Should You Choose a National Mover or a Local Mover?

National movers are different than local moving companies. Understand the differences with our guide so you can make the best choice for your move.
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Should You Choose a National Mover or a Local Mover
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When moving to another part of the country, you may get the best services from a national moving company. However, as the nation becomes transitory and relocation for jobs becomes popular, local movers are also offering long-distance moves.

Large, corporate movers and local moving companies are different, and before you hire movers, it is important to know the differences, advantages, and limitations of each.

When deciding between a local or national moving company, you must put your moving specifics into consideration.

Let’s look at the factors to put into consideration.

Factors to Consider

Determine The Distance And Complexity Of Your Move

If your moving involves long distances, many complications, or has highly expensive stuff, a national moving company may be your best option because of the company’s professionalism with similar moves.

If your move is within city or state limits or there is no complication on your move, a local mover may satisfy your needs.

Consider Your Budget

While it is fairly popular, it is not entirely true that national moving companies will cost more than a local mover. Charges for a long-distance move will be determined according to the weight of your items. Short (local) moves will be charged according to the distance and quantity of time your moving takes. However, find out about each estimate you get and do not just pick the cheapest.

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Find Out The Quantity Of Insurance You Need For Your Move

Moving companies across state boundaries are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This agency mandates registration, operation as well as claim resolution of movers and customers.

A local mover that operates just in one state is not regulated by the FMCSA but may have to follow the guidelines of a state agency. Due to the shorter distance involved in a local move, there is less possibility for damage to your belongings. That is why you may not require the best coverage offered by the company.

Try The Customer Service Offered By Various Moving Companies

Since local movers must protect their reputation carefully, it will not be so much difficult to resolve issues even though they only walk on a small budget. Also, while they usually offer consistent customer service, due to their size, a national mover may be truly difficult to contact.

What Do The Leading National Movers Do Differently?

What distinguishes a moving company from others? Knowledgeable movers, larger trucks, beautiful uniforms?

Only if it were that easy. While a lot of moving companies look different, some perform it better. The top national movers are the ones that pay much attention to their clients. Also, it takes a lot of track records to find a moving company that carefully treats its customers.

 So, if not by appearance, how then can we judge a moving company?

Simply, by its qualifications, track record, and reputation. A reputable moving company will have satisfied some standards; a leading national moving company will surpass them. Moving APT knows what it takes to make a moving company unique.

Below are some indications of a company that stands out perfectly:     

A leading National Moving Company Must Comply with regulations of the DOT and FMSC

Safety! A leading national moving company will prioritize safety. One of the ways to be sure that a moving company is capable regarding safety regulations is to check for its DOT number which is an indication that a company has satisfied the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) standards.

If a moving company has no DOT number, it implies that it is yet to prove that it is performing the SAA operation. Visit to find out a company’s DOT number.

A Top National Moving Company Must possess Insurance coverage

If safety is the first important thing, then insurance is directly behind it. Even a DOT number doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be accidents. A fully licensed cross country moving company will cover you in the event of loss, damage, or injury.

Supplies Party

Supplies mean having the right tools needed to get the job done. The top national moving companies have them and will come with them to your house as a part of their moving services. The anticipation of customer’s needs is an indication of professionalism and experience.  

Information Sales Representatives

During your move, you will have numerous questions. The last thing you ever want is to have a sales representative that cannot answer them.

A leading national moving company will have sales representatives that pay attention to your moving details and come up with a plan that is effective within your budget and moving timeline. They should be able to give satisfying answers to your questions and provide an accurate moving estimate for you. 

Experienced Moving Crew and Account Representatives

A moving company may have been in the moving business for years, but that is not an indication that its workers have. A highly-ranked moving company understands that you want experienced employees to work on your move. It will go and hire experienced movers and account representatives who can make sure its customers get a professional moving experience.  

Provide Customers with Helpful Resources

A significant moving company will be ready to offer you all your required moving resources to complete your move without doing a thing, but it also should know that some customers would prefer to lift a few fingers than pay for additional services.

Moving companies are available to be helpful. If you decide to do some of the moving work on your own, a moving company will be glad to give you external resources to simplify your job.

Outstanding Reviews

Customers say it as it is. A satisfied customer will dish out praises; a dissatisfied customer will not back down from the moving company. Top national movers will have more of the first than the last.

What makes Moving APT one of the Top National Moving Companies?

Now that you understand what makes top national movers stand out from a completely old national moving company, you may want to know how Moving APT performs. You will be the judge of that.

  • Fully Compliant: Moving APT is registered with DOT and FMCSA and will never risk the safety of its customers. We are completely insured, so you have our backing in case of ugly situations. Just ask us for the proof, we have it ready. Our friendly, helpful sales agents are available to give you copies of our Certificate of Insurance and our moving license.
  • Unlimited supplies: One other about Moving APT is that the company has unlimited supplies. When you choose our packing service, we bring the entire materials to you, including moving equipment and blankets to wrap furniture pieces.
  • Sales reps with great representation: Our sales representatives are some of the best in the business. They will get the cheapest plan for your move and offer you a free moving quote depending on your certain needs. The experts at Moving APT prefer that you make a quality decision, rather than a quick one. Our free, no-obligation quotes are designed to provide you a time to carefully think about it well before you agree to a contract.
  • Experience is important: Experience is one of the factors that Moving APT considers when hiring its employees. With us, you can be certain that our professional movers will work with you through the process. Trust your account officer to keep special records on your move. He will act as the intermediary between you and your team of movers to make sure your transition to your new home is smooth.
  • Resourceful: Don’t mix it up, Moving APT can and will make use of all the necessary resources to move you without stress. However, if you decide to make some stops, we can make the necessary resources available. Our free moving app enables you to order packing supplies and moving boxes, include additional information concerning the handling of certain items, and use a moving checklist as a reference for your moving preparations.
  • Praises from our customers: As regards our reviews, we will let them take the floor. Read everything about our customers’ testimonials on the reviews page on our site.

Moving is Tough, avoid DIY

While you may find it tempting to reduce costs and make efforts to complete a move by stressing yourself, the best movers can work and make the entire process simple. It is difficult to put a price on peace of mind, especially when moving.

National moving companies assist many families to move annually, and their professionalism can help at any stage of the move. Instead of taking the wheel of a huge truck, moving companies have experienced drivers and professional coverage.

And unlike unlicensed movers, they are required to satisfy tough standards before they are entrusted with your belongings. They usually provide additional resources, like checklists, packing materials, and moving guides to assist you with your starting.

National moving companies also possess the unending capacity to move most homes. This includes special services to move pianos, pets, or even fine art. After having a safe trip to your destination home, professional moving companies can unload and unpack your belongings carefully and make your life much easier.


While local and national moving companies offer similar services, the costs, insurance, and customer service will significantly differ. Before choosing whether a local or national move, you should contact and get written estimates from the two types of companies.

Investigate each company thoroughly, with their reputation and any complaints filed against them by previous customers, before you sign any agreement.

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