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Moving to Alaska: A Complete Moving Guide

The beauty and urge to escape calls many people to Alaska. However, you need to know what it takes to move there and where the best places are to live.
Things to Know Before Moving to Alaska

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Alaska is undoubtedly one of the most scenic states in the US. If you are a nature lover, you ought to fall in love with the 49th state. Moreover, it is comparatively quieter and more peaceful compared to fast-paced life in other states.

No income tax and a variety of cuisines make it a haven for those looking for a relaxed, stress-free life that is close to nature.

However, is Alaska a good place to live? Especially when it comes to earning a livelihood and making a career. Where there are some obvious pros of settling in Alaska, there are some cons as well. For example, despite zero income tax, Alaska might not be the cheapest state in the US.

Whether or not you would like to call it home depends upon what factors you weigh more over others. So, before you reach a decision, let’s have a candid round-up of what Alaska has to offer and what you may not like about it.

Things You Would Like about Alaska

People move to Alaska because it is stunningly beautiful. Besides, no income tax makes it an alluring state for those who are tired of paying a substantial amount of their income as taxes.

Here are some of the common reasons why people migrate to Alaska.

1. Alaska has Unmatched Natural Beauty

Nature loves Alaska. It has a diverse landscape from freezing glaciers to piping volcanoes. If you want to experience the rugged, untamed beauty of Alaska, here are a few places you the Alaskans never get bored of:

  • Fairbanks is one of the most visited places by locals and tourists alike. It’s worth seeing year-round. In summer, you get to witness the majestic midnight sun while in winter, the Northern lights make Fairbanks look like a magical world.
  • Chena River State Recreation Area, along with Georgeson Botanical Garden are not to be missed if you want to have the true essence of Alaska.
  • If you are feeling a bit adventurous, Alaska will let you challenge yourself with some of the far-off places that you cannot reach by road, e.g. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has vast, 3 million acres of rainforest and beautiful tidewater glaciers. Adventure lovers can have a one-of-a-kind kayaking and camping experience here.
  • If you love fishing, Alaska has the salmon capital of the world, i.e. Ketchikan. Breathe the fresh Alaskan air while you wait for your share of salmon and enjoy the raw beauty of the town.

2. Abundant Wild Life

The Last Frontier state has abundant wildlife that can be seen year-round. In summer, black bears, humpback whales, orcas, and otters can be commonly spotted. If you want to see Alaska’s wildlife up close, in their natural habitat, Kenai Fjords National Park is the place to be. You will even get to see harbor seals and sea lions here.

Besides, winter witnesses the magnificent moose in the snow-covered mountains along with the huge bison, a species much larger in size than the common plain bison. Moreover, bald eagles are a common sight in various Alaskan regions.

3. Become an Alaskan and Get Paid for It

One of the most alluring benefits of moving to Alaska is that Alaskans get paid by the state for simply being Alaskan. Once you have settled there and spent one calendar year, you can qualify for the Alaska Permanent Fund just by fulfilling a few simple requirements. The best thing about this fund is that there is no minimum age for eligibility. Even the babies can receive this fund.

The amount received by every Alaskan who qualifies for APF is different every year. However, it normally averages around $1300 to $1500.

4. Alaska is Home to Fresh Organic Food

Alaskans get to devour fresh vegetables and fruits in their purest and cleanest form. The favorable climate here has made it possible for the locals to have small to medium-sized kitchen gardens of their own.

You will see people enjoying organic, fresh potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, peas, and pumpkins from their gardens. It is also common to can these vegetables and fruits for winter.

Moreover, a variety of blueberries grow naturally in different parts of Alaska. These include blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Morel mushrooms are also very commonly found even in high altitudes.

5. Rich and Diverse Culture

The indigenous culture of Alaska is represented by deep-rooted ancient communities with different ethnic backgrounds. For example, the local Inuit community has an interesting, rich cultural background.

Besides, there are other communities like Athabaskan, Alaskan Creoles, Yupik, and others, each one having their distinct cultural values and belief system.

Moreover, you will also see cultural harmony among communities from around the world living together. Especially, the city of Anchorage is known for housing communities from the most number of nationalities as compared to any other state.

6. No Income Tax

There are just 8 states in the US where there is no state-imposed income tax. Alaska is one of them. This means you keep every penny of the money you earn every month. Besides, there won’t be any deduction from pension.

Things You Won’t Like About Alaska

Although on average, as many as around 37000 to 40000 people migrate to settle in Alaska, when you look at the figure of net migrants, each year, more people leave Alaska than those moving into it. This has to do with several factors. Let’s have a look at the biggest culprits:

1. Highest Crime Rate in the US

Although most parts of the state are peaceful with a low crime rate, some cities like Anchorage have a very high crime rate. Alaska has the highest average crime rate in the entire US, making it a comparatively unsafe state to live in.

2. High Cost of Living

Everything in Alaska costs more than the national average. This also has to do with high shipping because of limited accessibility through roads. Housing here is 17% more expensive than the national average. Similarly, the utilities are a whopping 49% higher.

Although rents here are reasonable as compared to other states i.e. one bedroom apartment would cost you around $960 a month, the overall cost of living in Alaska is 30% more than the national average.

Above all, the medical costs in Alaska are the highest in the US. Moreover, they don’t have a medical infrastructure as developed as in other states. This means people with slightly rare conditions might have to head to other states for treatment.

3. Shipping to Alaska Isn’t a Piece of Cake – Forget about Same-Day Delivery

If you are someone who enjoys online shopping, you’d find life in Alaska a bit too difficult. Most renowned online marketplaces, including Amazon either do not ship to Alaska, or it takes a bit too long for your orders to arrive. Difficult accessibility, and, for some areas, no accessibility through roads have rendered timely shipping a challenging task.

4. A Secluded Lifestyle

While it might be a positive point for those in search of a slow-paced and quiet life, if you are a person who likes to socialize a bit, life in Alaska can feel a bit too gloomy.

Being secluded from the rest of the US, and being devoid of buzzing public places like restaurants and retail stores, Alaska feels like another country. It sure has fewer traffic problems though because traveling even to the nearest city centers in a neighboring state can take hours and hours of continuous driving.

5. Harsh Weather

Winters are extremely harsh in Alaska. Events like windstorms and hurricanes are common. You can expect strong winds every other day and it can sometimes end up in routing out power infrastructure as well.

Where Alaska is a haven on earth for those who value a lifestyle closest to nature, it can be a difficult place to live for those looking for an affordable lifestyle due to its high cost of living and much secluded day-to-day life.

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