Moving To Texas: Everything You Need to Know

Moving To Texas Experts Guide

Are you planning a move to Texas? We are with you!

Texas, also known as the Lone Star State, ranks second as the most populous state in the United States, and you can easily see why.

The warm weather, mix population, as well as great cultures, attract a lot of people every year. Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, and its cost of living is lower than many other states, but not free.

If making ends meet in your current state is a struggle, you might be wondering if moving to Texas without money is possible for you. While you may find it exciting to find your new Texas home, it will come with new challenges.

Luckily, we’ve compiled quick and detailed assistance to give you a head start when moving to Texas.

9 Reasons to Relocate to Texas

We are aware of the saying – everything in Texas is bigger. At a population of 27.8 million, Texas holds the second largest population in the country, as well as the second-largest state landmass.

Before you decide to move your life to Texas, below is where you can find out more about living in The Lone Star State as well as top reasons to move here:

1. You Can Afford to Purchase a Home in Texas

Are you tired of the expensive prices of housing in various popular cities in America? Consider a move to Texas, and you will find a lot of affordable homes in and all over major cities.

A lot of the best places to consider in Texas are also fairly affordable, unlike other large and thriving cities across the country.

For example, the average listing price of a home in San Antonio, which is one of the common cities in Texas, costs just $245,000.

In Plano, where great schools are located, the average listing price of homes is $375,000. Houston, a city with many opportunities, has an average listing price of the home at $289,900.

2. Lower Taxes

Texas is certainly one of the tax-friendly states in the United States. With the low cost of living and affordable cities in Texas, there is no need for tax paid by the state residents on their income.

The absence of income tax enables Texas residents to save their money for school tuition, retirement, and other expenses.

Texas is among the seven states where residents don’t pay state income tax. The state tax sales are not high also. There are also some tax benefits for businesses.

3. The economy in Texas is booming

Texas is home to one of the healthiest economies in the country. Texas ranked 12th on the list of best state economies by WalletHub based on startup activity, GDP growth, employment in high-tech industries, and so on.

Job hunters should be able to get enough employment opportunities across the state too.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Texas economy added about 1,000 jobs daily in 2019. Its varieties of the workforce now consist of 13 million people and increasing.

4. Get Ready for Warmer Weather 

Texas is a big state, and there can be different conditions based on your location inside the state. The weather can be dry, humid, whether moderately or harsh in Texas. Summers are often hot, and temperatures are an average between 900 and more.

In winter, the average is around the mid-60s, with uncommon drops if an occasional cold front is experienced across the state.

The average number of tornadoes in Texas per year is more than that of any other state, and there have been a lot of major hurricanes experienced in the Gulf Coast, such as Carla in 1961, Celia in 1970, Ike in 2008, and Harvey in 2017.

There have been memes and jokes all around about it, but the truth remains that the weather in Texas cannot be predicted.

5. You Will Save a Lot on Electricity Bills

Texas’s electricity market has been deregulated, meaning that consumers are free to choose which company supply them with energy. This enables you to choose the companies that best match your home and family needs.

You are free to switch providers as you wish. If you are relocating from a place that has its market regulated, that might be risky.

Relax; you will never again experience service interruptions immediately you switch to Texas. Normally, after choosing your new plan, it will take seven working days to effect the change, and you will receive your first bill from your chosen provider during their next billing phase with no service interruptions.

Some great resources have been developed by Texas’ Public Utility Commission for shopping rates and suppliers. Check power to choose or power to save to assist you further in getting started as well as knowing your available options.

6. There Are Many Safe Cities and Suburbs to Live In

Do you prioritize safety and security on your list? Then Texas maybe your right destination. A lot of cities and suburbs in Texas are highly safe and family-friendly.

Houston Chronicle reported that Plano, Mansfield, Frisco, Allen, Rowlett, Flower Mound, Cedar Park, Georgetown, League City, and Pflugerville are the safest cities in Texas.

7. The Great Sports Culture

There will always be crowds of Texas at sports centers and in stadiums watching and rooting for their favorite team every weekend. Since Texas is a large state, residents of Texas have a lot of lovely teams to support all through the year.

Many of the widely known professional teams in Texas are Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, and so on.

8. Cheapest Neighborhoods to Live In

According to, some of the cheapest neighborhoods to live in Texas are Pecos, La Feris, Progreso, Vernon, Sweetwater, and Breckenridge. boasts of the low cost of living in Pearland, Frisco, Odessa, and Cedar Park.

9. Cost of Living

Texas is popularly known for being one of the country’s most affordable states to live in. This is great considering the numerous activities there and booming employment and education sectors.

The average income in the state is $59,206 compared to the country’s average of $60,336.

Fortunately, despite the massive increase in population, the state is still affordable to purchase or rent a home.

A house that worth a million dollars in California would cost only $400,000 in Texas. Better still, home values are increasing in Texas, so you can buy a home now before the market competition increases.

As regards your electricity bills, you may be pleased to discover a competitive market. Texas makes efficient use of and resells renewable energy, which leads to more options as well as less expensive for you.

Living in Texas: Pros and Cons 


  • Low cost of living: With the costs of housing, grocery shopping, electricity, gas, you will enjoy your low cost of living in Texas. Gas prices here are just about a dollar lesser than the California average.
  • Job growth: The state is ranked 5th in the country and attracts new companies all the time.
  • Excellent schools: A lot of school systems in Texas get top ratings for their professional teachers as well as safety policies.
  • Nice home for families: Texas is known to be friendly for a family with great accommodations and activities for kids.
  • Urban and suburb living conditions: You can go for the kind of vibe that suits you the most.
  • Emotionally uplifting: Texas is the 4th lowest level of adult depression in the United States, and it was revealed by surveys that people are okay with their work and lifestyle.


