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Moving to Florida: Cost of Living Guide & Tips

There's more to Florida than beaches. Be prepared for a move to the Sunshine State. Check out our guide highlighting the key information to know.
6 Key Things to Know Before Moving to Florida

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Planning a move to Florida? You are one of the multitudes that want to call it home.

Each year, Florida attracts a lot of immigrants to its sandy shores, and it is easier to see the reason.

Florida not only attracts people with its sandy beaches, but also has warm weather, and widely known tourist attractions. There are so many other reasons to consider making Florida a home, such as the lack of state income tax and the sunny weather.

It is an interesting place to live considering its diverse population, numerous foods, and a lot of theme parks and attractions.

While you may find the idea of relocating to a new state challenging, our experts at Moving APT want to inform you that we are here to provide you with much-needed information about Florida.

We want you to know the necessary information to make a decision about whether a move to Florida is good for you. Also, we want you to understand how to make the best of your move immediately after you decide to move to Florida.   

6 Facts to Know Before Moving to Florida

If you are considering a move to Florida, below are some things to work with as well as some important things to know about the state to be more prepared for the experience.

Florida is a Cultural Center

One of the things we like about Florida is that it has attracted a lot of people from all walks of life. This has made a beautifully unique environment influenced by different cultures.

Florida is a meeting point for cultures considering its Seminole Tribe which is the oldest inhabitants, as well as the Spanish settlers who founded St. Augustine in 156.

The diversity in Florida is just one of the other things that make it so unique in the country.

There are so Many Seniors in Florida

Even though Florida is not the state with the most average age, it is on the top list for retirees.

It is a common destination for seniors because of the warm weather as well as its retirement tax friendliness. That doesn’t mean that young people should write off the idea of moving to Florida.

The state has much to offer people of different demographics. Florida is a popular destination for millennials who desire to become homeowners.   

Sunny, Warm Climate of Florida

Are you aware that 200 out of 365 days in a year are sunny in Florida? The warm and nice weather all through the year is one of Florida’s biggest attractions, and it is easier to see why.

Residents of southern Florida will be able to live through each year without the need to wear sweaters all the time.

With the warm climate, residents of Florida spend a lot of time outdoors which is an effective way to improve mental and physical health due to the Vitamin D from the sun.

For further explanation, moving to Florida can improve your health so be sure to get more sunscreen.

Below are some tips to help you enjoy the Florida weather:

  • Put on a lot of sunscreens anytime you step out.
  • Remove your cold-weather clothes and replace them with comfortable hats and clothing.
  • Keep your jackets, sweaters, and jeans as winters can get a bit chilly.
  • Always remember to keep an umbrella with you as rain is seen from May through October.
  • Hit outdoors early in summer and return to enjoy the air conditioning when the heat begins to rise in the afternoon.

In Florida, No State Income Tax

Need somewhere to save more money every month? Consider moving to the Sunshine state. While income state is required by most states in the country from residents, Florida does not.

Fortunately for residents of the state, they can save more of their income for fun activities, belongings, and vacations since there is no income tax.

Best Beaches in America are found in Florida

If you are still not sure if moving to Florida is right for you, you should look into the beaches.

During the hot summer, there are many beaches and pools to cool off your body. Check out those bikinis and flip-flops and remove those shades. If you would like to move to Florida, understand that the southern part of the state is where the best beaches in the country are found.

Below are some of the best beaches in Florida:

1. Key West:

This beach is arguably the most sought-after 1,700 islands that constitute the Florida Keys. Visit Fort Zachary Taylor State Park to get the best swimming and snorkeling done. Go with your partner and enjoy a glass-bottom two-person kayak to have a romantic day at sea.

2. Clearwater Beach:

This is one of the nicest white-sand beaches in the country and is a great spot for enjoying activities like parasailing, beach volleyball, and others. If you need more sea action than those, enter the cruises for fishing or a dolphin watch. Enjoy the scenery and you may even take some photos for memories.

3. Sanibel Island:

This is your best destination for capturing that great seashell collection due to the Gulf of Mexico’s closeness. This place is perfect for relaxation after going through a lot of stressful weeks.

4. Captiva Island:

This place is regarded as a real tropical paradise and is perfect for fishing or exploring the water. You will surely catch a view of wildlife, such as crocodiles, dolphins, and blue herons.

5. Palm Beach:

If you like to live on a nice, bustling beach, consider the beachfront properties available here. Even though there are other expensive hotels and resorts within 16-mile here, there are still some finest restaurants and shopping centers here. Your search ends here if you are looking for enjoyable beach life in Florida.

