Moving Your Vehicle Can Be Easy With Nationwide Transport Services

Nationwide Transport Services

Moving a vehicle can seem like a very time-consuming and expensive process, no matter what type of vehicle it is or how far you need to move it. The reality is, however, that sometimes we simply don’t have another choice.

While you may not be excited about moving your vehicle, especially if you have to move it across the country, it doesn’t have to be hard.

Whether you are moving and need to ship your car to your new home, or if you just bought a car and need to have it shipped to you, it can be a simple (and surprisingly inexpensive) process.

Depending on how far you need to ship your vehicle and whether it is a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or something else entirely, you won’t need to worry.

There are all sorts of reputable companies that will be happy to give you a hand for a price. If you are in need of assistance from cross country movers, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and make a call!

Of course, if you are like so many other people in the world who are getting ready to move right now, you may have some questions. Don’t worry, though, because we have you covered with all of the relevant information that you will need to make an informed decision when hiring nationwide transport services to ship your vehicle to you.

Moving Vehicles: It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

If you’re moving across the country, you surely have a lot of things you’re going to be moving; all of your belongings, your clothes, your bed, and other things. This isn’t even including the rest of your family’s stuff, like the kids’ toys and anything that may belong to any other member of the family.

Something that you’re definitely going to want to take to your new home in your car, right? You can’t go anywhere without it, so making sure you have a reputable moving company ship your car for you is going to be one of the big things on the to-do list.

No matter what kind of car you have or how big it is, there will be nationwide transport services out there that will be more than happy to help you out.

For a fee, you can ship your car anywhere in the country, and then go pick it up and drive it home once it reaches its destination.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

Well, yes and no. If you have never shipped a car before with a moving company, you may have some questions you need to be answered beforehand, which is entirely understandable.

Let’s check out some of the most common questions people have when they are getting ready to ship their car, truck, motorcycle, or another type of vehicle across the country.

How Do You Ship a Car Across the Country?

This is one of the easier questions. To ship your car across the country, you won’t need much to get started. You will want to find a trusted and reputable vehicle shipping company that ships cars all across the country.

You can find plenty of examples of these companies by doing a simple Google search for “nationwide vehicle shipping services” or a similar search string. There are plenty of reasons to ship a car, too. Whether you’re moving and needing a way to ship your car to your new location, or even if you just bought a car off a private seller online and need it shipped to your current location.

There are all kinds of companies in the world who will be happy to ship your car across the country for you, for a price. Find a trusted vehicle shipping company online by looking at previous customer reviews and feedback, and if you like what you see, take down the number of the company. If they are as good as their customers say they are, you may want to take advantage of their services, too.

Once you have your shipping company decided, have let them know what kind of car you have, as well as where it needs to be picked up and shipped to, all that’s left is for you to pay for the services. Once this is all taken care of, all you’ll have to do is sit back and let your shipping company take care of getting your vehicle to its new destination for you.

What Does it Cost to Ship a Car? 

The cost of shipping your vehicle will depend on several different factors:

  • The shipping company you settle on.
  • The type of your vehicle.
  • The size of your vehicle.

For example, shipping a regular sized sedan across the country may cost anywhere between $600 to $1,000. On the bigger end of the scale, shipping a larger truck or SUV may cost anywhere between $800 to $1100.

The lower end of the price scale typically represents the months of the winter season. It is typically cheaper at that time of year because not as many people are moving. In the summer, prices for nationwide transport services may skyrocket, because there will be a lot of demand for the services since people seem to like to move in the summer months.

Remember, these prices are not definite numbers and will vary depending on the company you choose and the distance your car needs to travel until it reaches its new home.

Cost Saving Tip

Some transporters include a surcharge when customers pay with a credit card, so be sure to ask your auto shipping company about it when making a reservation. Regarding payment, most transporters request an up-front deposit with the balance payable upon delivery of your vehicle, but you should confirm before making a reservation.

What Documents Are Needed to Ship a Car Across the Country?

