Should You Move Your Furniture Or Buy New Ones?

Furniture is a huge part of any move, so should you bring your old furniture with you or replace it? Find the logical answer with our guide.
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Should You Move Your Furniture Or Buy New Ones?
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Items you move and those you leave behind can have a significant impact on your moving budget. You may be saving yourself a lot of money by settling to purchase new furniture at your destination town in some cases.

However, there are specific questions you must ask yourself to be sure the decision you are making is right for you. There are lots of decisions you will make when planning for an interstate move. 

Should you go for a moving container or hire a professional mover?

Should you perform the move during winter or in summer?

Should you ship all your furniture, or few, or just buy new ones?

While the first two questions have been handled in other posts, you will get the right answer to the last question in this article.

This question actually doesn’t have the exact answer. Rather, a lot of factors should be considered to know the one that fits your budget for the move, whether to haul your furniture items with you or buy new items when you arrive. 

Things to consider before you decide whether to move your Old Furniture or buy New when moving

You will have to determine if paying to have your furniture moved into your new home is worth it or you should purchase new furniture instead. This is one of the major questions you must provide answers to before you move.

Even though there is no specific answer, it actually depends on several important factors that should be considered beforehand. Even for those looking to start afresh, purchasing new items may be costly than you expected.

Also, if you own many heavy old furniture items, moving it may be costly or may not fit well into your home if you are reducing your belongings.

Below are the things you should consider before you decide to move your furniture. 

Where is your Moving Destination?

  • Local move: Keeping your current furniture may make much sense if your moving distance is short. Local moves are generally considered more affordable than moving to another state, so if you plan to save money, you should consider keeping your old furniture. 
  • Cross country move: For a cross-country move, the overall cost of moving your furniture is also determined by your loads’ weight. Moving bigger and heavier furniture will cost even more. Parting ways with some of your old furniture pieces may be the wisest move financially, and purchase new ones after moving in.

Consider the following to make the most informative decision:

  • Obtain moving estimates to pre-discover the cost
  • Check the internet and furniture store stocks to find out the cost of new furniture
  • Determine the average costs of delivery for your exact shipment weight.

What is the Value of your Shipments? 

  • Sentimental value: Most people find it challenging to get rid of some items in their homes because of their sentimental value. You will find it difficult to part with a valuable family heirloom or any item that holds significant meaning to your life, regardless of how much it costs to move it. To decide on this, find out if such item was passed down from one generation to another; if it brings back happy old memories, if it is your favorite, or if you find it beautiful and will work well as a décor in your new home. 
  • Actual value: Of course, moving furniture can be costly, but buying a new one can also be more expensive; finding out the worth of your old furniture items is important before you decide. Check if:
  • Your old furniture is costly
  • It is an antique, collector’s item or vintage
  • Quality materials were used to make it and were skillfully crafted
  • It was made by a popular manufacturer
  • Total comfort and aesthetics: Your existing home furniture may not fit the new aesthetic look you desire to have in your new home. Selling them will, in this case, be the best or give them out to your friends. When faced with a decision about your existing furniture’s comfort and aesthetics, first consider the larger furniture item. Since your large belongings can be easily noticed, they make a huge impact on the entire décor of each living space. Your old couch won’t give you a good result if you desire a bright, airy theme for your home. 

Making an Estimate for Old Furniture against New Furniture

Make use of the following figures to determine if there will be any difference made to your relocation cost by your old/new household furniture, provided your existing furniture holds no sentimental value. Make a shopping list of new pieces. This will enable you to get a price range if you are buying new.

In addition, make sure you add extra costs like delivery and assembly to the cost of new furniture for a more accurate overall number. 

Measure the space in your new home and decide on the number of furniture that can fit in. Not all pieces will fit in. Doing this preview before your move will give you more insight into the quantity of furniture you should move and/or the quantity of furniture to buy.

Obtain two moving estimates if you are working with a professional furniture mover. You can obtain one moving estimate that contains all your old furniture items and one that doesn’t contain the furniture. 

From there, you can make an easy comparison of the cost of relocating your old furniture to the cost of purchasing new furniture. Remember that moving companies have a restriction on the minimum weight, so it might make no difference even when you reduce the load.

Moving your old furniture, in this case, will be the best move than to buy new ones.

For a DIY move, check the estimates for two separate moving truck sizes. Also, run the numbers against the cost of buying new furniture and see if it is worth the price. Also, consider the physical labor required (you and others) to haul the old furniture item. 

Determine your Personal Furniture Shipping Rates

Definitely, comparing shipping against buying is not really straightforward, especially when it involves more than a couch or a bed. A lot of people own more than the two and will be shipping more than one piece of furniture. You can get a rough estimate of your shipping rate by determining the number of items you own.

For instance, boxes of someone who has a two-to-three-bedroom apartment will probably be about a studio’s worth. With a moving cost calculator, you can estimate the cost of a studio apartment. 

Then, deduct the figure from your home’s entire size, and the number you have should be a reasonable moving estimate. Generally, moving a studio to another city located 1,000 miles from your current location cost about $1,500, while moving a 2-bedroom costs a minimum of $3,500.

The $2,000 difference is enough to ship from five to seven furniture items even though the cost may drop with more moving things. So, this seems like having more furniture leads to a cheaper moving van route.

Why moving your Current Furniture is a Better Option for Local Moves

Local moves are considerably more affordable, and that is why choosing to move your furniture on short distances is a cost-saving option. Professional movers can safely pack oddly-shaped items, experts can handle heavy items, and oversized items that cannot fit through your door can be carried inside through a large window or garage.

Professional house movers can eliminate all the stress involved in your move, and even at a more affordable cost than getting rid of your old furniture and purchasing a new one.  


However, all these are dependent on individual situations. This is why you need to obtain a moving estimate and speak with some of the most reputable furniture movers. This will help you have enough information needed to make the move a stress-free one for you. 

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