6. Siesta Key:

This is a perfect location for families that need playgrounds and beachfront picnic spots. One other great location for shell collection, or hang out with family on a catamaran if you feel like exploring.

7. Naples:

This is huge but challenging golf and an amazing fishing spot. Go on one-day camping with the family on the beach at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park and try out the food spots and rental gear for an adventurous day.

8. South Beach:

This is an international sport where you will love to be if you love the popular Miami lifestyle. Unending nightlife, as well as high-end shops, are numerous here. Find beachfront high rise to get the city feel while being a few walk-distance away from the beach.

9. Delray Beach:

This is a paradise for water-sport lovers. They can perform any of surfing, snorkeling, paddle-boarding, sailing, and so on here. Walk around the 2-mile beach stroll and check out a new seafood joint located on Atlantic Avenue.

10. Atlantic Beach:

It has a lot of small-town feels. You will want to experience the softness of the sand here. Check out the Beaches Museum and History Center to find out more or walk through the cobblestone streets and get amazed by the historical scenes of the great town.

The Cost of Living is based on where you reside

The average housing cost in the country is $231,200 while housing cost in Florida on average is $237,000.

Every big city in Florida offers complete housing, ranging from studio apartments to classic waterfront villas. Some cities will naturally offer a lower cost to live there than others.

Miami is one of the highly costly places to live in the United States, involving over 31% of the place’s average household income to pay for housing costs, and it ranks second on the list of the most costly place to live right after San Juan, Puerto Rico on the 2019 list of best places to live by the United States News.

So, if the cost of living in Florida is a concern for you, here is our view – you should consider it but should not be a deal-breaker when you are deciding whether to move to Florida or not.

Researching the List of 10 Best Cities in Florida

The best neighborhoods to livein Florida are subjective and each person needs to consider the pros and cons. Your selected city could make or break whether you will call Florida a home permanently or not.

We’ve come up with some of the popular cities in Florida to start your search.

We picked some areas of interest in various parts of the state. We considered the population stats based on the 2016 data from the United States Census Bureau and housing prices collected from Zillow.

1. The Panhandle – Pensacola

With varieties of military bases here, Pensacola is generally a military-friendly neighborhood with a fairly small population.

Add the small-town vibe with pathways to white beaches located on the Gulf Coast and highly ranked school systems, this city is a perfect destination for a young family to continue their lives.

Population The average Home Price

2. North Florida – Jacksonville

Being the most populated city in the state of Florida as well as one of the largest cities in the country, Jacksonville has more residents than other city areas.

This means that you can easily find friends to get along with since there are many people from all parts of life living here.

Find out more about relocating to Jacksonville if you are searching for a place that is always bustling and culturally rich with city life as well as a lower cost of living than the state’s average.

Population The average Home Price

3. Tallahassee

This might not be at a closer distance to beach life than other cities in Florida, but it has its benefits. This city offers more of a college-town vibe and provides a boost to the nightlife of Florida State.

If you enjoy watching a college game or going around the downtown area, consider Tallahassee in your decision.

Population The average Home Price

4. Central Florida – Orlando

This part of Florida is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States and also one of the most popularly known and visited areas in the state of Florida.

But don’t forget, if you are moving to Orlando, the city will offer you more than quick and discounted FASTPASS to Disney World as well as other local attractions. Day trips are made possible due to their central location.

Population The average Home Price

5. Western Florida— St. Petersburg

Just a few drive to the south of Clearwater, there you will find St. Petersburg, a city widely known for its diversity as well as a social-filled calendar that makes it seems every weekend is for festival or other events in this downtown area.

Enjoy the advantages of residing in the Tampa Bay area while in a distant place from all the action, including traffic in Tampa.

Population The average Home Price

6. Tampa

Relocating to Tampa places you right in the middle of the Tampa Bay area. One of the numerous reasons to move here is the active professional sports scene.

You will also have locally-owned restaurants to enjoy as well as varieties of festivals. It is also possible that you find the job market here on the rising side.

Population The average Home Price

7. Southwest Florida — Fort Myers

This fast-developing town is located just a few hours away from Orlando (north side) and Miami (south). Located on the Gulf Coast, the central location provides soon-to-be residents of Fort Myers more options for trips all through the parts of the state, unlike someone who is staying farther north.

The diverse community here has a lot of ex-pats as well as numerous cultural experiences that will widen your horizon.

Population The average Home Price

8. Sarasota

To rent or own here is primarily a bit higher because of its small size and this makes it a more costly place to reside than most parts of Florida.