Like anything else, you’re going to need the correct documentation for your vehicle when you get ready to ship it across the country. The documents are ones you should already have, so getting them in order shouldn’t be too difficult.

Here are the documents you will need when getting ready to ship your car to your new location:

  • The original title and registration

To ship a car across the country, you’re going to have to be able to prove that you own the vehicle by showing your proof of ownership, which is your title and registration. If you currently have a lien on the title of the car, then you will need a letter giving express permission from the lienholder saying it is okay to ship the car. 

  • Vehicle insurance

Make sure you have proof of insurance for your car and make sure it is up to date. Expired insurance forms won’t be of any use to anyone here, so make sure the insurance verification documents you provide to your shipping company are up to date and current. 

  • Photo ID verification

To ship your car, you will also have to provide a copy of your government-issued photo ID card to prove you are who you say you are. This photo ID can either be your up to date driver’s license, and up to date state identification card, or an American passport. Any of these will be sufficient to prove your identity to your moving company. 

  • Special considerations and others

If you are transporting a car for someone else, or on behalf of someone else, then you will have to show proof that you are acting on this person’s behalf, such as through an official Power of Attorney document. You could also get special discounts if you are an active member of the military, so make sure you look into any special deals your moving company might provide.

Make sure you have all of these things good to go when you get ready to call your moving company. You will want to provide them with all of this information and documentation so that you (and your moving company) are covered and informed when it comes time to move your vehicle for you.

Make sure you have all of this in order when you are selecting nationwide transport services, and they will get you taken care of, getting your car to its new destination in no time at all.

What Do You Need to Know Before Shipping a Car?

Shipping a car can be a simple and straightforward process, but it may be confusing to folks who have never done it before. If this is the boat you find yourself in, don’t worry. It is easier than ever these days to find a shipping service that can move your car anywhere in the country for you.

As with anything else in the world, though, there are some things you should make sure you do before settling on nationwide transport services. You don’t want to just pick the first company you see, and you should be doing your homework to make sure the company you end up choosing is the perfect one for you.

Here are some of the most important things you should do before settling on a moving company to ship your car to you. These steps will help you pick the best moving company for you, as well as help you save money, which is something everyone loves to do:

Read up on transport services before you decide on one

Research every shipping company before you decide on one for sure. This means reading through their website and understanding their services and their pricing structure. You can also read up on previous reviews from past customers to get an idea of what working with the company is like. A lot of great reviews means you’ve found yourself a good company to ship your vehicle with.

Cost Saving Tip

Some transport companies will provide you a rental car for free or reimburse you for one if your vehicle transport gets delayed. Check the terms and conditions of your auto transporter to see if they offer this perk.

Don’t be afraid to ask your moving company questions

If you have any questions for the moving company you select to ship your car across the country, don’t be scared to ask them questions if you have any. Having your questions answered and making sure you are well informed on the process is just another way you can select a winning company to ship your car with.

Make sure the company is well insured

Before you officially settle on any moving company, you are going to want to make sure that you are well informed on their insurance. You can ask for a copy of their insurance by asking your agent, or you can even check their website, as some nationwide transport services list their insurance policies right there for everyone to see on the web.

You’ll want to know your vehicle is covered before you ship it, so make sure to ask around and ensure that the company’s insurance policy is up to par with your expectations.

Schedule as early as possible

To get the jump on other people who may be getting ready to do the same thing you’re doing, make sure you book your appointment as early as you can. The busiest time of year for moving is the summer, and you’re going to have a lot of people trying to make appointments then, too.

The earlier you schedule your appointment to ship your car, the earlier the company will be able to squeeze you in and get it done.

Make sure your car is ready

Before you ship your vehicle off to its next destination, you will want to make sure everything is in tip-top condition and ready to be moved. Leave a little gas in the car and make sure all of the vehicle’s fluids are topped off and good to go.

Make sure it’s clean and that you photograph it beforehand, making sure to include any damage in the pictures. This way, if it is damaged during the shipping, you will know where the damage originated and will have photographic evidence of it. Your car will be inspected when it is picked up and after it is dropped off, so being prepared here is a good thing.

