Qualities Of A Trusted International Moving Company

When moving, you always want to know the moving company you choose is among the best. We show you how to identify the best movers in this guide.
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Qualities Of A Trusted International Moving Company
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You can have as many tasks on your moving task list as possible. You may easily lose count as there are many things to consider. The list becomes more comprehensive for an international move. Maintaining an organization is an important task when relocating to another country.

It would help if you were certain that the international mover you are hiring is reliable and can be trusted to handle your things. That is why you need to locate a reputable and dependable international moving company with experienced movers.

The task is not difficult as it looks inasmuch as you know the qualities to look for in an international mover. Below is our list of qualities possessed by reliable international moving companies and how to spot them.  

What are the things you should expect from a Reliable International Moving Company?

Are you looking for the important traits to expect from an international professional mover? These movers are expected to possess all the required skills needed to safely, quickly, and securely perform a professional move for you to another home in your destination country. So, here are the good traits: 

Their Workers are Experienced and Professional

You need to first look into the number of years an international moving company has been in business before you hire. Do not go for any company that just started a business and hasn’t been into it for a minimum of 10 years.

That will make sure your hired international mover had adequate experience with your type of move. Also, make sure the moving crew is also well experienced. If any trouble arises on the move, you will need an experienced mover to bail you out and not someone new just like you to the problem. 

Also, international movers are experienced and understand what will happen in the destination country. The entire FIDI members are audited annually to be sure they are offering standard business; the auditors check the workers to make sure they are well trained and skillful to perform the job. So, hiring a moving company that belongs to FIDI ensures that their employees are highly trained to do any moving. 


Past satisfied customers’ reviews are the most powerful pointers of successful international movers. A company with a good reputation will be able and ready to provide you a list of referrals. Be sure to get phone numbers to check the references yourself.

You can also check the international moving company’s website and check for extra comments about their services. Lastly, look up the company’s reliability on the Better Business Bureau

The Company’s Legitimacy

It won’t be easy to locate international moving companies that are not popular until now. The truth is that before they begin to offer international moves, many of these companies were once either local house movers, long distance movers, or cross country movers.

So they certainly must have an established reputation within the moving world. On your end, however, you need to be sure the moving company is legitimate. And you can do these by: 

  • Checking what they offer through their official website
  • Read review and feedback left by previous customers
  • Check the legitimacy of their certificates and credentials with the right organizations in the moving industry

Should be affordable

The fact still remains that international moves are expensive, and that is why you need to locate the best possible deal when you are hiring a reputable moving company. This involves obtaining the best deal without breaking your purse for the services received.

Get the information right. The purpose is not to hire the least expensive moving company available but the most affordable mover. Instead, concentrate on researching many international moving and storage companies and performing a quick comparison.

Once that is done, you will be able to get a broad idea of the difference between cheap, affordable, and costly. Your budget is a huge factor here too.

Just be sure you calculate the cost you are prepared to pay for the relocation before you start researching possible, reliable international moving companies. 

Reliability and Accountability

Great performance is an important key monitored on each business. When hiring any international packer and mover, there is a need to check on the company’s general performance. Punctuality and honesty in service delivery must be part of the qualities the company possesses.

This process is one of the many that reputation is built among the public, regardless of peers or competitors. It also instills confidence in customers.

This is why you must be certain that the moving company you are hiring for your international relocation will deliver timely and effective service with safety on your household items at uttermost satisfaction to customers.    

Offer Quality Services

To register with FIDI, a company must have high standards for each moving part. Below are some requirements they must fulfill: 

  • Pre-move survey
  • A reliable quote
  • Shipping/transportation
  • Customs guidance
  • Storage
  • Delivery
  • Insurance
  • Quality process documentation and communication

Offer all the required Resources

It can be very difficult to purchase moving boxes and bubble wraps at the last minute of your move, especially when you have several things to think about for your overseas move. A quality international mover will provide all the required resources and equipment needed to enjoy a smooth transition.

For instance, you won’t have to worry about moving truck rental or hauling moving boxes to your destination home. The moving company will have your belongings delivered to your new home and might even unpack for you if you are willing to add the cost. You have enough time and money to spend on other things you love, including an adventure in your new country. 

A Member of FIDI

The International Federation of International Movers (FIDI) is an organization with reliable and reputable international movers as members. Any company that belongs to this organization is surely certified and can handle your moving business.

They inspect their members on a regular basis and meet the standards for relocation companies. These moving companies protect their clients and their belongings and have the right to be FIDI members. 


Getting a moving company to hire for an international move can be daunting. There are many things to consider, and anything can easily go wrong while you suddenly feel lost.

However, once you find the movers, you will be sure your move will be perfectly done. Suppose you discover that a company possesses all these good qualities of international moving companies.

In that case, you can just avoid the stress and start getting familiar with the new life in your new home. However, we suggest you conduct your own research to be sure you are making a perfect decision for your international move. 

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