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Best National Moving Companies of 2023

Moving APT researched and found 2023 top national moving companies. Also, discussed what to look for in a long distance movers and other tips.
National Moving Companies

Moving is a lot of things: exciting, stressful, frustrating, scary, challenging.

One thing moving certainly isn’t, however, is fun. Sure, the idea of moving to a new state sounds fun and exciting. But, packing your life into boxes and figuring out how to get it there – along with your vehicles, your family, and your pets?

That’s the total opposite of fun.

Sadly, moving is a fact of life. According to census data, the average American adult will move at least nine times in their life.

Our Top 3 Recommended National Movers

Adams Van Lines - Top 3 Recommended National Movers

Adams Van Lines​

Pricing Van Lines - Top 3 Recommended National Movers

Pricing Van Lines

iMoving - Top 3 Recommended National Movers



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How to Find the Best National Moving Company?

You may be curious about how to find the right national moving company for your purposes. Here are some of the steps that you’ll want to take when looking for the best company for your options.

  • Know what you need: Have a list of needs and wants before you start searching for a moving company. That way, you can eliminate companies that don’t fit the needs you have in mind. 
  • Get referrals online and from family/friends: Look around online and talk to family and friends who have recently moved to see who they’ve worked with. More often than not, you can learn a lot about those companies and figure out who is worth your time and who you may want to avoid outright.
  • Look at licensing and bonding (insurance): Moving companies are required to have information available related to their business licenses and insurance. They may have it available on their website, or you can ask for it directly. If they aren’t willing or able to provide that info, you may want to avoid working with them. 
  • Get quotes from at least 3 different moving companies: If you get three moving quotes, you’re likely going to get a decent range of costs, and you’ll have a good idea of what it is that you’re trying to work with in terms of your budget. You can always do more, but avoid doing fewer if you possibly can.
  • Figure out a schedule: Now, determine what day(s) that your move needs to be on. You can then work to see if you can actually book those dates with the company you want, or determine if you need to go with a company that has those dates open for your move.

Top 10 Nationwide Moving Companies

We’ve vetted each of the nationwide moving companies below, analyzing their reputation and experience. All you have to do is research your favorites to see which one fits your needs best.

Dig deeper into the details of our top-three choices and keep scrolling to read our pros/cons for the rest of our top-ten nationwide moving companies.

Adams Van Lines - Top 10 National Moving Companies in The US

Adams Van Lines



We love Adams Van Lines because they’re backed by over a century of experience. You can’t beat their award-winning services and stellar customer service. They also deserve our top spot because they offer binding estimates, personalized service, and flat-rate pricing in some cases.

Plus, their century of expertise means they know to account for all the details of cross-country moving with extra services like storage. We can’t recommend them enough.

Other movers like yourself agree—Adams Van Lines has nearly a five-star rating on Google with over 300 reviews.



Pricing Van Lines - Top 10 National Moving Companies in The US

Pricing Van Lines



With almost two decades of experience, Pricing Van Lines has managed thousands of successful moves across the entire globe. We love them because they have the infrastructure and expertise to carry out national moves with surprising ease.

They also offer everything you need to pull off a seamless interstate move like packing, unpacking, and storage-and it pays off. Almost 300 customers give Pricing Van Lines a nearly five-star Google review.



iMoving - Top 10 National Moving Companies in The US




iMoving stands out because it’s run by people who were fed up with all the problems moving and shady movers create.

Although they only have a few years of experience, they’re committed to the craft with cutting-edge logistics technology and impeccable vetting. iMoving only hires movers with at least two years of experience, DOT authentication, and insurance.

Despite being one of the newer national moving companies here, iMoving has close to a five-star review on Google.

One downside, though: iMoving offers so many choices it can make the process a little more confusing than it needs to be.



Top 10 National Moving Companies of The US - Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines



Atlas Van Lines runs a nationwide moving company with 430 agents who manage warehouses and equipment.

In business since 1948, Atlas can help with all the finer details as well, like valuation, storage, auto/boat/motorcycle transport, packing supplies, and budgeting.

They also offer specialized services for more complex moves, such as work relocation, military moves, and date-specific moves.



Top 10 National Moving Companies of The US - Stevens Worldwide

Stevens Worldwide



Stevens Worldwide is another one of the best national moving companies with over a century of experience. Founded in 1905 by just one man and his horse, Stevens Worldwide now offers comprehensive modern moving services from 125 agent locations.

Over 15,000 families trust Stevens Worldwide with their move each year, a testament to the company’s trust and dedication.

One thing to note, however: while reputable, Stevens Worldwide, unfortunately, doesn’t offer online tracking to keep an eye on your move—at least not for residential movers.



Top 10 National Moving Companies of The US - Mayflower Transit

Mayflower Transit



A fitting name for a staple in the national mover industry, Mayflower Transit will be celebrating 100 years of service in 2027. Today, Mayflower Transit has over 500 agents at 650 locations to handle moves big and small.