Be prepared to wait

Shipping a vehicle coast to coast can take anywhere from a week to ten days, and sometimes a little more. Have patience when the vehicle is shipped, and most of the time you will be able to get shipping updates from the transport service that you are working with.

Make sure you’re home for pickup and drop off

You will want to make sure you are on site when your car is picked up by the company, as well as when it is delivered. If you can’t be home, make sure you have someone you trust who can be home for the pickup and delivery of your vehicle.

This is because you will want to inspect it when it is delivered, and you will also have to sign some papers with the company.

Make sure you’re informed on how to pay

Make sure you have a payment plan worked out with the nationwide transport service that you chose, and make sure you’re informed on the payment methods they accept. You’ll usually pay the driver after drop off using a check, cash, or Visa or MasterCard. Make sure you’re well informed on who to pay, when, and how when getting in contact with your shipping company, and ensure you have the funds to pay when your car is delivered.

Be informed on extra amenities

Many nationwide transport services offer some amenities for their customers. Some of these may be something like climate-controlled storage for your vehicle, should you need to store it at any point during the moving process.

If this is something you may be interested in, be sure you ask your moving company about the possibility or just peruse their website to see if you can find some of the amenities they may offer customers.

These are some of the most important things you need to know when getting ready to ship your car with nationwide transport services. Making sure you’re good to go on all of these points will help make your shipping process much simpler.

Cost Saving Tip

Avoid going to the lowest transport quote offered to you. Cheaper vehicle shipping companies may not give the relevant equipment or ship best practices. And make sure you watch out for disguised scam websites.

Does Your Car Have to Be Empty When You Ship It?

At this moment in time, the Department of Transportation doesn’t seem to have any laws against having stuff in your car while it is being transported by nationwide transport services. Many companies may have their own rules on this, but it is technically completely legal for you to leave some of your personal effects in your car, or in your trunk if you want when it is being moved.

It is probably not the best idea for you to leave anything inherently valuable or something you don’t want to lose in the car that is being transported, however. This isn’t because you can’t trust your shipping company, but just because if something happens to it you may never end up finding the item.

While it isn’t technically illegal to leave things in your car while you ship it, it may not be the best idea to leave a bunch of your stuff in your car when you ship it.

Shipping in Style

As you can see, moving your car doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. It can be as easy as finding the right company and placing a call. Once you have identified a great moving service to ship your car, all you have to do is make sure your paperwork is in order, and then you will be good to go to ship your vehicle anywhere in the country that it needs to go.


Should I choose the open or enclosed shipping for my car?

Open Trailer option has transported about 97% of all vehicle shipments. It is a known and proven shipping method with very few problems. You may have seen new cars being delivered to dealerships in an open trailer, and that is because the open trailer option is safe. We recommend the enclosed trailer option if you have an exotic car or highly-expensive vehicle worth about $100,000 or more.

Get ready to pay around 33 to 50% more for the enclosed transport option. The enclosed estimate will be automatically added to your quote by our auto transport costs calculator, so you can compare the quotes as you wish. 

Pro Tip

Price matching means a company will tender a quote from another company for carriers to bid on. It gives customers a good feeling but doesn’t have much influence on your overall price. 

What is the duration of my car to be picked up?

More than 90 percent of our shipment orders are sent within a week. That could be between one to seven days. The majority of the United States residents live in a major city and are transporting to another significant area, which makes a huge difference. Cars generally ship in a normal procedure, almost half inside a few days.

You may get to ship your vehicle in a timely manner if your origin or destination locations are far away from major cities i.e., remote areas, and are willing to meet a driver in a nearby town or city. Note, you can choose someone to serve as your contact person to get you out of the stress of shipping your car. 

What amount does it cost to ship a car?

There is no specific answer. Several factors like the size of the vehicle, the distance involved, and distance to major cities, shipping methods, vehicle condition, and seasonal fluctuations in the shipping cost can influence your cost. Any of those factors can greatly affect the final car shipping price. 