  • Public transportation needs to be improved: Texas is lagging behind a bit on the public transportation aspect, and there are limited options if you want to avoid driving.
  • Urban sprawl: There is much road congestion in the city as it spreads out. The road becomes more crowded even as you get closer to the city.
  • Property tax rate: Your property taxes will be higher than most other states in the nation, with over $3,000 as property taxes for an average household each year.
  • The humidity: Some people don’t like the heat and humidity, always feeling wet and sticky.
  • The hurricanes: Texas has more risk of hurricanes every hurricane season, so be prepared.
  • Stormy weather: Weather in Texas is not always nice, and it comes with harsh thunderstorms as well as tornados occasionally.

How to Move to Texas – Tips to move to Texas

Texas is tagged as one of the most common places for moving in the whole nation by The Fiscal Times. You know the reason already; the state’s sunny weather, a great economy, as well as a highly reasonable cost of living.

Now you will become one of the lucky people moving to the Lone Star State. How do you get ready for and pull off your big move?

#1. Do Your Research

To start your research, first, do the following:

  • Find out more about those Texas neighborhoods you like.
  • Consult people who know the place well or conduct online research to aid your decisions.
  • Hire a realtor or use the Zillow app to find your new home.

Some people like first to rent a place while they figure out the best place to buy. Complete your current rental agreement or prepare your home to sell or rent.

Ask your Texas realtor about nearby amenities or conduct your research on restaurants, grocery stores, doctors, schools, hospitals as well as nearby activities. Confirm if the amenities that you like most are present in your new Texas neighborhood.

#2. Endeavor to visit

If possible, visit those places you would like to live in Texas. If you are working in a city area like Dallas or Austin, check out the best neighborhoods in the city physically.

  • Take your commute times and family’s needs into consideration. It would help if you importantly were prepared for your visit.
  • Meet with a couple or more real estate agents, family members, or friends who can take you around the neighborhoods that interest you. Come with and ask a load of questions and a list of apartments, homes, as well as amenities you would like to check for.

You will discover different feel and culture in each city and neighborhoods, so go for the one that will make you the happiest from the numerous entertainment, lifestyle features, and activities available.

#3. Make an Informed Budget

Perform your research about what should be in your moving budget, especially when moving cross country. Moving is costly, and you should get ready for that, but you can hack your moving plans to save some cash.

Just don’t forget to do it moderately because a few dollars cannot fill in for bodily injury or stress. Consider the cost of real estate as well as the price tag of furnishing a new home or apartment.

Then think about getting your rental moving equipment, buying packing materials and supplies, and renting a moving truck.

Remember to set small money aside for emergencies, travel costs, breakdowns, or any unexpected costs all through the process.

You may obtain moving quotes from reliable interstate movers to discover the cost of an expert move. You are allowed to mix and match your moving services with our professional movers.

They are available for hire to pack and unpack or just to load and unload for you. They can help you to move appliances, disassembly and reassembly, and many more.

Before you make decisions on your budget, first click on ‘GET QUOTE’, and you will be provided with about four moving estimates from reliable moving companies by Moving APT.

You may be surprised at how cheap it can be to hire professionals to move you to Texas.

#4. Transfer Services

Which services do you wish to continue in your new residence? You should contact your providers now and inform them of your move.

You can get some of these transfers done online, but it might be more comfortable to contact your service providers and make sure the transfer goes successfully.

If there is a problem with your current provider regarding your service transfer cross country, conduct your research and get new service providers that will install your services before you move in.

Below is a quick list of services you may need:  

Remember to cancel monthly memberships like a gym or other clubs in your current location.

#5. Create a Moving Schedule

Firstly, choose, and hire your moving company. Moving APT is dedicated to providing moving quotes from the most reliable and reputable, licensed, insured, and experienced moving companies in Texas.

Book your move-out and move-in dates and notify the parties involved, immediately you have a time frame to decide on the tasks to do yourself and the ones to be handled by your movers.

Then come up with a moving checklist and schedule relocation tasks. Ask your family and friends to help, and then figure out who will tackle each task. Also, note the deadline for each task that must be completed.

Read what to include in your moving checklist

#6. Downsize and Start Packing

Immediately you have an effective plan, you can now start to pack. Think very well about the items to move with you, the ones to be sold, as well as the ones you might buy again in Texas.

  • Use budget and sentiments as factors.
  • Your best plan for your budget is to dispose of as many items as possible. If you don’t use it or need it, let it go.
  • You can easily obtain a little cash for your old items than it ever was before now.
  • Move fewer items, and you will save more cash.

Whether that involves renting a smaller moving truck and buying fewer packing materials or paying your movers for less weight and reduced shipments, you will move cheaply.

With more planning, you will move affordably when you pack fewer items and do it professionally.

Read Moving APT’ Moving And Parking Tips For State to State Move.

#7. Make After-Move Changes

Some household chores should be done after your move: do your car registration, obtain a Texas driver’s license, and voter’s registration.

Go round your new home and repair any necessary parts or other concerns immediately. Ensure that works and schools are all set, and try to get new medical, gyms, services, clubs, and so on.

#8. Start Your New Life

After moving, you importantly have to start your new life and get yourself, new friends in Texas. Locate a church or turn up at workplace social events. Get into neighborhood activities that might enable you and your family to create a bond immediately.


To get assistance in finding and booking the best movers, check Moving APT for its wide network of reputable and reliable state to state moving companies or call 800-360-0037. We hope you have a sweet moving experience.

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