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Moving to Colorado in 2024: Complete Moving Guide

If you’re thinking about moving to Colorado, here’s what you need to know before you show up in the centennial state.
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Colorado boasts a wide variety of climates. From desert to forests to towering mountains to bustling city streets, quaint cafes, and hidden speakeasies, there is something in the Colorado for everyone—whether you like the outdoors or not.

But it’s not surprising that many outdoor lovers are flocking to the front range in recent years. Colorado is home to the world’s tallest suspension bridge, largest hot spring, and largest flat-top mountain. Ranking as the 21st most populous state and the 8th most expensive cost of living in the nation, is Colorado the state you should be moving to in 2024?

Visiting a state can be completely different from what a state has to offer residents, so how do you know if Colorado is the place for you before you move there? Before you hire movers, let us break down what you need to know before your relocation to Colorado.

Why Move to Colorado?

  1. Adventure in the outdoors all year around
    You can enjoy every type of outdoor sport in the state of Colorado. So it’s no wonder Coloradans have an active lifestyle.
  2. Discover the diverse array of job opportunities available
    Colorado is home to a number of different industries. From tech to energy to outdoor tourism, there is a niche for everyone here.
  3. Explore the hidden speakeasies and restaurants
    Colorado is known for its many underground speakeasies. Created during prohibition, these hidden bars make a unique dining experience.
  4. Get a taste of the beer scene
    Home to Coors beer, you can find a variety of breweries to sip at.
  5. There’s never a boring moment for sports fans
    Home of the Stanley cup winners, Colorado has hockey, baseball, Denver Broncos football. You name it, you can watch it.
  6. Experience all four seasons
    From summer brews to leaves changing colors in the fall, Colorado’s outdoors is above and beyond, giving you a distinct winter, spring, summer, and fall season. Hit Breckenridge ski resort during the ski season or the hot springs in the summer.
  7. Live shows for every type of music lover
    From Mission Ballroom to Red Rocks Amphitheater, there’s a show for every music lover.
  8. Easy access to multiple national parks like Rocky Mountain National Park
    Not only are there national and state parks in Colorado, but in an easy 3-5 hour drive, you can access parks in Utah and New Mexico. From Rocky Mountain national Park to Mesa Verde National Park to Utah’s Arches, there’s an adventure for everyone, in the state or close by.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Colorado?

The cost of moving to Colorado can vary significantly depending on the size of your move and your destination. Generally speaking, you can expect to spend anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 for a full-service move, depending on the size of your move and the distance to your new home.

If you are moving a small apartment or condo, you can expect to spend around $1,500 to $3,000 for the move. If you are moving a larger home, the cost will be much higher and can easily exceed $10,000.

Type of Service1 Bedroom2-3 Bedrooms4-5 Bedrooms
DIY/Truck Rental$500 – $2400$790 – $4350$1400 – $4800
Moving Container$800 – $2700$1200 – $4800$2200 – $7900
Full Service$1300 – $3900$1600 – $8500$3200 – $14200

For more info on the cost of moving, please view this page:

How Much Does it Cost to Move?

What are the Pros And Cons of Moving to Colorado?



What's the Cost of Living in Colorado?

Colorado’s cost of living ranks 4% higher than the national average and housing ranking 15% higher than the national average. In Colorado, it is definitely possible to experience the beauty while staying on budget, unlike New York or Los Angeles.

The average house price in Colorado ranges from $488,000 to $540,000, and while on average, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for about $1,800 per month or a studio apartment for $1,000, the housing prices are creeping upward along with the rest of the big cities around the nation. 

With the average household income of $100,000, it makes sense why housing is more expensive here.

So how do you get access to the great outdoors while staying on budget? If you’re willing to give up some amenities like in-house washer and dryer and air-conditioning and heating, you can find cheaper spots to rent around the state. 

But be wary of the location of some of those listings. A lot of times, the listings that are too good to be true, locks you in an unsafe part of town or an apartment complex riddled with mice. Yep, mice are a thing in Colorado, and quite common as well.

Living in such a beautiful city isn’t quite a cakewalk when it comes to everyday expenses. Things can add up. But you quickly find the mountain views are more than worth it.

What are the Best to Live in Colorado?