What is the cheapest method to ship a car?

The open transport method is approximately 40% cheaper than the enclosed option. Around 97% of auto-shipments uses open transport, and it is very much safe. 

What amount does it cost to transport a car 1000 miles?

Shipping a Sedan is estimated at an average of $.65/mile, or $650/vehicle. However, many factors may reduce or increase the price. We advise that you check thoroughly with a licensed and reliable car transport broker through the Better Business Bureau.

How much is cross country car shipping?

Moving a Sedan cross country is estimated at an average price of $.40/mile, or $1,200/vehicle. However, many factors may reduce or increase the price. It is still advisable to check thoroughly with a licensed and reliable car transport broker through the Better Business Bureau. 

What is the duration of shipping a car?

This depends on the origin and destination of the vehicle you are shipping. Averagely, it takes between one to two weeks to ship a vehicle. It can take between one to three days to pick up while five to eight days to deliver.

How soon in advance should I book shipping?

To meet your pickup and delivery needs, we advise you to book your vehicle shipping a week before. Car shipping companies also offer to expedite auto shipping services in case you need one. 

Do shippers give a guarantee on the pickup or delivery date?

No. Even though pick-up and delivery dates are accurate, they do request that customers give them a three- to four-day window for most popular city areas and five to six days for remote areas.

Do they give a guarantee on pickup and/or delivery time?

No. Even though our pickup and delivery times are accurate, the Estimated Time of Arrival is just an assumption and gives the customer a general idea of their vehicle’s status.  

Can I ship a vehicle that is inoperable?

Yes. Car transporters can ship your vehicles that are not running. Your car must still steer, roll, and normally break even though it is not running. Make sure you inform our shipping experts about this.  

Is insurance on my vehicle during transport important?

Yes. The insurance on a vehicle in an open carrier is around $100,000 and around $250,000 on the enclosed carrier. There is insurance coverage on your vehicle from damage caused by carrier or carrier equipment failure while moving. 

What should my next step be if there’s any damage to my vehicle?

You should indicate all damage to your vehicle during the auto shipping transition on your bill of lading. Please make sure the driver sign to acknowledge the damage and inform the office immediately through a phone call before signing any document.  

What are the contents of the shipper’s shipping quote?

The enclosed transport on average costs $150 more than the open transport. We recommend you pay the additional $150 if your vehicle is valuable or shipping long distances.

Yes, no one wants rain beating their vehicle as it journey to the destination city, especially if the car is worth several thousands of dollars. Below is a list of what is included in shippers’ quote:

  • Vehicle size and weight: Vehicles with larger size and weight occupy more space on carriers and thus cost more to transport. Transporting the Kawasaki Voyager 1700, which weighs 895 pounds, will cost between $50 t0 $100 more to ship than a Yamaha SR400, which weighs 284 pounds.  
  • Luxury and vintage bike shipping: The only necessary coverage available for shipping motorcycles is the enclosed transport, which comes at an additional price. However, you will want to choose the extra pay for the enclosed option if you have a valuable ride such as the BMW R 1200 GS. 
  • Fuel surcharges: Fuel costs vary based on the type of transportation you are paying for, such as diesel for a truck or jet fuel for a plane. Regardless, fuel charges must be stated in your quote. 
  • Insurance: Your bike will probably not be covered by your personal motorcycle insurance during transport. Fortunately, cargo protection insurance is available with most motorcycle shipping companies, and it includes $5,000 to $15,000 of protection in your shipping quote. You may be granted the option of adding more coverage up to $100,000 for an extra fee; we strongly recommend you look into additional coverage if you are relocating to another country, as international moves involve extra mileage and time than other types of move, which implies that your motorcycle is at risk of damaging. 
  • Shipping speed: If you don’t have much time, you can pay a little hundred dollars for speedy pickup and delivery. Express shipping doesn’t ascertain that your motorcycle will get to you when you need it. The shipping company will just prioritize your shipment and give it their best shot to see it gets delivered to you when you need it. 
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