Mayflower Transit offers specialized moving services as well, like auto transport, packing/unpacking, storage, and full-service packages to bundle what you need.

We consider Mayflower Transit one of the best national moving companies because of its commitment to transparency and innovative GPS tracking system.



Top 10 National Moving Companies of The US - North American Moving Services

North American Moving Services



Having been around since the 1930s, North American Moving Services has expanded to over 175 countries.

We especially love their commitment to customer expectations and personalized approach to long-distance moving. North American has special quality control in place, vetting partners to ensure each one lives up to North American’s high standards and giving out Quality Mover Awards for the best achievers.

Fun fact: North American was the first company to haul shipments over the Alaska Highway and use interactive driving simulators during driver training. Plus, they offer a tracking system to keep you informed.



Top 10 National Moving Companies of The US - Two Men And A Truck

Two Men And A Truck



You maybe knew Two Men and a Truck was one of the top national moving companies but did you know they operate globally too from 380 locations?

Over the past three decades, nearly seven million people have trusted Two Men and a Truck. We love Two Men and a Truck for their dedication to detail and safety, offering specialty moving services and running comprehensive screens for every hire.

However, our biggest gripe is that Two Men and a Truck can get quite pricey and might not disclose all the extra fees unless you directly ask.



Top 10 National Moving Companies of The US - FlatRate Moving

FlatRate Moving



FlatRate Moving is a favorite moving company among New Yorkers. If you’ve ever been to NYC, you’re probably cringing at the idea of moving from/to there. In fact, FlatRate is based in NYC-that’s where their experience comes from.

FlatRate stands out to us for a few reasons. First, we love their transparent and reliable pricing. However, we also love FlatRate’s specialty services that work out all the finer details of moving, such as carpentry, TV/audio installation, storage, and even an express shuttle between cities.

We will say, though, that FlatRate doesn’t have the best reviews compared to the national moving companies higher on this list. Specifically, customers seem less than happy with their long-distance logistics, service, and pricing.



Top 10 National Moving Companies of The US - All My Sons

All My Sons



All My Sons has over 20 years of experience, driven by excellence and “uncompromising family values,” which they say include courtesy and respect.

Here’s something cool: All My Sons is also the official moving team of the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, and other national sports teams.

They keep it simple – no over-boxing or hidden fees. All My Sons pays close attention to detail, offering personalized plans and accurate quotes. Plus, you also get valuation included in your move.



How Much Does It Cost to Hire National Movers?

The average cost to hire movers for national moves is about $2,000 – $5,700, depending on option and other factors.

As you can imagine, there isn’t always a flat rate for moving across the country or between states. Some national moving companies can offer flat rate packages if you’re up-front about your belongings and the distance.

here is the approximate cost you should expect national movers to charge you:

# of Miles1 bedroom2-3 bedrooms4-5 bedrooms
250 miles$1200 to $2,300$1,600 to $3,950$2,050 to $5,200
Over 1000 miles$1600 to $2,950$2,300 to $7,950$5,900 to $8,100
2500 miles+$1,900 – $3,950$3,800 – $9,400$9,100 to $18,500+

What Factors Affects a National Moving Cost?

1. Distance

Distance is the first big – and most obvious – factor that determines the cost of your move. First, the moving company will calculate the distance between pick-up and drop-off points in mileage.

They’ll consider things like gas, time, and equipment to figure out how much the move will cost them to complete. Interstate moves also sometimes require tolls for turnpikes and paid roads along with parking fees to stop.

2. Weight and Size of All the Items

Next, the moving company needs to calculate the cost of your items. Between your items and the distance, they’ll be able to offer a more accurate quote because they’ll know what the move will cost them.

Companies typically use the weight and size to determine the cost of moving them. Weight is an especially huge factor because it dictates fuel costs as well.

You can speed along the process by gathering an inventory of your items. Make a detailed inventory complete with the estimated size and weight of the entire move.

The company can work out the specifics but getting your inventory ready will make it much easier. Plus, your moving company can give you a more accurate estimate for packaging supplies and packing/unpacking itself too – all of which are based on your items.

3. Job Complexity and Necessary Labor

Some moves are more complex than others. Think about these factors as you get quotes for your move so you can avoid surprise fees or slowdowns during the move itself.

  • Bulky or oversized items
  • Packing and unpacking time and labor
  • Valuation of your items and adding insurance

Heavy or bulky items can instantly require more moving labor or resources than the company anticipated. Special handling, delicate packing, and other situations can also increase the risk involved in moving your items.

Consider these things as you create your inventory. Before contacting any company, spend time selling or giving away as many items as possible so you’re starting with fewer belongings.