While everyone has their reasons and priorities for living in the city they choose, there are some objectively gorgeous cities in Colorado that offer scenic views and great quality of life.

Five of the top picks include Boulder, Golden, Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.

  1. Boulder is a quintessential mountain town, without skiing. It sits at the base of the foothills and captures a small-town feel without skimping on some of the best parts of big-city life. While the cost of living and housing can be steep, nothing beats hiking trails right out of your door.
  2. Golden has just as much to offer as Boulder, but it is further west, making it closer to the ski mountains. It is home to one of the best STEM colleges, the Colorado School of Mines.
  3. Denver is the biggest city in Colorado and home to culture. With restaurants and nightlife, you can’t go wrong if you prefer city life. The neighborhoods in downtown Denver can be hit or miss when it comes to safety, so be sure to deeply research the neighborhood you want to call home.
  4. Just north of Boulder is the underrated city of Fort Collins. With an affordable cost of living and access to the outdoors, it should be on everyone’s best cities list.
  5. Colorado Springs rounds out the list. With a more affordable cost of living and the home of the US air force, there’s a lot to find in this city. Yet, it does it while also remaining affordable.

How is the Job Market in Colorado?

With an average hourly pay of $27, there’s a lot in Colorado for everyone, including a livable wage. The job market in Colorado is diverse. In the booming job market, you can find most jobs here: nursing, doctors, Data Analytics, and research. 

However the Tech, Aerospace, Government, and Adventure industries have a huge presence in Colorado.

Colorado has a lot of solid opportunities for you to find a great company to work for whether you want to be a seasonal climb or ski instructor, or want to become a part of the growing tech scene with companies like Google or HP. If you’re looking for a new job or want a transition, Colorado may be for you.

What is Colorado Most Known For?

When you think Colorado, you probably think outdoors, mountains, mile-high elevation. And yes, you’re right. The outdoors is key to Colorado, but it has lots to offer beyond its mountain peaks, like live music and coveted speakeasies, to name a few:

  • Red Rocks Amphitheater, for one, is Colorado’s iconic outdoor music venue. But you don’t have to wait for a concert to visit the towering red rock stage. People go to Red Rocks to work out or hike. But be sure to check out the venue whether you’re seeing your favorite band or just going on a day trip.
  • Meow Wolf is new to Denver. It’s a colorful, mind-bending experience. It is accessible for anyone with a layout similar to a museum, but its features are going to have you thinking and rethinking your perception. It’s the perfect attraction for a state that allows its natives to buy and consume marijuana at home. Want to know what it feels like to be high without consuming psychedelics? Go to Meow Wolf.
  • 16th street mall is popular for its outdoor strip mall feel. The street is bustling with lots of shops and restaurants and is in walking distance from the Capital. It’s the perfect place to go if you want to hit some shops and grab a bite to eat.
  • Pike’s Peak is located an hour south of Denver in Colorado Springs, but be sure not to miss this one. Named “America’s Mountain” you can either hike or drive to the peak.

What are the Best Schools & Universities in Colorado?

The Centennial state has a large STEM presence, and some of the best colleges in the area reflect that.

Some of the best colleges in Colorado include:

  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • Colorado State University
  • Colorado College
  • Denver University
  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs

All of these schools are 4 year universities—some public, others private, each offering a variety of majors and courses. If you move to the state looking for a degree or to further your education, you have several in-state options, and many of them top the charts nationally too. 

Attending an in-state university also sets you up nicely to enter the job market in Colorado as many of the companies have relationships with the universities.

A Place That's Worth Moving To

Colorado is a state brimming with adventure at every corner. From breweries and speakeasies to mountain getaways, it has something or everyone. 

While the cost of living and housing can be steep, Colorado is a state that is worth the move if you can afford the higher cost of living. The quality of life is hard to beat anywhere else.

Michelle Gean

Michelle Gean

Michelle has navigated many inner-city and international moves in her life, but now calls Denver, CO home. She’s lived in several different countries and lost count of the number of times she’s moved a long, long time ago. (It’s something in the hundreds by now, for sure.) She knows all the ins and outs, tips, and tricks about moving, and when she’s not writing about them, she’s packing up her boxes (or a suitcase) for the next adventure.
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