Relocate To Miami: A Complete Moving Guide

Find out how to move to Miami on Moving APT website. Get answers to your moving questions in our comprehensive Miami relocation guide. Plus tips for different moving scenarios.
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Relocate To Miami A Complete Guide
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Wondering how to perform a move to Miami? Unlike some cities in the United States, relocating to this Florida city is so simple. The real estate market is competitive, but new residents should be able to find a home within few weeks.

Similarly, in a city that has more than 50% of its residents born overseas, ex-pats should not have a problem fitting in. Firstly, Miami is famous for its almost year-round warm, sunny weather.

While temperature slightly falls in the winter months, which is why most residents find those puffy coats overcompensated, residents of Miami can put on flip flops almost all the month of the year.

Looking for what the process of moving to Miami is all about? In this guide, you will read all you need to know before you move to the relaxed but bustling Florida Metropolis.

Things To Know Before Moving To Miami

To settle down in Miami can be quite easy since there are numerous part-time jobs, so you can work and cover bills. This article will consider 11 important things that you must know about living in Miami.

This information will provide you ideas about how they party all the time and still pay bills. You also will find out what is considered usual to the Miami residents.

Knowing in advance things they do for the best reasons and things to stay away from will be helpful for you in surviving in Miami. Let’s go through it.

1. Living in Miami is Affordable

If you are considering a move to Miami, it is right to mention that living in Miami is affordable because those that earn average income still buy things at reasonable prices.

For instance, food, car rentals, houses, and others are available at low prices. There are just numerous things to do and pay for in Miami and that is why there is affordability in most products and services.

On the contrary, there are some expensive neighborhoods where the rich folks live. In these places, there is a high cost of living due to the many high-class people that reside there. You can choose to research safe and affordable neighborhoods in Miami before you move there.   

Read The Cost of Living in Miami FL

2. There are Weather-Related Advantages and Limitations

For older residents, the advantages of living in Miami are more than the risks. There are also risks. Know that every year, residents of Miami must prepare for hurricanes and tropical storms right from June to November.

This getting ready for a hurricane means stocking in essentials, making a plan for escape, and planning for any escalated situation.

Life can certainly be stressful when you live in a hurricane zone sometimes. Aside from the Hurricane season, other weather factors are associated with living in Miami.

3. Prepare for Friendly People

Miami residents are friendly. Maybe it is due to the influx of various cultures as well as its high counts of minority, to move here is really to catch a taste of seeing the world. With that, prepare for a lot of new friends to meet.

Also, since you are residing in Miami or one of the leading tourists center in the country that lots of celebrities have built summer homes, you will receive a lot of friends and family visits while also enjoying a beachside vacation.

4. Most Residents of Miami Speak Spanish

You don’t compulsorily need to know how to speak Spanish but it would come of great advantage to pick up a few slang and words. It will also be helpful for you fast because most residents speak Spanish, and you want to quickly fit in.

In a scenario where you don’t know what they are discussing about, it will help you. You don’t have to go for comprehensive learning of everything, just a little bit of Spanish would conceal the fact that you are new to the lifestyle in Miami.

5. There are Many Historic Neighborhoods

Metro Miami is in proximity to many other countries, and if you are from a far place, suburbs and municipality differences can get you confused. If you are considering Miami, you will also enjoy researching metro areas, such as Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County, and Broward County.

The best places to reside in Miami for families will be different from the best places for millennials to settle down. Research is often important since the area you choose to live in will have a huge impact on your Miami experience.  

Recommended City Neighborhoods and suburbs in Miami

  • Miami Beach: This neighborhood is hip, and similar to the name, beachy. This area is perfect for new people moving to Miami who wants to experience the beach life.
  • Coconut Grove: This is the oldest neighborhood in Miami, right above the water but has the most sea levels in the city. The Grove is similar to an Old Surf Town with many hippies, art, culture, music, and great restaurants.
  • Brickell: This neighborhood has tagged the Manhattan of Miami. You can live in a high-rise home and walk to bars, restaurants, and shopping. If you desire a water view, you can get it, but be between business centers and bank towers where the actions are found. Rickell will enable you to enjoy all the city has in stock.
  • Coral Gables: This is a historical center in Miami that buzzes with life. Whether a yoga, movie or happy hour, there is always what you can do here.
  • Pinecrest: If you need more space, excellent school districts, a great villa, and tropical gardens with farmers markets on the weekends, goes for Pinecrest.
  • Doral: This neighborhood is a premier one where work and play meets. This is a newer area with attractive, modern homes.

6. They Have Many Tourists

Many people only get to see and hear about Miami in movies and from those living there. They become so much drawn to the city and decide to take a tour and see for themselves. We all understand that most married couples choose Miami as their location for their honeymoon due to its beauty.

Tourists want to enjoy the famous cuisines and cocktails in Miami, experience the sea and the sand and check out the legendary Miami Clubs. The residents don’t love the tourists due to the abundance of them they receive, making traffic tougher. 