Even though it is known as a destination for retirees and tourists, the trade-off for yearly residents is access to a lot of world-class beaches (such as Siesta Key) and activities.

Population The average Home Price

9. Southeast Florida — Fort Lauderdale

As a family-oriented place with a developing job market, there are more reasons to choose Fort Lauderdale as your next home for your family or if you are a young professional.

Do you like boating? This city welcomes yacht life. More than 40,000 residents choose to reside on the water in one of the many waterways. There are lots of inland waterways that the place has been termed the Venice of America.

Population The average Home Price

10. Miami

If you’ve experienced a normal spring break trip as a young adult before, then you probably had Miami beaches on your shortlist of locations to visit.

Check out the list of the best Miami movers 

Miami is a large metropolitan area and that is why it can provide more on tourism and nightlife categories. Similar to any city, there is poverty, crime as well as injustice here as well.

However, Miami’s culture is never matched with any other city in the state of Florida. There are many Spanish-speaking cultures, from Columbian to Cuban to Mexican.

Population The average Home Price

Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

Regardless of the neighborhood, you end up moving to in Florida, there are some pros and cons that apply to the most of population of the state. Take your time to consider how these factors might affect your daily life now and in some years to come.

For example, can you withstand heat? Although factors like this may not mean much at the moment, however, details like weather influence quality of life more than we could ever think.


Firstly, let us look into why you should move to Florida. Below are some things Florida has to offer you. Are they enough to consider leaving your current state and move to Florida?

  • A major perk is that the state doesn’t charge income tax.
  • The cost of housing is lower here than in most parts of the country.
  • Enjoy a lot of world-class beaches as well as outdoor entertainment.
  • There is no snow here and the weather is warm all through the year.
  • Residents of Florida receive a discount on local attractions.
  • There are many communities where snowbirds and retirees can settle down.


So, why do a lot of people move to Florida with great aspirations but end up leaving a few years later? Maybe the reason is with one of the drawbacks they can no longer tolerate. Can you withstand the following?

  • The great impact of hurricanes and harsh heat and humidity.
  • The state is exceedingly flat, with no mountains and valleys.
  • Florida has more tourists and partial residents than other states.
  • You will be paying much on insurance costs than any other state.
  • Bugs in Florida are larger and there are lots of alligators and snakes.


What is the requirement to move to Florida?

If you ever imagined the chance of moving to Florida or planning on moving, you will need a region of Florida to call home and a type of real estate. Get a legal residency as well as a driver’s license, and then familiarize yourself with the unique weather and culture of the state.

What salary in Florida is comfortable? Can I make living out of an 80k salary?

The average household income for people living in Florida is $50,860, as reported by the American Community Survey of 2016, a yearly United States Census Bureau study that looks into economic data among citizens. This implies that the middle class earning range for Florida was $34,080 – $101,721 in the year 2016.

No state income tax in Florida and is purposely made to draw the retirees, and it is cheaper to live here. Some that are living on set incomes can live an over-the-average lifestyle. With a yearly income of $80k, you’d be in the rank of the upper-middle class, especially when compared to states like California.

Is moving to Florida worthwhile?

Even though the cost of living in the Sunshine State’s major cities like Miami can be expensive, most of the areas across Florida are so much cheaper compared to many other states in the country. Healthcare, housing, Goods, and services in Florida are all not up to the national average.

Is living in Florida costly?

But how costly is it to live in Florida? Even though it is one of the leading vacation and retirement escapes in the United States, the Sunshine State can be affordable. The median cost of living is 1% under the national average as indicated by a Cost of Living Index.

What is the reason of people moving to Florida?

Costs of housing, enough space, tax savings, and sunshine. Those are possibly the reasons you think are driving people to Florida. People are moving to Florida so that they can vote in the 2020 presidential election according to Bonnie Heatzig, a Realtor in South Florida.

What rent is cheaper in Florida?

The cheapest median rental rate for apartments in the whole of Florida is found in Titusville at $876, while the highest is found in Coral Gables at $2,628, as contained in RentCafe’s report with data gotten from Yardi Matrix.

Why is Solar not legal in Florida?

I think this is largely due to the political influence of the utilities owned by investors. Utilities in the state have been stretching their production of solar power. However, Florida is among the eight states that are against the sale of solar electricity straight to consumers unless it is by a utility provider.


Right now, you should have answers to all your questions on why you should relocate to Florida. If you are planning a big move to the Sunshine State, we can assist you choosing the best out of state movers  and make the move seamless. Moving APT is here to give you informed advice and we will assist you in moving you to the Sunshine State seamlessly and less stressful.

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