Pro Tips

Cost Saving Tips

If you can move during the winter months, then it is worth considering. Business tends to be slower at that time of the year and thus resulting in lower moving costs for you. In fact, you may spend about 25% more than what you would during the off-peak season when you relocate during the summer months. That implies that you can get more of these additional moving services for less. 

What are the Benefits of Hiring a National Moving Company?

Nationwide moving companies have perfected the practice of interstate moving for years – or even decades! They understand every step of the process and your unique needs better than a local company can.

1. Professional Packing Saves Time and Prevents Accidents

You never realize how much empty cardboard boxes cost until it’s time to move everything you own across the country – not to mention tape, bubble wrap, blankets, and so on.

Packing alone can cost you between $270 to $2,200 with an average of $1,000.

National moving companies either include packing in your moving package or offer it as an add-on service at a fraction of the price. Packing is one less thing to worry about.

Plus, a reputable national company has the insurance, expertise, training, and certifications to give you peace of mind that your items will arrive as they left.

2. Ultramodern Tracking Keeps You Informed

You’ll notice that plenty of the companies listed above include GPS tracking. Most national moving companies have modern tracking systems installed in their trucks or cargo so you can follow your belongings via an app.

You might also get special notifications through the moving app as your belongings move through the logistics system along with an estimated arrival time.

Letting strangers haul away your whole life is scary, but the communication from modern GPS tracking apps makes it a little easier.

3. National Moving Companies Understand National Logistics

Local moving companies might seem more affordable for long-distance moves but they don’t have the same logistics systems to manage transportation across the country.

A moving company in one state won’t understand the unique highway system and rush hour slowdowns of another.

National moving companies have perfected the entire transportation process. They can adjust their routes on a whim thanks to the modern GPS systems in their trucks too.

All of this means that your long-distance move will run more smoothly than if you’d hired a local moving company.

4. Insurance Gives You Peace of Mind

Hey, accidents happen. No one wants or expects them to – but they happen. With national companies, insurance is often more affordable, even full-valuation coverage.

A reputable moving company should be up-front with you about what happens in the event of damage and encourage you to buy insurance. Ask questions about the coverage packages and their general insurance without add-ons.

Fortunately, most national companies also offer valuation so you can arrive at an agreed-upon insurance coverage plan. Communication matters during long-distance moves!

5. 24/7 Friendly Customer Service Every Step of the Way

A local company might be incredibly responsive for local moves but they don’t have the resources to offer instant communication and answers for long-distance moves.

Your long distance movers might cross time zones and continue through the night. Only a national company has the tracking technology and information technology in place to offer 24/7 customer service.

Pro Tips

Pro Tips

One of the best ways to lower the cost of your move is to take some time and purge some items before you move. If there are items you haven’t used or worn in the past 12 months, or if there are items you’d like to replace shortly after moving to your new home, consider donating, selling, or trashing them.

The fewer items that you have, the faster your move will go and the more affordable it’ll be.

FAQ About National Moving

National moves involve, well, lots of moving parts. Create a checklist so you walk into the process of hiring a national moving company prepared.

What makes a good national moving company?

A good national moving company is one that has a presence in nearly every state while offering competitive rates for state-to-state or cross-country moves. The best national moving companies have infrastructure that enables them to handle every aspect of your move, from packing to transportation to unpacking.

How much does a residential and commercial move cost?

The cost of a residential or commercial move depends on the size of the move and the distance between the originating and destination zip codes. Moves that involve several bedrooms’ worth of belongings cost more, while relocating across the country is more expensive than a state-to-state move.

Is there a best time of year to plan a long-distance move?

Yes, moving during the winter months is the best time to move cross-country. More people schedule moves across the country during the spring, fall, and especially summer, resulting in higher prices and fewer available dates for booking the movers than in winter.

What should you not move?

National moving companies can handle nearly every aspect of your long-distance move, but there are exceptions. Movers do not allow food, plants, nail polish or nail polish remover, pets, cars and motorbikes, guns, paint or other hazardous materials on their trucks.

What other factors should I consider when hiring a national company?

Before hiring a national moving company, assess the company’s licenses, customer service record, prices, availability, and ability to handle any special requests pertaining to your long-distance relocation. Conduct thorough research and pick the best company for your needs to ensure your upcoming move is a seamless one.


We know moving across the country or to a new state can be frustrating and stressful. Make sure to cover your bases by researching and planning before you even make the first phone call to a moving company.

  • Research the best national moving companies, call your top choices for quotes, schedule an interview and walk-through, and ask the right questions.
  • Calculate everything involved in the move so the movers can offer the most accurate estimate.
  • Compare quotes from a handful of companies. Make sure to ask about extra charges.
  • Plan the actual move as you hire the movers so you can work out storage options.

The key to a smooth move is preparation. You’ve got this!

Feeling overwhelmed? Our team at Moving APT can help. Check out some of our reviews to see how we’ve helped others with their cross-country moves!

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