long distances?

Every mover has their own no-go list, but the general rule of thumb is nothing flammable, nothing pressurized, nothing alive, and nothing perishable. If you have a barbecue, remove the propane tank first. If you have perishable foods, prepare a going-away feast and eat it all in one go. If you have kids, ship them with UPS. (Don’t actually do that one.)

Ready to Head from California to New York? Get Packing and Let’s Get Started!

A California to New York move is a major step, but with the help of this guide, hopefully you have a better idea of how to make the whole process easier, efficient, and cost-effective. If you’re ready to head east, check out our moving cost calculator to get started!

PS: Don’t forget to check back in with the team at Moving APT for more tips, tricks, and insider info to make moving day even easier!

Joey Sasson

Joey Sasson

Joey Sasson is an executive and author with over 30 years of experience in the moving industry. As president of sales and logistics at Moving APT, Joey’s been a driving force behind our company’s success. He’s known around the office for his expertise and dedication, and he’s probably working on another article right this moment. Joey has a lot to say about the moving industry, but he also writes about other elements of business, leadership, self-improvement, and more.
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