7. The Sun Can Be Harsh

It is a fact that snow is not seen in Miami and that their weather can rise from warm to hot. It sometimes gets unbearable, which is why you need sunglasses. The sunlight can be enjoyable sometimes and just touch the skin a little.

But at other times, it is so hot on the skin that it can lead to skin irritations. This is another reason they storm the beach more often or the pool. Miami residents have adapted to the sunlight that they move around while having their sunscreen on and light clothes, too.  

8. The Employment Market is not as Tough as in Other US Cities

Sadly, the job market for the average Miami resident is not perfect. There are employment opportunities, but wages are completely not as high as they would be in other major cities in the country.

The average household income as of 2016 was $45,900 which is so much lesser than the country average of $59,039. However, there are suggestions from some Miami experts that securing a job in Miami is not that tough. You only need to be dependable and at the same time willing to create time.

9. Delicious Food

Miami’s food scene is something to indeed check out. You can find some of the best restaurants around the beach since there is fierce competition here and each establishment put in its best to find their breakthrough.

You also can fall in love with different beverages, from the coldest of beers to the hottest lattes. Even if you don’t have extra money, the food in Miami for people who are not among the 1% can be so much great, whether they are hotdogs or other All-American street food or exotic food from varieties of cultures living in Miami.

10. Traffic in Miami is no Joke

Some of the best areas of Miami to live in are determined by traffic behaviors. As a place becomes highly jammed, another location might become popular. In general, the huge rise in population and layout has led to some difficult commute times.

Traffic tips:

  • Know of the traffic on the Brickell Avenue drawbridge, which may hold you up for hours on end.
  • Also know that people are not scared to make use of their horns aggressively on the streets of Miami.
  • Miami stretches on a grid. Streets from east to west and PARC roads run from north to south. PARC roads include anything that ends in an avenue, court, place, or road. The grid system is not used in Coral Gables or Hialeah.
  • Public transportation in Miami might be perfect for tourists, but most of the commuters depend on a car to explore the city. If you want to stay out of traffic, look into trains, buses, and trolleys offered in Miami.

11. Great Nightlife

Did you know that things don’t close early in Miami? That means Miami is a city that is lively even every night. That is a well-expected feature of a place where there is also a carnival even though it is not Rio or Louisiana.

As regards daytime, it is packed with a laid-back pace of siesta in advance of the fiesta waiting for you when the sun goes down. Even though traffic can be a bit tough sometimes during the day, you should not be scared about it.

Instead, you should enjoy the relaxed attitude of a surfer person in this beautiful beachfront city (and you will meet numerous surfers in this place).

Other Moving Tips to Miami

Below are some of the other things you should plan for or expect when moving to Miami, together with the ones provided above to have a smooth move.

Moving alone to Miami

Moving is often a stressful moment but moving alone can further be tough. The moderately laid-back environment in Miami as well as the friendly residents will be helpful for you to easily settle in.

Below are few tips to consider in Miami for settling in:

  • Meetups: There are various Meetup groups providing varieties of activities, such as surfing and architecture.
  • Attend local events: In Miami, something is always happening and many of the activities are cost-free. Take a look at these sites for inspiration: Money Crashers, Trip Advisor, Timeout, Expedia, and Free Things.

Moving with a Family to Miami

Miami has much to win families over. There are parks, art galleries, music, national parks, museums, swimming, the beach, water sports, and also Disney is close by.

  • New or expectant parents: Visit Mercy Miami or The Gathering Place for advice, courses as well as ways to interact with other parents.
  • Live in a family-friendly neighborhood: The north beach is widely known with families. It is far from the tourist center, house prices are affordable and it is a calm neighborhood, has many green spaces, parks and is close to the beach.
  • Find something to do with the children: There are many things for children to do in Miami. Look into these websites for great inspiration: Timeout, Babble, Free Things, Miami on the Cheap, and Miami and Beaches.

Moving for Work in Miami

Moving from work to a new city is one of the famous reasons people decide to move. While one can also move without a job, it is sensible to make sure there are jobs in your line before you start moving. Miami is a huge tourist destination, especially for those in the cruise business.

That is why; it employs a lot of people in the service industry: bars, hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, and the airport.

Other job opportunities are in the numerous multinational companies that have big offices across the city. Jobs are increasing in the construction industry, because of the need for accommodation and office space. Healthcare, education, transportation and logistics, and retail are also large employers.

Below are some of the things to look into when moving for work:

  • Salary: Salaries are not as high in Miami as in other big United States cities. The costs we mentioned above should give you a rough insight into the amount you would want to be making before embarking on a move to the city. You also can look into salary range on websites like Payscale and Glassdoor.
  • Ways to gain employment: If you wish to have jobs waiting for you before you relocate to Miami, but are not certain where to start, these sites are great places to begin: Career Builder, Indeed, Craigslist, Monster, and Snagajob. Google is another resource to look up recruiters in your field because they can normally get you some first interviews too. 


We hope that everything discussed in this article is helpful. If you want to begin to price out the cost of your Miami move, you can click here to make a moving quote comparison.

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